Ways to increase testosterone naturally – The Unusual Ones

There are number of ways to increase testosterone naturally, there are the usual suspects for increasing T such as diet, avoiding certain chemicals and lifting weights. What I actually wanted to cover in todays post though is unusual testosterone boosters, all the methods are natural in the sense that you aren’t injecting anything or taking man made pills etc. They are just unusual in the sense that they aren’t things you typically associate with testosterone.

So let’s get started with this list of unusual ways to increase testosterone naturally!

Driving a Fast Car Fast Car

Driving a fast car for an hour is shown to be an effective testosterone booster. A perfect excuse to invest in that convertible and & speed up to the gym!

Abstaining from sex

A week of abstinence is shown to increase testosterone by as much as 145%! After the week period has passed, T levels return to your base levels. So manage seven days without getting amorous for a different physical reward in the form of a large testosterone spike.

Watching your team play

Are you a fan of football, rugby or basketball? Well good news, research has shown that watching a team you support play can increase your testosterone production. So a great excuse to put on “the game” or go catch a live match.

Chopping WoodAxe In Wood

An hour of wood chopping is shown to increase a mans testosterone by up to 48%, this is regardless of age & health. This increase in T is greater than the one you get from lifting weights. So you may want to go invest in an axe & lumberjack shirt!

Rock Some Shades

I don’t mean standard sunglasses, the type I’m referring to are blue blockers. They block out the blue lights emitted from phones and other devices. This is advantageous, as exposure to blue light can make it very difficult to sleep fitfully, even after light exposure is finished. A fitful nights sleep (7 – 9 hours) is needed for healthy testosterone production and less than five hours sees levels severely lowered.

These are actually pretty easy to get hold of and there are several suppliers on Amazon which you can check out here: Unusual ways to increase testosterone naturally – Blue Light Blockers

Cold Showers

This works as your testicles are actually at their most efficient when cooler and this includes testosterone production. So jump in the shower for ten minutes pre and/ or post workout for a testosterone increase.

Watching Videos With Erotic Content

Well this one may not come as too much of a surprise, baring in mind erotic content makes you aroused and most of us link arousal to testosterone. So watching a bit of a “blue movie” pre or post workout (or in general) can be an effective testosterone booster.

Watching Videos with Aggressive Contentboxer

So watching aggressive video clips can be an effective testosterone booster. Think boxing, fighting, rugby, American Football etc. Again try this pre and/ or post workout for an increase in testosterone production. I have to say this one of my favorite unusual ways to increase testosterone naturally, as I’m a massive fan of all combat sports & rugby!

Holding A Wad of Notes

Research has shown that when men hold a stack or wad of bank notes their testosterone levels shoot right up! Another excuse to flash some cash at the gym prior to your workout and take advantage of the extra muscle gains and fat loss that comes with extra T, while also being able to flex your “bragging” muscles.

Final Thoughts

There are some other unusual ways to increase testosterone naturally but most of them fit more within diet, lifestyle and your workouts so I’ll be covering them under those banners, there are always new Ways to increase testosterone naturally that come to light off the back of research so keep an eye out for an extension of this topic.

If you have any questions with regards to this post, have some of your own ways to increase testosterone naturally you want to share or have questions regarding testosterone production as whole, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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18 thoughts on “Ways to increase testosterone naturally – The Unusual Ones

  1. Interesting article! A few of these actually made me chuckle .. like chopping wood. It’s intriguing that a specific activity can change a body in a biological and chemical way. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Thanks I’m glad you found it interesting, yeah it is strange the way some actions can effect your body biologically.

      Check out my other posts for ways to increase testosterone production & to find out the benefits to having higher T.

    1. Hi Katy,

      I’m glad found this interesting!

      Check out my other posts to discover other methods to increase testosterone production & the benefits you get from having higher T.

  2. This was actually a really interesting and eye-opening article, especially from a male’s point of view (i.e. mine!). I even had to let off a chuckle at a few of them, as I partake in them weekly! 

    My great grandfather used to play football for Liverpool FC so as you can imagine – I watch a lot of football – so there’s a lot of testosterone going on there! 

    I also like the idea of driving a fast car – but does that really work?

    1. Yep, watching your team play, especially one you have a strong connection with helps increase testosterone production.

      A fast car certainly does work, it’s more of a temporary testosterone spike, so may be drive fast on the way to and from the gum to take advantage of the additional T. 

  3. Thanks for your post interesting , I never knew chopping wood would increase my testosterone levels at all and was surprised to see you mention a 48% increase for 1 hour of activity . I have a wood stove that I heat my house with in the winter so I guess I will stop complaining about chopping wood !!

    1. Hi Rick, 

      Yeah it’s one of those unusual things about the human body, an hour of chopping wood is even more effective for increasing testosterone than weight lifting.

  4. I must say that this article is very interesting and very helpful. Testosterone is very important for men and we should pay more attention to it. Although abstinence is a little hard to achieve lol, I think that it is the best way to increase testosterone levels. I have some wood to chop for winter so this is great to hear.

    1. Hi Daniel, 

      Abstinence is a great testosterone booster but frequently having sex also elevates levels so both will work to your advantage; on top of the wood chopping.

  5. Hello Nate, thanks a lot for this entertaining article. My husband and I had fun reading though it… 🙂 The most surprising one for me was “Holding A Wad of Notes”. I would have never thought! 🙂 We do have one question though… why is it important or necessary to increase testosterone levels, apart from getting better results from working out? Thanks! Nathalie 

    1. Hi Nathalie, 

      Yep holding wads of notes seems a popular method to increase testosterone with most people lol.

      Having healthy testosterone levels is important for a number of reasons including reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity and decreased heart health. Check out these article on testosterone and health for more information.

  6. Nate,

    I liked your article on boosting testosterone naturally. Several years ago, I had a friend who went to the doctor for just a regular checkup. In the course of the questioning and exam, the medical staff tested his testosterone level. In the discussion that followed, the doctor asked, “Do you rind yourself more tired than usual?” It had come on gradually, but he replied, “Yes.” They recommended some supplements and gave him some medicine, and he experienced a great improvement. So, yes, the levels are important. I like the natural ways of boosting testosterone, but I guess part of this is an excuse for me to say, “I really need to watch a fast-paced basketball game (like a lot of college basketball, but some high-school games too). It is good for my health.” 🙂

    Thanks for the post.


    1. Hi Randy, 

      I’m glad you found the article useful and have found a good excuse to watch your team play.

      Yes having low testosterone levels does effect your health in a broad number of ways including reducing energy levels, so yes making sure you at least average levels is very important for your health!

  7. It is very interesting as every pints out, that th was “general make crucifies” would boost our testosterone. But it sheds light on WHY men like to chop wood or wear shades or watch sports. We feel good because our testosterone has risen which makes us want to do the activity more.

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