Faraday’s Review Of Their EMF Blocking Underwear

Are You Considering Purchasing EMF Blocking Underwear?

Read On To Learn Why I Recommend The Faraday’s (Rebranded As It’s The Fonz) Brand!

How There Underwear Can Deliver A Natural Testosterone Booster & Improved Male Health!




Faraday’s EMF Blocking Underwear


Do I Recommend Purchasing: Yes

Overall Rating: 97/100

What Is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field or frequencies and it is something that is emitted from most things. This includes the natural world, it is believed that each of your bodies individual cells produce their own EMF. Unlike the EMF produced from natural things, the EMFs produced from technology are far more intense and as a result can cause health issues. Strong artificial EMFs, like those given off from cell/ mobile phones, cell towers & microwaves, can enter the body and interfere with your biology.

This can affect essentially anybody system and interfere with things like stress levels, sleep cycles, your immunities, DNA and how well your testes work. It is negatively impacting how the testes work, that is of relevance and why I am writing this Faradays review of their EMF blocking underwear.


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Black Friday Offer

As their Black Friday offer Fonz/ Faradays are offering 30% off all products across their site. Yes this includes their EMF blocking underwear but also their other EMF blocking products like their undershirts, hats & air tubes. You can check out the full range below. Just use code  “GET30OFF”. at checkout for your 30% off.

Check Out The Faraday’s Website & Products For Yourself Here

How EMF Negatively Impacts The Testes & Your Testosterone Production

The testes are shown to be the most sensitive & vulnerable body part to EMF. This disruption to the testes & their function is linked to reduced testosterone production and reduced fertility. The testicles being subjected to EMF is also linked to an increased risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction and testicular cancer! So the impact is a serious one and is why people associate mobile phone being carried in your front pocket, with reduced sperm count etc.

With the introduction of 5G, there are going to be more even more cell phone towers in place. This means even more disruptive EMF and the risk growing, which for me increases the need for EMF blocking underwear. This means that the body doesn’t behave the way/ as effectively as it should. The most sensitive & vulnerable part of the body to EMF and this biological disruption is the testicles! To summarise, EMF can negatively impact male health in the following ways:

  • Reduced testosterone production
  • Reduced fertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Testicular cancer

Overview Of male health patterns


You can find out more about this; and the Faraday’s patented technology by checking out their website here!

So Who Are Faraday’s & How Did Their EMF Blocking Underwear Come About?

So Faradays are a brand that provide EMF blocking underwear for men (womens items will be coming soon). Their founder Antonio Matos, was working for corporations in China, protecting their IP. This is when the idea for the Faraday’s EMF blocking underwear came to him.

You can find out more about this in my interview with Antonio here

Antonio talks about how he could feel his mobile phone before it would ring/ ping. This made Antonio research further in to what this “feeling” was and as a result, learned all about EMF. This led to him discovering what EMF does to the body and specifically the negative impact that it can have on male health.

Antonio was surprised to discover that there wasn’t a product which existed to protect the testicles from this disruption & the negative impacts to health that occur as a result. He partnered with the world’s leading experts in EMF blocking fabric. After two years of product development & testing, the Faraday’s EMF blocking underwear was born.

Check Out The Faraday’s Website & Products For Yourself Here

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How Does The Faraday’s EMF Blocking Underwear, Deliver A Natural Testosterone Booster?

As I mentioned earlier, the testicles are the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the body to EMF & the biological disruption that brings. As we covered earlier, this biological disruption to the testicles can lead to reduced testosterone production, reduced fertility, erectile dysfunction & testicular cancer.

The Faraday’s Organic bamboo EMF blocking underwear, with their FaradayTech™ pouch for radiation. This provides protection from cell phones, 5G, laptops, WiFi and Bluetooth, protects you from testicle disruption and the above. They have done preliminary studies which backs these claims and shows that their EMF blocking underwear can optimize male health; providing:

  • A natural testosterone booster
  • A fertility boost
  • Reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction
  • Reduce the risk of cancer

When EMF exposure is reduced, the testicles can begin to repair the accumulative damage done to them.

You can find out more about this; and the Faraday’s patented technology by checking out their website here!


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Product Quality

The Faraday’s underwear is made from silver-coated organic bamboo fabric, it is very soft, comfortable and flexible. I’ve used them for a range of physical activities from weightlifting, to boxing & Pilates & have maintained their shape & comfort. So they’re ideal for any kind of physical activity and every day wear. They are more durable than cotton and your standard underwear materials. They’ve certainly lasted longer than most underwear brands I’ve tried.

They also seem to be more durable than other EMF blocking fabrics. The material is antimicrobial, breathable, anti-odor, thermodynamic & sweat-wicking. An added advantage, their production is carbon positive. So a win for the environment as well! Given the fact, that their underwear is one of, if not the most comfortable I’ve worn (silk pyjamas type feel). They are extremely flexible of course deliver a male health & testosterone booster due to being EMF blocking.

Free Trials

faraday underwear

So good news if you live in the US or Canada. You can try a pair before you buy, if you’d then like to order two more pairs then the trial pair is free. So essentially you will get three pairs for the price of two pairs. If you don’t like the product for whatever reason, you can cancel the first order; and prevent charges of the trial pair. You just need to donate the trial pair and provide receipt within 15 days of the cancellation date.

You can find out more about this; and the Faraday’s patented technology by checking out their website here!

Global Product Availability

They sell their products & ship worldwide (I live in the UK) sadly the free trial is only for those in the US or Canada. I’ve recommended Faraday’s to a few different friends. One in Spain, Australia and Jamaica, all three received their pairs without issue and they have plenty of happy customers all over the globe.

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Support & Customer Services

As a company they are very active and responsive on social media (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram). They respond to emails quickly and you can even call their CEO Antonio Matos. They’re more than happy to give advice around their EMF blocking underwear or assist should there be any issues!


As mentioned, in the US & Canada you can get your first product for free when you purchase your next two. You can bulk order (5 pairs plus) for $25 dollars per pair. You can also opt to become a “member”. This is a preset to an order of two more pairs after your trial, and then three pairs every three months at $25 per pair. They are slightly more expensive than the underwear I’d previously purchased & your standard designer brand. When you consider how long the underwear lasts, the flexibility of use, how comfortable they are. Then the fact they deliver a testosterone booster, for me they represent very good value for money.

Faraday's Underwear


The Rebrand

For those of you who aren’t aware, Faradays have now rebranded to Fonz & the technology which protects you from the EMF is now called Faradaytech. So if you go to the site & see reference to Fonz or Fonz underwear etc. don’t worry you are in the correct place! 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you can see why I recommend the Faraday’s EMF blocking underwear. Understand how it can deliver a natural testosterone booster. If you’re in the US or Canada, the free trial is somewhat of a “no brainer”. Sadly male testosterone levels are becoming lower as a whole. This negatively impacts male health in a myriad of ways, if you aren’t familiar as to how I suggest you check out the article below.

Testosterone And Health – The Impact Of Low T

This is another ways to get a natural testosterone booster and I’m personally keen to grab any solution available to me. If you have any questions in regard to this article or the Faraday’s products drop me a comment, or check out their site for yourself.

Faraday’s EMF Blocking Underwear

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