Lifting Is One Of The Top Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally


Why Is Lifting Weights One Of The Top Ways To Increase Increase Testosterone Naturally?

Read On To Find Out!

There are multiple ways to increase testosterone production. However lifting weights has to be one of the most effective; and for my money one of the most enjoyable all natural testosterone boosters.

What The Science Says About Weight Lifting Increasing Testosterone Production

Man Quatting

Weight lifting/ resistance training in a number of studies has been shown to help increase testosterone production.

This is one of the easiest studies to digest.

In short the study showed that both younger and older men saw an increase in testosterone levels after carrying out a set of squats. There are countless more studies like this, that all suggest that weight lifting/ resistance training increases T.

On a side note, lifting weights will help you to lose body fat. In the long term losing excess body fat, is the best all natural testosterone booster. You can learn more about this below.

Is Fat Loss The Best All Natural Testosterone Booster?

So with weight lifting you get a spike in testosterone production, you lose body fat & you gain more muscle mass. The more muscle mass that you have the more testosterone the body produces. So in reality, lifting weights helps increase testosterone production in multiple ways.

The Most Effective Types Of Weight Lifting For Increased Testosterone


While all resistance training is shown to increase T, there are certain adjustments that can be made and methods that in studies are shown to be more effective than others.

  • Lifting Heavy Weights 
  • Full Body/ Compound Exercises
  • Longer Rest Periods between sets (2 minutes plus)
  • Volume Training

So now lets actually go in to the reasons why I favor weight lifting, as one of the best ways to increase testosterone naturally.

Building Muscle While Increasing Testosterone

Slim man becomes muscular

I personally spend a fair bit of time working out, increasing my muscle mass and losing body fat. Improving my body composition is one of the key reasons I looked to increase my testosterone levels in the first place.

So lifting weights is like killing two birds with one stone. You build more muscle by lifting weights & get the testosterone spike at the same time. That additional muscle mass, then leads to even lower body fat as well, which in turn means higher testosterone.

This then leads to even more muscle mass & lower body fat, so it becomes a positive feedback loop. You can check the below article for more info on the relationship between testosterone & muscle mass.

Testosterone and Muscle Building

Easy To Find Guides & Resources

google search

Unlike some other ways to increase testosterone naturally, that will be covered on this website. Weight lifting will require minimal effort in terms of having to research for guidance and resources.

You can type weight lifting/ resistance training in to Google, YouTube or any search engine and be inundated with plenty of information. You can go to amazon and find lots of books and DVD’s on the subject, you can even go to your local library and find a wealth of books on the subject as well.

It Can Be Cheap/ Free


Some gyms and health clubs will charge you an absolute fortune for the privilege of using their facilities. Truth is in order to do weight lifting/ resistance training, you don’t need to join a fancy gym.

You can find a reasonably priced basic gym, as long as they have weight lifting equipment.  You can venture outside and lift things like logs, stones etc. you could even invest in your own equipment for home; both brand new or second hand dumbbells, kettle bells etc. can be picked up at a reasonable price.

I personally have picked up some great equipment second hand that I use at home and it was less than three months gym membership, much less a year!

The Weight Lifting Guides I Recommend

While you can get this information for free, the saying you get what you pay for, is always going to be relevant. The two programs I recommend to clients aren’t free; but they aren’t expensive either, I’ll be putting together full reviews shortly. You can check them out below though.

Primal Strength By Chris Neander

Simply Build Muscle By Rob James

Other Health Benefits

It isn’t just one of the ways to increase testosterone naturally, there are multiple other health benefits that you gain from weight lifting and resistance training.

These include increased fat loss (which we’ve covered above) increased bone strength (also a benefit of higher testosterone), reduced stress/ elevated, mood, prevention of back pain & injury and increased calorie burn while at rest, to name a few.

Final Thoughts & Future Articles

I hope you have found this article on weight lifting/ resistance training & how it is one of the best ways to increase testosterone naturally useful. Hopefully you can see why everyone who is physically capable and wants optimize testosterone should make lifting weights a priority.

If you have any questions in regards to this article, just drop me a comment and I’ll come back to you. Please share this article with anyone you think may find it useful, you can also follow me on my social media sites. I share lots of different ways to increase testosterone naturally & what the best all natural testosterone boosters are.

