Six Fast Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

Welcome to this article on fast ways to increase testosterone naturally, I wanted to put this article together as I’ve had some queries on quick ways to spike testosterone prior to a workout, big meetings and interviews. So I thought it would be useful to provide you guys with some fast ways to increase testosterone naturally, that you can potentially do discretely as well.

The Cobra The Cobra Pose

Holding the cobra pose (seen to the right) for approximately 200 seconds can increase testosterone levels by as much as 33%. It is belived this is due to it being a very quick and highly effective way to reduce stress and with that cortisol levels. As cortisol inibits testosterone production, it explains the effective T increase.

To do the cobra pose, like you see in the photo you need to spread the length of the backbend evenly over your complete spine. To release, breat out as you slowly lower your chest back to the ground/. I suggest holding each rep for about 30 seconds and repeating 5 – 7 times to get close to 200 seconds.

Holding A Wad of Notes

This is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase testosterone naturally (funds allowing). Research has shown hand holding bank notesthat when you hold a stack or wad of bank notes that testosterone levels jump right up! If you’re headd somewhere where you may benefit from a testosteroe boost, make a pit stop at an ATM/ cash machine, withdraw and hold some notes.

Watching Videos With Aggressive Content

Watching videos with aggressive content is a fast and easy way to to increase T. I personally do this pre workout to spike my testosterone levels prior to a weightlifting session. I personally like to watch combat sports or high contact sports like Rugby, American Football, Ice Hockey etc. Even if you are out and about, you can load up a few clips on your mobile.

Watching Videos With Erotic Content

I’m sure that this one may not be too much of a surprise, given the link between testosterone and sex drive. it ma not be quite as easy to watch in public (if you want to take the risk of watching in plublic, each to their own) but watching an erotic video at home prior to your workout, meeting, interview etc. will be an effective testosterone booster.

Adopting a Power Pose Woman with hands on her hips

Research has shown that adoping a power pose for two minutes can increase testosterone by as much as 20% and reduce cortisol by as much as 25%. As mentioned earlier in this article, reduced cortisol levels leads to increases testosterone production, so that is going be a large part of the T increase.

If you’re wondering what is meant by a power pose, the most fanous version is probably what is known as “The Wonder Woman” or “peter Pan” so hands on your hips and legs apart. A power pose is any pose that opens your body up and fills space, personally I’m a fan of standign legs apart and arms up in the air and apart.

Cold Showers

This is one of my personal favourite ways to increase testosterone naturally, namely becuase having a cold shower brings multiple health benefit. As far as testosterone production, it is effective as the testicles are at their most efficient when they are at a cooler temeperature and more efficiently operating testicles means they are producing more T. So jump in the shower, you don’t lose any time as it’s something you do anyway (at least I hope so) and turn the temp down for a testosterone booster.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this article on fast ways to increase testosterone naturally useful. As I’ve mentioned increasing your T levels prior to your workout will help you see improved results over time. If you’re to am meeeting, interview or in to any kind of social situation where you could benefit from increased confince and aggressio, give some or all of these before hand, you’ll noice the difference. As always, if you have any experience with the above or questions on the subject, I’d love to hear from you, drop me a comment below and I will get back to you.

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2 thoughts on “Six Fast Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

  1. Interesting guide, I’ve never heard about this methods before. How long is the higher testosterone level remaining after using the above methods?

    1. Hi Kamil,

      It depends what one you’re using and the individual as how to how long your T is boosted at that time; but if you take the cobra pose for example. If you do it daily after six months, your testosterone levels can be as much as 57% higher.

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