Foods That Boost Testosterone Production – Ketogenic Diets


Did You Know That A Ketogenic Diet Includes Loads Of Foods That Boost Testosterone Production?

The Way The Keto Diet Is Designed, Actually Helps Boost Testosterone As A Whole. Find Out Why Here!

As I’m sure you can tell from the title, today we are going to talk about ketogenic diets.

We are going to explore what a ketogenic diet is, the types of food you can eat on a keto diet and the keto diet and testosterone production are linked.

What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

Bowl Of Eggs

The ketogenic diet focuses on high-fat, low carbs & getting adequate protein levels.

This type of diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates as the primary source of energy.

This happens when there is so little carbohydrate in the diet, that your liver then converts fat into fatty acids & ketone bodies.

The ketone bodies are then used to replace glucose as an energy source. This elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood is a state known as ketosis.

So in short a ketogenic diet, is a style of eating that gets your body in to a stage of ketosis, there are several versions of this diet available, in the sense that there are several guides and books available.

Some differ slightly in terms of the ratio of fats, to carbs and protein but most only differ in terms of what recipes they recommend.

I will be publishing an article shortly, providing a review of my recommended Keto diets.

For now check out the Keto diet plan I’ve used most recently.

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The Types Of Food You Can Eat On a Keto Diet

I feel like we have to an extent covered this above but the types of foods you will typically see in keto recipes are as follows:

  • Avocado
  • Seafood
  • Cruciferous Vegetables (Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc.)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Eggs
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cheeses
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Poultry

You will hopefully recognize most of these as being included in my big list of foods that boost testosterone, which you can check out below.

Most foods in the keto diet being foods that increase testosterone naturally, is part the reason why the keto diet is so effective for boosting testosterone.

We will be covering the other reasons it helps increase T in further detail later in the article.

Benefits Of A Keto Diet


As we’ve covered on one of the key benefits of a Ketogenic diet, is that it contains a lot of foods that boost testosterone production.

These are some other benefits:

  • Increased weight loss & greater long term weight loss
  • Increased muscle mass gains
  • Steady supply of Energy throughout the day
  • Eliminates Sugar Spikes & Crashes
  • Mood stabilizer for people with type 2 Bipolar disorder
  • Can reduce effects/ cure type 2 diabetes
  • Help reduce the effects of epilepsy

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Potential Negatives

sad drawing

The same as with anything in life, while there are plenty of positives to a keto diet, there are some potential negatives as well. These are as follows:

  • Developing the “keto Flu” in the first few days (can include fatigue, vomiting, lethargy)
  • You can potentially go hypoglycemic (too little blood sugar)
  • Irregular bowel movements til your body adapts
  • A risk of causing hypoglycemia (having too little blood sugar & health issues associated with this)

You will notice that the majority of the health issues will pass with time and can come from not doing the keto diet correctly/ safely.

We will come on to this as to how you can make sure you follow it properly and the best resources out there to follow.

The other thing to note is if you suffer from diabetes or heart disease, I advise you consult your GP.

Also make sure you use the best resources, to make sure you do the keto diet correctly.

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Why The keto Diet Increases Testosterone Production

Cooked Steak

The Keto diet helps increase testosterone naturally for a number of reasons.

Some are down to the foods included in the diet itself and others are down to the benefits the keto diet brings you.

So first of all lets take a look at the foods in the diet itself and how they help boost testosterone production.

Then we will take a look at the benefits the keto diet brings and how that can boost testosterone production.

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Why The Foods In The Keto Diet Help Boost Testosterone Production

Slim man becomes muscular

High In Saturated Fat, Monounsaturated Fat & Cholesterol

The majority of the foods you will eat as part of the keto diet are high in saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and healthy HDL cholesterol.

These help boost testosterone production and you will be getting these in abundance!

Foods High In Minerals

The majority of the foods on the keto diet provide you with a great supply of minerals required for testosterone production.

This includes minerals like Zinc, magnesium, selenium & boron.

Minimal Grains & Refined Grains

bread rolls

Grains as a whole aren’t great for your testosterone production for a few different reasons.

One is they often contain phytoestrogens (plant based estrogen), they are also often high in sugars which lowers testosterone production.

Quite often they are high in Omega 6 & low in/ no omega 3 as well, which causes inflammation, which further lowers testosterone production.

So hopefully it is quite clear  why having minimal grains in your diet will help boost testosterone production & is likely better for your health as a whole!

No Foods High In Sugar

Cheese Selection

High amounts of sugar in your diet lead to insulin spikes and insulin spikes suppress testosterone production.

So the keto diet forcing you down the path of using fat for energy and maintaining low sugar intake,  help with a natural testosterone booster on this front as well.

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How The Benefits Of The Keto Diet Brings Helps Increase Testosterone Production

testosterone helix

Increased weight loss & greater long term weight loss

Having lower/ your body fat being within the healthy range leads to a natural testosterone booster.

