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Keto Resource Review

Price: Keto Resource is Free & The 28-Day Keto Challenge (Their Premium Product) is: $37

Global Availability: Available WorldwideKeto Challenge Ebooks

Where To Access: – Sign up for your free guide and get access to their free content

Money back guarantee: Yes 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Quality of Content: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Cost: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Ease Of use: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Keto Resource Review Introduction

Welcome to this article on testosterone booster diets, in this article we are going to doing a review of Keto Resource and whether it is effective testosterone booster diet. So we will be looking at what a Keto diet/ eating plan is, why it helps boost testosterone production, what Keto resource is, what they offer in terms of content, the cost of their products/ value for money and finally how easy it is to use/ follow.

What Is A Keto Eating Plan?

Before looking at Keto resource specifically and whether it is a good diet plan for a testosterone booster, I thought it would be useful to look at what a Keto/ ketogenic eating plan is as a whole.

As keto, is a diet/ style of eating and there are multiple plans you can follow based on Keto. So I want to make sure you have an understanding of what is meant by keto and why a Keto eating plan as a whole can potentially help boost testosterone production and  improve wider health.

The ketogenic diet focuses on eating high-fat, low carbs & getting adequate protein levels. This style of eating forces your body to burn fat as your main source of energy as supposed to carbohydrates.

Utilsing fat as your main energy source occurs when you reach a state of ketosis. Ketosis happens when there is so little carbohydrate in the body, that your liver then converts fat into fatty acids & ketone bodies.

These ketone bodies are then used to replace glucose as an energy source. This elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood is what is known as being in the state of ketosis.

Benefits Of Being In Ketosis

It was initially developed as a cure for epilepsy and there is strong evidence that it helps reduce the effects of this. As we’ve mentioned above and the reason we’re looking at a diet plan based around Keto is that being in Ketosis is shown to boost testosterone production and bring many other health benefits, including the following:

  • Increased weight loss & greater long term weight loss
  • Increased muscle mass gains
  • Steady supply of Energy throughout the day
  • Eliminating sugar spikes & crashes
  • Mood stabilizer for people with type 2 bipolar disorder
  • Can reduce the effects/ cure type 2 diabetes

Why Being In Ketosis Helps Boost Testosterone Production

If you look at the what it takes to reach ketosis and the above list of health benefits you get from being in ketosis, it eggs, steak and spinachbecomes pretty clear why following a Keto eating plan can be an effective testosterone booster.

You will be getting lots of cholesterol which is a building block of testosterone, the low amounts of sugar means no insulin spikes and insulin suppresses testosterone, reduced body fat and muscle lead to the body producing more T as well.

One of the other things people don’t always consider in regard to a Keto diet and T production is, the majority of what you eat is naturally occurring food produce. This means you will be getting more minerals and vitamins, which are required for T production.

You then also benefit from reduced exposure to additives, preservatives, high amounts of sugar, trans fats etc. as a Keto eating plan doesn’t really allow for processed foods, so your testosterone levels will benefit from this as many of ingredients found in processed foods are responsible for lowering T as well as your broader health.

So now we’ve covered what a keto eating plan is and how it can be a testosterone booster, lets take a look at Keto Resource specifically and what they offer as a Keto eating plan for you to follow.

What Is Keto Resource

Keto resource is a site that provides a number blogs posts, PDF guides, recipes and free resources to help you achieve ketosis. A lot of the content they provide is free; but the most valuable resource they offer is their premium/ paid for product which is the 28-Day Keto Challenge. So let us now take a look at the keto resource, the content you get free and the 28-day Keto Challenge and the quality of the content on offer.

Check out Keto Resource Here! Sign up for your free guide and get access to their free content!

Quality Of Content 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

For me they provide more content and content of a higher quality than any other Keto eating plan or resource that I’ve encountered. In fact, I’d go as far to say that the information you can access for free is more in depth than what you get from many of the diet plans that you pay for. So let’s take a look at what you get for free and what is included with their premium product the 28-Day Keto Challenge.

The Free Content On Keto Resource

Keto 101: As the name would suggest, this is an introduction to the Keto diet. It gives you an overview of what a Keto diet is, how it works, answers to the most frequently asked questions, it gives you an idea of what you can eat and what not to eat, essentially it’s your intro to understand if a keto type of eating plan is potentially right for you.

