5 Common Foods That Lower Testosterone

Are There Foods That Lower Testosterone, That You’re Eating Daily?

If you have a standard western diet or elements of a standard western diet, the bad news is that the answer to the above question is more than likely to be yes.

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I’ll be taking you through the most commonly eaten foods that lower testosterone and why they lower T.

So you will know what to avoid/ reduce your intake of moving forward, to help boost testosterone production.



It’s hard to put on your television without being bombarded with adverts telling you how they’re breakfast cereal is “The best way to start your day”.

The reality though is that cereals and cereal bars are one of the main foods that lower testosterone and can negatively impact your health as a whole!

The main reason cereals lower your testosterone is the very high amounts of sugar in cereals and cereal bars.

There are high amounts of sugar in all cereal brands, even your “healthy cereal” as well (albeit they will have less sugar than the others).

High amounts of sugar leads to insulin spikes and when insulin is spiked, testosterone production is suppressed.

The other reason they can lower testosterone is due to the grains they are made from, I’m going to cover grains in the next item.

I personally suggest eating eggs for breakfast, low in sugar, high in cholesterol and vitamins for increased testosterone production.

Egg are also a great source of protein, so better for your health as a whole.

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The issue with bread is that contains gluten, this can increase prolactin levels and reduce testosterone levels.

The grains that breads are created from tend to be high in fiber and a diet high in fiber can lower testosterone.

On top of this, the majority of grains can extract minerals from the body, many of which are responsible for testosterone production.

Much the same as with cereals, due to being refined carbohydrates, bread is quickly digested by the body.

This leads to a quick release of sugar and as a result insulin spikes. As covered above insulin spikes inhibits the production of testosterone.

Margarine/ Vegetable Spreads


Margarine and vegetable spreads are made from trans fats and vegetable oils.

Trans fats and vegetable oils cause inflammation and with this comes lowered testosterone production & increased risk of disease and illness.

They can also lower “good” HDL cholesterol, which the body requires for T production.

So it has a negative impact on your testosterone production on two levels.

Processed Meats


Consuming high amounts of processed meats lead to increased inflammation.

There has been a lot of misinformation over the past couple of decades “red meats” are the major problem; but it’s actually processed meats that pose the real threat

. Processed meats are foods that lower testosterone due to causing inflammation.

It is the high amount of glycation ends, formed from cooking meats at a high temperature that have been shown to cause inflammation.

On top of lowering T eating high amounts of processed meats can lead to a number of health issues with the strongest connection being to colon cancer.

So processed meats are a big problem for your health as a whole. By processed meats I am referring to the following meats that are reformed.

So think of things like ham, spam chicken nuggets & frozen burgers. Meats like carved ham from a butcher is fine, it’s more the type of ham you get from super markets.

You can check on the pack if the meat is reformed, if it is I’d advise keeping take minimal or avoiding altogether.

The alternative to processed meats is quite simple, cook more “whole cuts” of meats, avoid pre cooked & packaged meats.

I suggest that you also avoid things like shop bought sandwiches. The occasional consumption of processed meat won’t kill you.

You just want to make sure you aren’t eating these every day/ multiple times a week!

Rice/ Pasta

Rice Bowl

Rice and pasta are a staple part of at least one meal per day for most people.

Like other grained based foods, they contain gluten which increases prolactin levels, are high in fiber and can extract minerals from the body.

All of these things lead to lowered testosterone production. Again these are refined carbs, as we went through under bread, these lead to a quick release of sugar and as a result a spike in insulin.

This insulin spike also inhibits testosterone production, so much like bread there are multiple reasons why your rice and pasta intake should be reduced from a testosterone production.

Now wholewheat rices and pasta are better than the “white versions” and you don’t need to remove them from your diet altogether but I do advise to reduce.

As an alternative, I would suggest potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips etc.

While they are still carbs, they are naturally occurring ones and have a good vitamin and mineral profile which helps boost testosterone production.

The other thing to highlight is that you do actually need carbs for healthy T production.

You just ideally want your carbs to come from naturally occurring sources, so fruits and veg .

You also don’t want carbs to from the dominant part of your diet (I personally aim for carbs to make up 25% – 30% of my diet).

Final Thoughts & The Articles Looking At Foods To Eat For Increased T

I hope you have found this article on 5 commonly eaten foods that lower testosterone useful.

If any of the above are foods that you regularly eat, I’d suggest looking to swap out for some alternatives that I mentioned.

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The same as always, if you have any questions in regard to this article, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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