If you are currently overweight, the more your body weight drops the more you will see your T soars.

This in turn will help you burn even more fat, which is part the reason that a Keto diet is so effective for fat loss.

If your body fat becomes too low your T production can also slow down.

If weight loss is your aim, this certainly isn’t something you need to worry in terms of testosterone production at this point.

I will be creating more articles focusing purely on testosterone and body fat/ fat loss, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Increased Muscle Mass Gains

Muscular Man

The greater your muscle mass, the more you are utilizing at any one point.

The more muscle mass you recruit to do actions, the larger your testosterone spike is.

Increased muscle also leads to greater calorie burn, which indirectly leads to deceased body fat.

So there are a couple of reasons why having greater muscle mass, helps you to boost testosterone production.

The other thing is, the higher your testosterone levels, the more muscle your body is going to produce, so it ends up being like a “positive feedback loop”.

The above two, are the main benefits delivered by the keto diet which leads to a natural testosterone booster.

Other benefits like a steady supply of energy throughout out the day will eliminate snacking which also decreases testosterone production.

Eliminating sugar spikes as mentioned above means, no heavy insulin releases which again severely lowers T.

If the effects of type 2 diabetes are lowered/ reversed your body tends to retain less body fat and as we’ve covered above high amounts of body fat also lowers T production.

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Final Thoughts & Related ArticlesSpinach

Hopefully this article has made it clear why the keto diet is made up of foods that boost testosterone production.

Why the benefits you get from the keto diet, further help increase testosterone naturally.

What the other healthy benefits of the keto diet are and the potential negatives.

Hopefully you now have enough information to decide if it’s something you want to look at further.

If you do, as I mentioned earlier, keep an eye out for my article I’ll be publishing shortly on the best Keto diets.

Again for now check out the Keto diet I’ve used recently.

Keto Resource Review

Another article worth checking out which I refer to above is my  48 Foods That Boost Testosterone Production

If you have any experience with the keto diet, questions or thoughts on foods that boost testosterone production as a whole, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

The same as always, please share this article with anyone you think may find it interesting.

You can follow me on my social media sites for more information and tips around foods that boost testosterone production and how to maintain healthy T production as a whole!

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18 thoughts on “Foods That Boost Testosterone Production – Ketogenic Diets”

  1. I’m not sure we share the same view of the keto diet but I certainly agree with some of it. All women have a bit of testosterone levels in their bodies, do you think that eating this way will make their levels rise too?

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Amanda,

      We all have slightly differing opinions and experiences with the keto diet so no problem there. Yes all women naturally have testosterone, to be honest the majority of people (women included) have low testosterone levels, so yes following the keto diet will likely increase testosterone levels slightly but there wouldn’t be a risk of testosterone becoming too high.

  2. Ahimbe says:

    I would like to lose weight but gain muscle mass. I like to have a good body shape with minimal visits to the gym. Can the Ketogenic Diet be the solution? I hope so.
    I becomes easier when I look at the foods to eat; they are my favorites.
    I hope in your later post you will guide me on the amounts to take to avoid an “overdose”
    Thank you Nate Stone.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Ahimbe,

      Yeah if fat loss and muscle gain is your aim, in my experience the keto diet is a good way to go. If you’re serious about trying the Keto diet, I suggest you check out one of the keto diet guides I recommended in this article.

  3. Todd Matthews says:

    Great article regarding the Keto Diet. It’s a complete outline for anyone looking to try it and it makes perfect sense as to how Keto-based foods help boost testosterone levels, being derived from HDL cholesterol and saturated fats, among others. It’s a little known fact that fatty acids and cholesterol, when taken in properly, is actually healthy for the body.

    While I tend to eat a nutritional plan that’s more balanced, I’ve found a few friends who have gone Keto and have never looked back. Perhaps I may do so in the future and I read of the diet often.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Todd,

      I’m glad you found it useful, I tend to do a combination of the keto and the a more balanced diet, so I do a few months on Keto and then a few months off. Precisely, fat has been demonized by the media and health industry but in reality it is the vast amounts of highly processed foods and sugar consumed that cause the real health issues as far as diet is concerned.

      If you want idea for foods that help boost testosterone production yet still include carbs, check out this foods that boost testosterone production – The Big List article

  4. Jukka says:

    Thanks for the interesting post. I have tried a keto diet several times before and I will probably not try it again for a while. For reference i’m a male in my thirties and weigh about 85 kg with some bodyfat to spare, in the 15-18 % range. I have done strength training for the past decade or so.

    Why I wanted to point those facts out is to show I have some idea of how my body works. I have also suffered from borderline low testosterone levels before. After extensive research and trying different things it turned out it was an extended low carb / ketogenic diet and weight loss that caused it. The ketogenic diet was also horrible for gaining or even maintaining muscle mass and strength. I do have to state that overall caloric input might have been too low and that was the cause, not the low carbs.