Blog: This is a series of articles, based on subjects helping you to be successful with the Keto diet, things like “7 keto diet mistakes” “ketogenic diet for kids” are largely featured. There are also articles about related health subjects, plenty of good free info there.

Recipes: They have over 200 recipes available, all of which are suitable for a Keto diet. These are step by step extremely recipes to follow, this alone is what some people are charge for!

Questions: This is a section where you can ask questions on anything related to the Keto diet where their customer services team will come back to you as can other keto resource members.

All existing questions with the answers are saved so you can see if your question has already come, there are all manners of questions from advice on supplements, whether you can eat specific foods, whether you can cut out food groups, if it can help with certain health issues, just to give you a flavor. Again this is still free and a good way to work out if the keto diet is potentially right for you.

Related Product Reviews: In this section they provide reviews of other products related to a Keto eating plan, some are more generic fitness type products such as workout guides; but a lot are keto specific, such as reviews of cooking oils “keto coffees”, keto recipe books. Their reviews aren’t quite as in depth as mine but the Keto specific reviews I’ve found useful to identify other potentially useful products (mainly the cooking oils).

Check out Keto Resource Here! Sign up for your free guide and get access to their free content!

The 28-Day Keto Challenge

So now that we’ve gone through what you get as free resources, we’re going to take a look at their premium/ paid for 28 day challenge guidesproduct the 28-day keto challenge.

What Is The 28-Day Keto Challenge

This is a full step-by-step ketogenic diet guide. With the 28-day keto challenge, you get a 28-day meal plan and seven separate guides to educate you on the keto diet and provide you with the motivation and support you need to make sure you stick to the diet.

This diet guide provides you with literally everything you need to complete your first full month of the keto diet. Having done the keto diet myself and tried a couple of different plans, I can testify that once you’ve completed your first month, it is very easy to continue with it. The 28-day keto challenge is very detailed but incredibly easy to follow.

The ease to follow, is what sets it apart from the majority of keto plans and most dieting plans for that matter. This plan provides you with a wide variety of useful resources and materials to help you transition into this diet and stick with it.

So now we’re going to look at what the separate guides are that make up the 28-Day Keto Challenge and what is covered in each.

Keto Diet – The Basics:

  • Basic rules
  • Benefits
  • Shopping Lists
  • Goals
  • Keto Food Pyramid
  • Supplies
  • Food Lists
  • Worksheets

This should be your starting point when going through the 28-Day keto Challenge, this guide will take you through exactly how the program works, what you should expect and the multiple benefits including a testosterone booster that you will benefit from. At this stage they also provide you with thirteen tips that will massively increase your chances of success following this plan and Keto as a whole.

28-Day Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Snack Recipes
  • Tips for Overcoming Cravings
  • 28-day meal plan

This guide gives you some extremely helpful tips on maintaining the ketogenic diet. It gives you your eating plan for each day, detailing which meals you can have per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You get in depth recipes and easy to follow step by step cooking instructions for 38 individual keto meals, there are 10 breakfast, 14 lunch and 14 dinner recipes. This provides you with all the meals you require for the first 28 days and ensures you feel like you’re having variety, which can be an issue following a Keto eating plan.

Ketosis – Tips for Staying in Ketosis:

  • What is Ketosis
  • Entering Ketosis
  • Tips to jump start Ketosis
  • Three Days or Less
  • Testing Methods
  • Staying in Ketosis
  • Worksheets

This will give you a complete guide on how to effectively make the transition on to a keto diet and ensure you do effectively and correctly. Transitioning in to a state of ketosis, isn’t always that easy and these tips will make this transition far smoother! This guide also advises you on how to smoothly transition out of a state of ketosis, which is important as it can be tricky without access to the right information.


  • What are Macros?
  • Calculating Your Macros?
  • Net Carbs vs. Total Carbs
  • Fat is your Friend
  • Protein
  • Hidden Carbs
  • Worksheet

A Micro Look at Macro Nutrients: This guide gives you useful information on the volumes of fats, protein and carbs that your body needs daily. This guide will help you to accurately calculate your macro nutrients, which will help you ensure you stay in a state of ketosis, this is also helpful for any kind of nutritional tracking moving forward.

