Personalized Testosterone Optimization Plans

Personalized Testosterone Optimization Plans

I can provide you with personalized testosterone optimization plans, personalised diet plans & personalised diet & lifestyle plans, to help you naturally address issues such as

  • Low testosterone
  • Erectile issues
  • Libido issues
  • Fat loss
  • Improving insulin sensitivity

Initial Consultation & Personalised Plan

So the way that I like to work is, to initially keep a food & lifestyle diary for a week to two weeks. We then get together on a Zoom/ phone call to go through your diary & what it is you are trying to achieve (higher testosterone, fat loss etc.) I will then make suggestions on changes you can make, find out what dietary & lifestyle restrictions you may have. Then based on this I put together your personalised plan. For this & your consultation, I charge £40 (or local currency equivalent)

Follow Up Consultations

It is up to you if you want to do follow up consultations, I would suggest these every 8 – 12 weeks. These are a 30-minute Zoom/ phone calls to go through your progress in terms of against your goals, how you are getting on with the plans & I recommend amendments, which I will then detail for you & send out. The cost for any ongoing consultations is £20 (or equivalent in local currency)

Contacting Me

You can leave me a comment on this article, with your email address & I will get in touch with you to discuss further. You can also reach out to me on email, which is

Ideally just make the subject something like personalized diet plan or personalized testosterone optimization plan. I can then drop you an email back & we can discuss a bit further or get something booked in the diary.