    I think a ketogenic diet is great for significantly overweight or obese people to lose fat. This will automatically increase testosterone levels as estrogen levels will reduce due to decrease in aromatase enzyme activity with the reduced bodyfat.

    Once you are near normal weight and doing intense exercise your body will need energy. Carbs are the best source for this. I have blood work that shows quite a radical change in testosterone levels within couple months after eating plenty of carbs and bulking up a bit. So ketogenic diets are definitely not a magic pill but this is a very interesting topic!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Jukka,

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      I agree your caloric consumption is important as consuming too little definitely leads to a drop in testosterone production. You’re not the only person to report they’ve struggled/ seen minimal results from the Keto and I see just as many people and more who live by it for testosterone production, muscle building and fat loss.

      I think different people will react to this type of diet differently, it also sounds like you may have already kept an eye on your diet before trying keto. A lot of people see such great results because their diet was so poor prior to trying it. I think the other pitfall with the Keto can be lowering carb intake too much and like you state you do need some for testosterone production. If you want a diet that is more balanced I suggest you check out this foods that boost testosterone production – the big list article

  5. Carol5162 says:

    I understand that ketogenic diets are foods low on carbs. I’ve tried this type of diet on several occasions in an attempt to shed off some weight, and I’ve seen some results.

    Now, with the increased testosterone, does it affect female? I don’t want to start looking like a man because of the Keto diet.

    I’m just wondering if there could be super muscle growth in a female. Otherwise, all the other effects of a keto diet are very beneficial.

    Thank you for this breakdown.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Caro, 

      With women and testosterone, most women these days like men have lower levels than they should do, unless you are doing something to chemically alter your hormones or you have gland issues (which you’d likely already be aware of) it is near enough impossible for a woman to have too much testosterone production, so that is not something I’d worry about when considering trying the Keto diet.

  6. alexandra says:

    I have been interesting in trying a Keto diet for a while but should I be worried of the increased testosterone production a ketogenic diet might give?

    Also, why do you get the Keto flu and in what way does it manifest?

    This is a very interesting article and it brings some light onto things I have been wondering but like you can see, It is also raising a few questions. Over all I really liked your article on foods that boost testosterone production – ketogenic diets as it does give some great information.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Alexandra, 

      As a woman you probably have slightly lower testosterone than ideal anyway, plus unless you are chemically altering your hormones or you have gland issues (which you’d likely already be aware of) it is near enough impossible for a woman to have too much testosterone production as your body just won;t naturally allow this, 

  7. Shannon says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and advice on the keto diet as it applies to testosterone production. I am not the biggest advocate of the ketogenic diet however I do agree that for some conditions and health issues, the keto diet can offer benefits in the short term. 

    When it comes to testosterone, how can a woman or a man know when their levels of testosterone are too low or too high? Also, how long does it take to balance these levels to a more healthy state once they have started the keto diet? Thanks!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Shannon, 

      Thanks for your comment.

      The best ways to definitively know what your testosterone levels are is to get them checked. This can be potentially done via your GP or you can order tests through a private testing organisation, you can find out more about this here: Home Testosterone Test – My Recommended UK Service

      If you were just doing the keto diet it is hard to say how long it will take to correct testosterone levels, I would suggest a blend of maybe changing your diet and workout regime, the other thing is your testosterone levels are a constant thing, so you need to consistently take the right actions to keep those levels healthy.

  8. Jill says:

    What a great post on how Testosterone can be increased by using the Keto diet. I have bookmarked it as I know this is a real problem for anyone with type 2 diabetes.

    The Keto diet is very popular and I did wonder how it would be of help to anyone with diabetes. It is encouraging that just by following a diet which includes so many great foods and would be easy to follow and stick to could help with this problem.

    Even if there are some of the items on the list that a person is not keen on eating, the choices are many and varied which will help the menu from becoming boring.

    Will definitely look into this diet more and get my friend to take a look too.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Jill,

      You’re right, the Keto diet does greatly help with managing type 2 diabetes and is great for increasing testosterone production, yes the keto diet can potentially be a little restrictive, however if you check out this article on Testosterone Booster Diet Plans: Keto Resource Review you’ll see plenty of different meals you can put together and will save you from boredom, while being able to stick to a Keto diet.

  9. Elaine Nicol says:

    Is a ketogenic diet good for women too? My brother-in-law has lost a lot weight due to the Paleo diet which strikes me as a type of keto diet. If you say it raises testosterone, as a woman, that makes me a bit apprehensive. Although, i’m no expert in hormones. Why is more testosterone a good thing? ~ Elaine

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Elaine, 

      Yep the keto diet is great for women as well! I understand your apprehension but like most men, most women are a bit low on testosterone, having more is a good thing as it increases muscle mass, reduces fat retention, reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, depression and other serious illnesses. 

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