Keto Flu

  • What is the Keto Flu?
  • Electrolytes to Get
  • Importance of Hydration
  • Supplements
  • Tips
  • Worksheet

Beating it in a Healthy Way

This guide will be a helpful resource, as the “keto flu” is something that a number of people go through during the transition to ketosis. This guide will help you do the right things to minimise and potentially completely avoid the symptoms. Again following this advice will make the transition in to ketosis far smoother!

Intermittent Fasting – Tips for Success:

  • Basics of Intermittent Fasting
  • Types of Intermittent Fasting
  • Breaking the Fast
  • Tips

I see this more as an additional bonus, as isn’t’t strictly part of ketosis or the process of getting the body in to Ketosis. That being said, I’m very happy that this has been included! Intermittent fasting is something I recommend to a number of my clients, it is a very effective testosterone booster, aids with fat loss and helps your body to greatly heal through a process called autophagy.

This guide goes into great detail how to carry out intermittent safely and effectively. The great thing about this is, to get this kind of information, you’d usually have to purchase a separate product. The good news for you is that intermittent fasting paired with a keto eating plan, will greatly boost testosterone production.

Keto and Friends

  • Social Pressure28 day keto challenge guides
  • Eating Out
  • Alcohol and Keto

Dealing with Social Pressures

This is a useful guide and it covers how to deal with the social pressures associated with following a keto eating plan. It provides you with a very useful chart that directs you to the best ways to handle potential social pressures like drinking alcohol and eating foods that will take you out of Ketosis.

The Bonus Products:

You also get the following bonus guides that will make following a keto eating plan far easier.:

  • Chocolate Fat Bombs and Desserts
  • Keto Desserts
  • Keto Friendly Avocado Recipes
  • Supplements Guide

Quality Of Content Final Thoughts

As you can see you get a lot of content with The 28-Day Keto Challenge. In my opinion you pretty much have everything that you need to successfully follow the diet for life should you wish.

What makes the product truly special is that they provide you with the tips and resources to make transitioning in to ketosis extremely easy and stop you slipping out of ketosis. This is important as the process of getting in to ketosis and then maintaining it for a longer period is what people tend to struggle with most and it’s these smaller things, that most keto guides don’t cover!

You then have all the recipes and the meal plan itself, most people sell these as products in their own individual rights, then when you take in to account the other modules like macros, intermittent fasting and the bonus guides, these only add additional value, you can see why I have given the quality of content full marks!

Check out the 28-day keto challenge here

Ease Of Use 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

As I’ve mentioned multiple times throughout this article, it is an extremely easy product to follow. All the guides are explained in very plain language and is in step by step layout, the recipes are extremely easy to follow. If you need support it’s their for you, if you have questions, there is a good chance the answer is already available and someone has answered it previously and if not someone will come back to you.

This eating plan is designed to make following a keto diet/ eating plan as easy for you as possible. If you tried a keto diet before or have researched it, you will know that the hardest thing is making sure that you stay in ketosis. The 28-day Keto challenge, gives you everything you need to succeed, you won’t need to go off and do additional research, it’s the only product I’ve come across that is this in depth.

Finally, one of my favorite things is that it’s a digital product, so you can download to multiple devices. So if you are out at a restaurant for example, you can quickly refer back to this on your mobile or perhaps tablet and be comfortable in what you’re ordering.

Cost: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

As I’ve advised at the top of this review, the Keto resource guides are free for you to use and access, their premium product the 28-day keto challenge is $37. While $37 dollars is more than your average keto diet plan guide, this product really is the Ferrari of keto diet plans.

You literally have everything that you need to succeed and more than that, where most keto diet plans and guides fall down is that you need to do a lot of additional research, that really isn’t the case with the 28-day keto challenge, it is by far the most in depth keto eating plan that I’ve encountered. If you then when you take in to account all the free content you can see why I’ve given an overall score of 4/5. money back gauruntee

The other thing to remind you of is that you are protected by 60 day money back guarantee! If you aren’t happy with the 28-day keto challenge for any reason, you can request your refund and get your full refund no questions asked within that first 60 days. You won’t find many other products that offer you that kind of protection!

Check out the 28-day keto challenge here!

Final Thoughts & Future Articles

I hope you have found this Keto resource review useful and have an appreciation of why I consider it an effective diet plan for a testosterone booster.

