The Faradays CEO On Their EMF Blocking Underwear

Did You Know That Wearing The Right Type Of Underwear Can Bring A Natural Testosterone Booster?

Well, Neither Did I, Until Antonio Matos The CEO Of Faraday’s Reached Out To Me, Advising That They Have Just That.

I Spent Some Time Speaking With Antonio, To Learn More About This EMF Blocking Underwear & Why It Delivers A Natural Testosterone Booster.

Based On Our Conversations, I Actually Tried A Couple Of Pairs For Myself!

The Health Threats, That This Underwear Will Protect You From Are Pretty Shocking.

So I Thought, My Readers, Would Benefit From Getting An Idea Of How Our Conversations Went.

You Can See The Benefit Of The Faraday’s EMF Blocking Underwear For Yourself.

Faraday's Underwear

Before we go into the interview itself, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Antonio for the time he took to answer these questions.

You can check out the Faradays’ website for yourself below.

Antonio Matos

I’d also suggest you check out this very short video, that gives an overview of how their EMF blocking underwear works.

Now I’ve introduced what Faraday’s and their EMF Blocking Underwear Is About, Check Out My Interview Below

Nate: So I understand you spent the earlier part of your career operating as an undercover investigator on the behalf of corporations in China protecting “Intellectual Property.

It sounds like you were a corporate Bond, is that close to the reality?

Antonio: Indeed. We represented foreign corporations in China in protecting their IP.

Including finding copycats and partnering with the Chinese government to assert and enforce rights.

male spy

Nate: So what inspired you to go from being “James Bond” to founding an EMF blocking underwear brand.

If the rumors are true your “psychic” skills had a little to do with this transition?

Antonio: Well, I never thought about how wireless phones worked.

Once I discovered I could feel my phone and now before it’d ping while studying social entrepreneurship, my mind was blown.

Nate: I understand it is the EMF that you were feeling, So what exactly is EMF and why is it bad?

Antonio: EMF stands for electromagnetic field or frequencies and is emitted from most things. It is light waves that carry information.

Some EMF’s like from the sun is good for us, but overexposure to EMF from cell phones can be disruptive to our biology.

Nate: I see & I understand that the testicles are the most sensitive part of body/ biology in regard to this disruption?

Antonio: Yes, and also the most vulnerable.

Nate: So that is where the idea for Faradays EMF blocking underwear was born.

Now you don’t need to give away any trade secrets but how did you go about designing and creating this product?

Antonio: I’m not getting any younger and since I habitually seek to optimize health, I couldn’t believe a product like ours didn’t exist already.

We eventually partnered with the world’s leading experts in EMF blocking fabric; and after two years of testing, we were born.

Nate: So I believe there are studies that demonstrate that wearing EMF blocking material and specifically EMF blocking underwear, shields against this biological disruption and as a result can optimize male health.

This optimization includes increasing testosterone production, fertility, reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction, and reducing the risks of cancer?

Antonio: That’s correct. Customers have given us anecdotal evidence, and there also exists published scientific literature.

Showing that when exposure is reduced, the testes can repair previously accumulated damage.

Happy Man

Find Out More About This On The Faraday’s Website

Nate: So where does 5G fit in the picture?

Antonio: 5G is a term that covers the next generation of wireless technologies.

Which are exposed to the public and generally refers to very high frequencies at the millimeter level.

Data can be transferred on existing wireless technologies, but 5G represents an economic potential never known before.

Nate: With that economic potential, it sounds like there is a further likelihood of greater biological disruption.

So the underwear is made from organic bamboo fabric.

Other than blocking EMF, would you say this holds any advantages over your standard underwear material?

Antonio: Not only is it super soft and flexible, but it’s also antimicrobial and breathable.

As an added benefit, our production is also carbon-positive, given the environmental benefits of our bamboo farms.

Nate: As you know, I’ve tried the product myself and I can confirm they are extremely comfortable.

As a guy who works out a lot and does a range of physical activities from boxing to Pilates, the material is extremely flexible.

You offer a “try before you buy” for customers in the US & Canada, so how exactly does that work?

Antonio: Customers can try a pair before they buy, and if they’d like to order two more then the trial pair is free.

Nate: What countries can you currently ship to?

Antonio: We’re shipping globally, but the try before you buy is currently limited to the US and Canada.

Planet Earth

Nate: Other than the great benefits we’ve already covered in this interview.

Is there anything else that separates Faradays from other underwear brands?

Antonio: Our mission, we’re purposing profits to our non-profit arm designed to research future technologies.

We are aiming to create solutions to protect humanity from dark tech.

Nate: Great stuff, I always like to support companies, who aim to give something back.

So finally any new products or releases you want to talk about?

Antonio: We’re working tirelessly on a women’s product, and those interested can sign-up on our website for updates.

Nate: Excellent, thanks once again for your time Antonio!

You can check out the Faradays website to find out more, order their products and sign up for their updates for future product release.

I hope you have found this interview interesting.

I’d like to think you now have somewhat of an understanding of the threat posed by EMF (especially 5G in the near future).

How the Faraday’s EMF blocking underwear protects the testicles from biological disruption, which leads to a natural testosterone booster.

If you want some more information in regard to the threat posed by EMF.

How the EMF blocking fabric in their underwear will deliver optimized health, including a natural testosterone booster.

I suggest you check out the Faraday’s website below.

Faraday's Boxers

My Trial With The Faraday’s EMF Blocking Underwear

I actually did a trial of their EMF blocking underwear myself.

I will be publishing my experience using the product and my thoughts on the product as a whole, so keep an eye out for that.

To give you an idea of my thoughts, I’m based in the UK and the items delivered swiftly.

I’m planning on purchasing more pairs, and I am convinced that it greatly helps optimize male health.

Including providing a natural testosterone booster (which is what drew me to the product initially).

The Rebrand

For those of you who aren’t aware, Faradays have now rebranded to Fonz & the technology which protects you from the EMF is now called Faradaytech.

So if you goto the site & see reference to Fonz or Fonz underwear etc. don’t worry you are in the correct place!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this interview interesting and potentially eye-opening.

If you have any questions in regard to how EMF blocking fabric or EMF blocking material works.

Questions for Antonio or questions about my experience with the product, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

You can also check out their website here to find out more, sign up for their updates and place an order/ order a trial pair

The same as always if you’ve found this article interesting and think that others might, please feel free to share it.

You can check me out on my social media sites as well, we will be covering more on EMF blocking underwear and ways to achieve a natural testosterone booster