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Hi & welcome to Testosterone Tips, if you’re looking to increase your testosterone or lower your estrogen levels you’re in the right place! There are many reasons to looks to lower your estrogen or increase Testosterone levels.

I first became interested as I was looking for a way to gain greater muscle mass and increasing testosterone levels seemed like a potential way to achieve this, I started researching and although I didn’t know it at the time, that is when Testosterone Tips was born.

Little did I know at the beginning that having healthy testosterone levels improves your health in multiple ways, such as increasing fat loss & muscle gains, improving mental health & a reducing the risk of developing serious physical illnesses like type 2 diabetes & cardiovasuclar disease.


So my research actually begun when I read an article in a well know male fitness publication, it was about how most commercial shower gels contain chemicals that act like estrogen & lower testosterone, which can lead to a reduction in muscle mass and cause you to retain body fat.

This got me thinking about how lowered testosterone levels could be stalling my own personal progress regarding building muscle. So I set out to discover different ways I can naturally increase my testosterone and lower estrogen levels.

This led me to discover the many health benefits to be gained from having healthy/ higher testosterone levels & perhaps more importantly the health risks associated with too much estrogen or being estrogen dominant. Illnesses linked to high estrogen are very serious, like type 2 diabetes, depression, Alzheimers and Cardiovasular disease.

This led to me learning about how through diet, exercise and lifestyle you can naturally increase your testosterone and lower your estrogen levels.


Something I discovered while conducting my research is, there is a reasonable amount of advice available regarding what to avoid to prevent decreasing testosterone levels but there is limited information on what alternatives to use/ things to do that will increase actually increase levels.

As an example most commercially available shower gels contain chemicals that lead to lower testosterone; but no one was providing advice on what products I could try instead.

I thought I’d provide this bridging information and warn you what will lower your testosterone but also advise on what diet, product & lifestyle alternatives you can look at so your life isn’t massively disrupted while still preventing a drop in testosterone and in many cases increasing levels.


The main mission of Testosterone Tips, is to advise how you can increase your testosterone levels effectively and safely. Whether you’re looking to increase your testosterone levels to gain more muscle like I was, to lose excess fat, reverse physical issues like having moobs, avoiding developing serious physical and mental illness (we’ll be covering this in greater depth) or just to feel more masculine, we will help you increase your T levels so you can achieve these things.

We will advise what products & foods you need to avoid as they lower testosterone and perhaps more importantly advise what alternatives there are available that won’t lower levels or potentially increase levels. Having healthy testosterone levels is important for your wider health and we will be providing you with the advice you need to achieve those higher levels!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Nate Stone


2 thoughts on “About Nate Stone & Testosterone Tips”

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Nate, very helpful site.

    Quick question: I’ve heard a lot about TRT but I don’t really understand it. Can it help me put on muscle? Or is it only for folks with un-naturally low test?


    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Dan,

      Yes TRT can potentially help you out on muscle mass, one of the main benefits of increasing your testosterone as a whole is it can help you to gain muscle, I advise this article to find out a bit more about testosterone and muscle building

      I’d recommend TRT as probably the last way to increase T after looking at your diet & elements of your lifestyle first. Check out these two articles to get a feel for how to potentially address this. Things That Lower Testosterone & Alternatives and Things That Lower Testosterone And Alternatives To Plastic Products

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