Once again you can get access to the Keto Resource Here by signing up for the free guide

If you have any questions in regard to this review, how the keto diet can boost testosterone or about Keto Resource as whole just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you. If you don’t think the Keto diet is right for you, you can check out my review of another testosterone booster diet plan below.

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56 thoughts on “My Keto Resource Review – A Testosterone Booster Diet Plan”

  1. Found good information. Enjoyed reading the articles.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks, I’m glad you found the found the article useful!

  2. Kamil says:

    Hi, do you think that keto diet is safe for our health in the lonh horizon of time? In my opinion reducin the level of proteins and carbohydrates can lead to deterioration of the body’s efficiency and muscle breakdown.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Kamil,

      The evidence would suggest that it is safe, I’ve been doing it for over a year now and my muscle definition has gone up. The keto diet isn’t that extreme, your protein intake should be the same anyway (around 20% – 30%) it’s just a reduction of most people swapping out carbs for extra fat, which isn’t a problem as most people have way too much carb in their diet already.

  3. Nate MC says:

    The Keto diet is amazing, but for people who don’t know where to begin or have a good understanding of it can easily become confused when they start researching it. But this product actually seems extremely informative and packed with extensive and easy to understand info about the Keto diet. 

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of the diet and I think more people should look into following it. For $37, I think it’s a good buy.

    1. Nate Stone says:


      Always good to hear from a fellow Nate 😉

      The Keto diet is highly effective but you’re right in can be very hard to understand how to stay within it. Yes Keto resource is full of information and it gives you multiple recipe choices and advice to maintain your diet, regardless of where you’re eating. As you’ve tried Keto before, I’m sure you’ll know that sticking to it while eating out etc. is one of the hardest things to do.

  4. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you for an amazing review on Keto Resource. I have been on Keto diet for a couple of months now and I have been on and off because I love desserts so much. I want to make it my lifestyle change but some how always go back to my beloved cheesecakes. 

    I will their 28 day challenge a try and will take it from there. I love that they have the 60 day money back guarantee, if I love the result I will sure get it. As much as I want to eat anything that I wanted some weeks I just don’t want to think to much about what I should eat or cook. The shopping list from this challenge will help me go through my week without having to put too much effort. Will definitely sign up for the free guide 🙂

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Nuttanee,

      I’m glad that you found this review useful!

      Yeah I think craving desserts is what makes staying in keto the most difficult, the good thing is as you’ve noticed it won’t be something you struggle with, Keto resource supplies you with a great range of dessert recipes.

      Yeah their shopping list is great and that combined with their meal plans will make keeping in keto extremely easy. Let me know how you get on with it!

  5. Very well presented and very informative. I have been thinking of making a site on dieting and someone suggested Keto. After reading your site I feel very positive about it and have some hopes. Also I have been looking for a diet to go on and this helped in my research. If I decide to go with it I will most certainly come to your site. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi James,

      I’m glad you found the article useful. Yeah the keto diet is great for fat loss; but also helps increase testosterone production. Having higher T will be great for your wider health as well. Yeah if you are still looking for diet ideas, please pop back and take a look at the options I talk about on here.

  6. Mike says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome review. I was wondering if there were any parts that you think the plan could be improved or is missing information in?

    It does sound like a great way to start using a Keto diet quickly and safely, so thanks for recommending it. The money back guarantee makes it pretty much risk free to I guess

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Mike,

      I’m glad you found the keto resource review useful, there isn’t really anything in the way of information missing. The main area I think it can improve is the same as any recipe book; and that is to include more recipes. With that being said it is pretty much the most in depth keto diet plan that I’ve encountered.

      It is a really great way to start the keto diet quickly and safely. Yeah the money back guarantee does make it a risk free purchase, you also have the free products you can take advantage of and get a feel for the quality of their products.

  7. Willy says:

    This is a really amazing review. It is not just informative but very insightful. I have not been so faithful ti my dear keto diet and I think this is just the right motivation and article I have needed ever since to boost my moral and make me better. This keto resource is a really amazing idea and the fact that they give tips and resources to make transitioning in to ketosis extremely better is amazing. Thanks for this great post.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Willy, 

      I’m glad you found this Keto resource review useful. Yeah the product does make it far easier to transition in to a Keto diet, if you’re looking to achieve a testosterone booster through diet and have tried the keto before, this is probably the diet for you!

