Why You Need Low Alcohol Intake For Optimized Testosterone

Leon Sylvester explains what to expect when you stop consuming alcohol.

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  • When you lower your alcohol intake or stop drinking alcohol altogether, another benefit you will find is that your testosterone levels will see a significant boost!

    Alcohol is high in sugar & extremely inflammatory so it directly lowers testosterone production. A number of alcohols are also very estrogenic so not ideal.

    Funnily enough, lagers, beers, bitters & ales, which are considered the main alcoholic beverages of many men are actually the mos estrogenic alcohols.

    Alcohol also indirectly has a negative impact on testosterone. As the article mentions, when you drink alcohol, sleep is negatively impacted.

    You need a decent nights sleep for healthy testosterone production. Studies have shown that men who get 7 – 8 hours sleep have the highest production.

    The same study showed that getting 5 hours sleep & under can lead to a drop in testosterone production by as much as 20%!

    You then have things like the food choices you make after drinking alcohol, as I’m sure you know these are usually poor & lower testosterone production as a result.

    In short if you healthy & optimized testosterone production, you need to keep your alcohol intake minimal.

    Low alcohol intake equals better wider health & high testosterone production!