5 Shocking Foods That Lower Testosterone

Check Out These 5 Foods That Lower Testosterone

Numbers 4 & 5 Will Likely Be a Major Shock, As Most People Eat Them Daily

Read On, To Find Out What They Are & Why You Need To Avoid Them, For A Natural Testosterone Booster!

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  • Mints
  • Jar/ Packet Cooking Sauces
  • Margarine
  • Table Sauces & / dressings
  • Breakfast Cereal

Now you know what these shocking foods that lower testosterone are, I imagine you may be thinking that oh s**t.

These are foods that I eat on a daily basis, so read on to discover why avoiding these foods will deliver a natural testosterone booster.


Mint Gum

The first thing to note is that mints/ mint gum are usually high in sugar.

High amounts of sugar spike insulin levels and high amounts of insulin being released actually inhibits the production of testosterone.

Now for those of you that have mint free gum; before smugly moving on to the next food on this list.

Note that mints/ mint gum being high in sugar is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of it being one of the foods that kill testosterone.

There have been studies conducted on the effect of consuming mints on both rats and human women.

These have shown that both pepper and spear mint reduce testosterone production.

While there needs to be more studies in to the effects on human males.

The results were so extreme that I would suggest avoiding mint wherever possible!

In the rat studies they found that spearmint lowered testosterone production by 51% and peppermint by 23%.

In the human women study, it was shown that spearmint lowered free testosterone levels by 30%.

Those numbers are pretty scary, so I imagine why you can see why mints are included as one of these 5 foods that lower testosterone.

Jar/ Packet Cooking Sauces

Packet cooking sauce

If you think, I’ll avoid a takeaway or ready meal tonight and instead cook a meal for myself that has to be far better for my testosterone production and health as a whole, great start!

If your next step though is to reach for a pre made jar/ packet cooking sauce, you ideally need to rethink this.

As these are just as much foods that kill testosterone production as your local take away may be.

So perhaps I’m exaggerating saying it is just as bad as your local take away or a ready meal.

However most packet sauces are extremely high in sugar, as discussed above these high amounts of sugar cause insulin spikes and inflammation.

Spikes in insulin suppress testosterone production & the inflammation leads to lowered T production.

A further issue is that a lot of these packet sauces contain soy, while soy doesn’t necessarily lower testosterone, it is very estrogenic.

If to boost testosterone production is your aim, you don’t want to be increasing your estrogen levels.

Table Sauces & / Dressings

Table Sauces

This isn’t a good day for the “sauces”; but if you like a dollop of Tommy K, BBQ sauce, or to smother your salad in dressing.

I’m sad to say these are foods that lower testosterone as well.

Much the same as cooking sauces, most condiments and salad dressings are packed with sugars.

Again due to the insulin spikes and the inflammation this leads to, they lower testosterone production.

These types of sauces are also often a hiding place for Soy.

If you can’t live without your sauces, check the ingredient labels carefully, opt for wholegrain mustard or even try to give making your own a go.

This will help you avoid these foods that kill testosterone and boost testosterone production.

Especially if you use a lot of table sauces or salad dressing on a daily basis!

Margarine/ Vegetable Spreads


As I’m sure you are aware, butter has been demonised over the past couple of decades.

With health professionals, adverts etc, telling you that you need to lower your cholesterol and should opt for Margarine and vegetable spreads.

The issue is that you need health HDL cholesterol to boost testosterone production and healthy HDL (from organic butter, meat etc.) actually lowers the unhealthy HDL cholesterol.

So first off you actually need HDL cholesterol which margarine/ vegetable oils aren’t good sources.

Where they really come in to their own as being foods that lower testosterone, is that they are made from trans fats and vegetable oils. T

rans fats and vegetable oils cause inflammation, when you body is inflamed it can’t function properly.

This not only leads to lowered testosterone production but inflammation also increases the risk of disease and illness and in cases of extreme chronic inflammation, extremely serious illness!

Breakfast Cereal


Breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, granola and granola bars.

It is near enough impossible to go a single day without being inundated with adverts for various breakfast cereals.

All of them perpetuating the false message, that they are the “best way to start your day” and similar mantras.

The issue with cereal/ granola itself is that they are very high in sugar, regardless of whether it is one of the “healthier” options or not.

This causes a spike in insulin and as this has been a trending theme of this article, we know this inhibits testosterone production.

The other issue can be with milk, if you don’t use organic milk, you should know that milking cows are given a multitude of hormones.

These hormones can lead to the cows producing high amounts of estrogen, which leaches in to the milk.

While this may not directly lead to lowered testosterone production, if to boost testosterone levels is your aim, you want to lower your estrogen intake.

I know this something that a lot of you probably eat daily; but sadly it is very much one of the foods that lowers testosterone.

For the best part involves adding another one of the foods that kills testosterone production (milk).

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this article useful and I haven’t given you a heart attack ;).

Now you understand why these are foods that lower testosterone, I suggest you avoid them altogether wherever possible.

If you want an idea for alternatives, you can check my articles below.

Foods That Boost Testosterone Production

If you have any questions in regard to the 5 foods that lower testosterone.

Other foods that kills testosterone, ways to boost testosterone or just about T production in general, drop me a comment below.

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