  8. Henderson says:

    Been on Keto for a while but I have been not so faithful with it because I love desserts and junk. Not so cool but seeing that you can bring this Keto resource here is good. I will give the 28 days a trial and see how it helps me. One good thing is that there is a money back guarantee which means that if I am not satisfied, I will get my money back but I don’t think that’s going to happen though. We’ll see how it goes from there. Thanks for a good review.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Henderson,

      I’m glad you found this Keto Resource Review useful! 

      Yeah if you’ve been on the keto and having trouble sticking to it, this is something that Keto Resource will massively help with! You certainly do have the 60 day money back guarantee, I’d like to think you don’t need it but it certainly is there as a safety net. In my opinion it is the best keto diet plan out there and is a very effective testosterone booster diet.

  9. Charles says:

    Thank you for this great and highly resourceful post, I find it really informative, thou I have heard about keto resource a couple of time but this is the first time am reading a comprehensive detail about it. I like the fact that it is filled with a whole lot of useful content on ketosis, I will bookmark this post and read all over again a few times for better comprehension. 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Charles, 

      I’m glad you found this keto resource review helpful. Yeah Keto resource essentially gives you everything you need to know about the keto diet and to effectively manage it. 

      Yeah please do check the post out again and remember they have a 60 day refund policy, if you decide you just want to give it a try.

  10. Rodarrick says:

    Being on a keto diet myself, I found this article to ve of golden value to me with the amount of information made available to me io here. To be honest, I have heard of keto resource before but I never truly gave it that much consideration but going g by all these that I have read on it, it us surely a sure bet that I would get engaged with it. I like the fact that they give quality contents on it and that yo me, is top notch. Using it to boost testosterone is actually cool and I’d look forward to more from this keyo resources

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Roadarrick, 

      Yeah if you’re on a keto diet, keto resource will give you loads of recipe ideas and practical ideas to maintain your keto diet, when you are eating out, with friends etc. 

      In my experience the content is top notch and the most comprehensive keto diet plan I’ve used/ seen. Yeah being on a keto diet as a whole is an effective testosterone booster.

  11. Dane says:

    Hello there, I have heard alot about the  the benefits of keto diet for a while now. Currently I am on a vegan diet which I intend to change but have had challenges on how to start a keto diet coming across this post I’ve give me a bit understanding and how to start and I intend to get this 28-day challenge as a guide to help me start a keto diet. I hope to give you a testimony on how effective this diet would be. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Dane, 

      I’m glad you found this keto resource review helpful. I must admit being on a vegan diet isn’t great for testosterone production, 

      I must admit going from a vegan diet to a keto diet may be a bit of a shock to the system for you though. More power to you if you can manage that, I would however consider trying a paleo diet, it is diet that includes a lot of veg, meat and a wider range of foods. The main thing is that they are all naturally occurring foods which are minimally processed, this it is an effective testosterone booster diet as well. 

      You can check out the Paleo Hack Recipes Review Here

  12. John says:

    wow, who would’ve thought that Keto is a great way to help with testosterone. So I think I can make use of this kettle resource I’m very happy that you could bring up this ketodiet resource on your platform. I’ve been looking for a good way to to help with my testosterone levels but what I have not found a very good one yet but seeing that you can bring this to your site is very good I am going to try out this kettle resource and I’m also happy that it has a money back guarantee that I can make use of if I am not satisfied.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey John, 

      Yeah the high amounts of healthy cholesterol, vitamins and minerals that come in high supply with meat, make it an ideal testosterone booster diet.

      Yeah I’m glad that you are happy enough with the keto resource review that you want to give it a shot, please do I think you’ll be extremely happy; and as you’ve righty stated, there is the safety net of the 60 day refund period. 

  13. Tracy says:

    This is very interesting to know about keto diet and the fact that it helps a lot  with testosterone boosting, that is great.  People have been telling me about keto and the benefits before but I never truly gave it a thought.
    Having read this review, I’m glad that it offers a money back guarantee and that is cool with me since that would make it less risky to me. Thanks for sharing this and I’d try considering keto diet too.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Tracy, 

      Good to hear that you found this Keto Resource Review helpful! 

      Yeah, the keto diet comes with lots of health benefits; and it being a testosterone booster diet is just one of those benefits. 

      Yeah it is a fantastic product and that 60 day refund period for me is just a signal of how confident they are in the quality of the content.

  14. Carmen says:

    An excellent informative post. I would be interested first and foremost about lust. Also the Keto diet solves diabetes, Interestingly. My husband has type II diabetes. I will make time for a closer look at this diet. Thanks for sharing. Does this diet go to any age? And if so, is it not harmful to the body?

    All the best to you


    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Carmen, 

      Great to hear that this Keto resource review has sparked your interest.

      Yes it is great for curing type two diabetes, as it includes minimal carbs, meaning your blood sugars won’t get elevated. 

      Yeah you can do this diet to any age and it’s certainly safe, the food isn’t highly processed, you are preparing naturally occurring fresh food that provides the full required nutrition profile.

  15. MissusB says:

    I think Keto resource has so much to offer for its affordable price. It covers necessary resources like worksheets, information on Keto social awareness and adjusmets and even about Keto flu which isn’t regularly tackled. I believe that there is a certain effective diet for each individual; however based on many researches and personal testimonies, keto lifestyle is effective for most types of people. Thanks for sharing this information. I’m also thinking about shifting to this diet. 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Missus B, 

      It seems like you’ve taken a lot from this Keto Resource Review, it certainly is an effective diet for most people and in if you are looking for a testosterone booster diet, I’d advise it is one you consider. 

  16. Chloe says:

    Lots of people have issues with testosterone level and are looking for boosters every where. Some go as far as using drugs which causes side effects sometimes. I have heard alot about keto diet but starting such diet have been a hard nut for me. But getting a guide for starters is a really huge step to helping out. However giving a 60-day back money back system make me have so much confidence on how effective it can be. I’ll love to give it a try

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Chloe, 

      You’re spot on, people suffering from low testosterone, is a big issue and is beginning to become a major one!

      Yes some people try drugs but the side effects can be pretty serious, changing things like diet and lifestyle is your best first port of call to achieve a testosterone booster. 

      Yeah I agree a keto diet is hard to begin; but that is where Keto resource assists, it provides you with lots of handy tips and bits of advice to help you stick to the keto diet and like you say, you have the 60 day refund to fall back on as well. 

  17. grea8J says:

    Keto diet is very vital because in our culture, where I live for example, most of our food intake are excessively carbohydrates, and protein intake needs to be at a reasonable balance as well. The part that interest me most about the 60 days challenge is the part of intermittent fasting. I’ll like to master that.

    Also, with testosterone being a chemical substance in a male body, does it mean these groups of keto diets are specifically recommended for men?

    1. Nate Stone says:


      Yeah if you have a diet very in carbs, you will likely find that the keto diet will work wonders in terms of increasing energy levels, increasing muscle mass and helping you to “lean out” 

      Yeah intermittent fasting is of great value and that guide alone would probably cost about $20 to buy elsewhere. 

      This keto diet isn’t specifically designed for men, the keto diet is just helpful for encouraging healthy hormone production, so works well for both men and women!

  18. Jones says:

    High fat, low carb diet is good and very beneficial to human health. I workout building my muscle and I must testify that Keto has really been helping, my muscle production increased greatly. The testosterone booster diet is cool and its really simple to abide with. I’ve been observing Keto diet for not so long but I can really feel the effect. I’ll buy the product and I’m very sure it’ll be as good as its review says. I’ve recommended Keto to some of my friends and I’ll also Sure this article to them and I’m sure they’ll love it. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Jones,

      Yeah it is a good diet for building muscle and maintaining a healthy fat percentage. You do need some carbs for building muscle; but for me the Keto diet ensure you get enough to gain muscle mass. Yeah please do check it out for yourself and see if you think it is right for you, it an a very effective testosterone booster diet.

  19. Robert says:

    Thank you for a learning experience. I think the information you have provided in this Keto Resource review will help many who want to know of a good source of information on what a Keto diet is and how to implement it. I personally try to follow the Mediterranean diet plan for that is what has helped me to overcome health issues.

    A Keto friendly diet just seems like the opposite and would add much of what my doctors have recommend that I stay away from in order to remain healthy. I am not saying that Keto is bad. Obviously it is a good diet plan, otherwise it would have been exposed as a fad long ago.

    I see Keto as a new way to program the body to work on a different energy source by using more fats. But if a person does this I would think those fats should come from clean non-GMO sources. I can see how this Keto Resource guide can help those like me to take a more serious look into this new way to eat and $37.00 is a very reasonable price.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Robert

      I’m glad you’ve found this keto Resource review useful!

      Out of curiosity what have your doctors advise you stay away from and for what reasons, if it is things like saturated fats and cholesterol most doctors and still giving completely outdated advice on that front!

      Yeah using fat as your main source is what the keto is all about, this leads to increased fat loss, reduces and in some cases cures diabetes and the high amounts of healthy fats, are what makes it an effective testosterone booster diet.

      I 100% recommend organic food whenever possible. When you compare the Keto resource product to other keto diet plans, books & products. You really do get far more for your money!

  20. Love Yourself says:

    This is a great review.  Is the Keto diet healthy for women too?  I know that women have a certain level of testosterone, but I would not like to increase it dramatically.  I would certainly like to try it out for weight loss though, and especially because it states that following the Keto diet reduces those “sugar lows” which seem to effect my mood terribly, so I think that this could be ideal.

    Very informative and thorough review.  Thanks so much


    1. Nate Stone says:


      I’m glad you found my Keto Resource review useful!

      Yes the keto diet is healthy for women, it will help to stabilise your blood sugars and normalise your hormone production. So it will mean you have a healthy balance between estrogen & testosterone, as most people in recent years tend to have too much estrogen  and too little testosterone. Don’t worry about getting too much testosterone as for a woman to produce too much testosterone naturally is near impossible, this diet will just help restore what should be your natural balance. 

      Yep it will remove sugar low and will provide you with a constant and consistent level of energy, the keto usually improves peoples moods and allows for healthy lowered body fat & increased muscle mass.

  21. Aaron Skudder says:

    Hi Thanks for your article.  I am considering changing my diet however many of the foods on your list for the keto diet are not foods that I would eat.  I am vegetarian and I avoid eggs because of the way that chickens are treated in factory farms.  What protein alternatives do you suggest?  Protein bars seem a bit bland to eat for three meals.  What about whey protein?

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Arron, 

      I must admit it is difficult to have a vegetarian diet & get a testosterone booster. If you don’t eat eggs, what I would suggest is Whey protein, Greek yogurt, cheeses etc. as your key sauces of protein.

       I would then avoid pulses like lentils quinoa, soy as sources of protein as they are very estrogenic & while they don’t directly lower testosterone, your body won’t produce the amount it needs, if it is purely relying on these foods low in healthy HDL saturated fat as a source of protein.

  22. Richard Hattaway says:

    Nate, this is an excellent, very informative review. Everyone can afford something free and the 28 day challenge is quite reasonable.

    I have been made aware of keto nutrition, but have only thought of it as a weight loss diet. Actually, I have not taken the time to fully explore it. The testosterone boost makes it more appealing to me.

    Your general information in this article has been quite enlightening.

    Thanks for an engaging post!


    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Richard, 

      I’m glad you found this Keto Resource review informative! 

      Yeah it has few different benefits, it’s a great way keep steady energy levels & avoid sugar crashes, normalise blood sugar levels; plus much more on to of being a #testosterone booster. Yeah I advise that everyone who is interested at least signs up for the free parts & the whole system is actually pretty cheap as well!

  23. Abayomi says:

    Kudos to your writing prowess on Keto Resource, the diet that gives the body the necessary nutrients, I’ve learnt a lot from this post,the style of diet that helps the body, ketogenic diet focuses on eating high-fat, low carbs & getting adequate protein levels,this is awesome and very essential for healthy living and vitality,because i know excess of carbohydrate is highly dangerous and not really good for the body,and the great benefit of this Keto diet which helps to fight against diseases and developed as a cure for epilepsy and there is strong evidence that it helps reduce the effects of this.Thank for sharing this helpful write-up.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Abayomi, 

      Thanks, I’m glad you appreciated this Keto resource review. Yeah the Keto diet has multiple health benefits on top of being a testosterone booster. I suggest giving it a try, if you suffer from any of the things you mentioned, want to increase testosterone or drop body fat.

  24. jessetoikkanen says:

    Nice and informative review of Keto Resource, seems pretty legit and nice pack of resources. Is it easy to promote keto diets or keto-related stuff in your area? I have been researching and writing about Atkins varieties, low-carb and keto stuff since 2002 or 2003 and first ten years was annoying cause I needed basically to tell 9 out of 10 people what is about, convince people high fat will not kill them, sugar is not that secure or neutral stuff and so on. Later on low-carb and keto things came to some sort of phenomenal here and mainstream but still big pharma, insulin companies and big supermarkets tries to “gently silence” pro-keto doctors by giving huge donors and holiday all-inclusive packs to doctors who tell “how dangerous high fat is” and how human brains “won’t work without sugar or carbohydrates”. It is became so hardcore stuff that my friend who is a famous Atkins doctor needed to move to Switzerland after getting several death threats in Finland. However, thanks for sharing this article! Do you know some keto or testo booster related affiliate programs with sub-affiliate/2nd tier referrals? 

    1. Nate Stone says:


      Thanks for your comment, glad you found this Keto resource review useful. The importance of reducing the amount of sugar and carbs in peoples diets, is still one of the major stumbling blocks for most. That being said with the more studies that are done, the more people are embracing it.

      Annoyingly we have about 20 – 30 years of misinformation by the food and health industry that sugar and carbs are healthy, so I do think it will be a slow process!

      Yeah I remember doctors who promoted the Atkins and high fat diets being villainised and worse. Yeah there are a couple of brands that I work with, if you drop me an email on there may be a couple of things we can look at doing a joint venture on, if this is an area you are interested in moving in to.

  25. Alisha says:

    Thank you for posting such an interesting article.

    I have tried the keto diet and I do like it.  I do not eat meat so I felt like there were less foods to choose from.

    Do you know if taking supplements called Ketones will help the process and help you lose weight faster and more of it?

    Thank you!


    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Alisha, 

      Yeah I imagine if you don’t eat meat, it can make your food choices very restrictive on the keto diet. 

      Ketones supplements allegedly help with fat loss, from what I understand though it isn’t the same as purely using ketones as your source of energy, which is why the impressive amount of fat loss usually takes place.

      In my personal experience, ketone supplements don’t do much for fat loss, where as being in ketosis does.

  26. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thank you for this great and informative post!

    I’m actually on the keto diet right now and had no idea it could boost testosterone.  I’ve already lost 18 pounds too.

    That said, although I’e had a variety of food, I’m starting to feel like I’ve been there, done that with the next meal.

    I’m looking forward to digging into Keto Resource and expanding my options.

    I’ll start with the free stuff and, if I feel it gives me value, go for the Keto Challenge.

    Thanks again.  This came at the perfect time!


    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Scott, 

      Thanks for sharing and great to hear from you!

      Yeah for me the main issue with the Keto diet is lack of meal options.

      I was having to keep seeking out new recipes, Keto Resources is great in that sense as the range of meals they give you to follow are far vaster than anything I’ve seen.

      Yeah give the free stuff a go and let me know how you get on!

      Yep part the advantage of the Keto diet is that will provide a testosterone booster, this is because it is diet that is free highly processed foods & a diet really high in healthy HDL cholesterol; which are great for both fat loss & increase T.

  27. May have to reference your site as it seems to tie into my niche

    as we get older everything starts to tie together and when one falters others follow

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Michael,

      You’re right low testosterone and weight gain/ struggling to lose weight are certainly tied in later in life can often be linked earlier in life as well.

      Yeah let me know if you want to do some kind of collaboration at some point, just fire me an email on

  28. cpascal says:

    I’ve been seriously considering both following a ketogenic diet and doing intermittant fasting. I was aware of a lot of the advantages, but I didn’t know that increased testosterone was one of them. It’s hard to find a good introduction to the ketogenic lifestyle, especially one that deals with the concerns of transitioning to the diet and dealing with keto flu. This package of guides looks like it might fit the bill.  

    1. Nate Stone says:


      Yeah the keto diet and intermittent fasting come with multiple benefits and being a testosterone booster is one of them, as it allows the body to perform far more efficiently! 

      I agree it is difficult to find resources that provide you with the guidance you need when first kicking off the Keto diet; and that is one of the areas that Keto Resources really shines!

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