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16 thoughts on “Lifting Is One Of The Top Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally”

  1. Juan says:

    Great. I do a lot of weight training and know some of the theory. I am just not sure which type of training is the best. Should I go for strength, density or high-repetition training in order to boost testosterone?

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Juan,

      All types of weightlifting will help increase your testosterone levels. In my experience the most effective method is lifting heavy weights and taking longer breaks (2 minutes plus). From a cardio perspective high intensity is a far better option than steady state cardio.

  2. Strahinja says:

    Hello and thank you for this informative and helpful article. I really had an amazing time reading it. I always knew that one of the best ways of boosting testosterone is weight lifting. I am combining this with using some muscle builders and cardio exercises.

    In my case, it helped building the levels of testosterone so much. I am also using the right food. I eat a lot of eggs, almonds, nuts and tuna fish.



    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Strahinja, 

      I’m  glad you found this useful, it sounds like you’re doing a good job and keeping your testosterone levels up will certainly help increase your muscle mass gains.

      On the diet front I would however recommend swapping almonds for brazil nuts, you can check out more about foods I recommend on this foods that boost testosterone production article 

  3. Jake Aswani says:


    Nice article on weights training and testosterone . I am now 59 years old and would like to start weight training again.

    However I can lift heavy weight. I will start light and slowly increase the weights. Will I see benefits ? Also what weight training program can you recommend for me. Please take into account my age. Do i need to take supplements also ?

    Looking forward to hearing your suggestions on my special case.



    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Jake, 

      Any kind of resistance training will help to increase your testosterone levels, lifting is heavier is better but you can work your way up to that. There are lots of different types of weight training plans, if you’re getting started again, I would recommend starting off with body weight exercises.

  4. Kate says:

    Interesting article about increasing testosterone, great that guys of any age can increase testosterone through weights. Great tips on gaining muscle gain, and reducing body fat at the same time. 

    Fantastic, cheap way to work out as weights are available in any gym! I’ll be sure to pass on the tips to any friends looking to build muscle

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Kate, 

      I’m glad you found this useful, yep lifting weights/ resistance training is a great way to increase testosterone production and high T leads to gaining even more muscle mass so it is a win, win on that front.

  5. jessie palaypay says:

    I have read from other articles that doing squats is the way to build up testosterone. Is is just squats or is it all weightlifting exercises in general that help increase your testosterone levels?

    Also, how long will it take to see an increase in my testosterone levels once I take up weightlifting? Is it immediately or will it take some time?

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Jessie,

      From a weightlifting perspective squats are one of the best ways to increase testosterone production. This is due to using multiple large muscle groups and the more muscle utilised the larger the testosterone release. 

      You actually see an immediate increase, resistance exercises see an immediate release of testosterone , 

  6. AJ says:

    Hi Nate,

    Great article! Thank you so much for all this information.

    I used to lift heavy weights but now I’m doing bodyweight training. I got hooked actually but after reading your article, I think I may do both. I mean there are days that I’ll lift weights and there will be days that I’ll do bodyweight training. Question is would that work? Would that be a great idea? Thank you.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi AJ, 

      I do a combination of both, body weight training has it’s benefits. Heavy weights are key for testosterone production though. Check out this article to give you a reminder of why having health T levels is important: Testosterone And Health – The Importance Of Having Higher T

  7. SeunJeremiah says:

    I honestly didn’t know that weight lifting is one of the most effective way of boosting testosterone naturally until now,  in as much as this helps in building testosterone, will doing it excessively cause more harm than good, and can the heavy lifting be substituted for some strength training workout? You 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Serun, 

      All resistance training will help increase testosterone production. Doing too much heavy weight lifting without giving the body suitable rest will cause your T levels to lower. I’d advise a couple of heavy lifting sessions per week mixed in with your normal resistance training and at least one day off a week completely.

  8. Abayomi says:

    Fascinating article about increasing testosterone,extraordinary that folks of all ages can build testosterone through weights.I think I have learned to do more exercise now,Incredible tips on picking up muscle addition, and diminishing muscle to fat ratio simultaneously.If I may ask this question,can the increase be achieved within a week of weight lifting?Thank you for sharing.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Abayomi, 

      I’m glad you found this article useful, so your testosterone levels will increase as a result of lifting heavy weights but if you don’t maintain the weight lifting, the increase that you see will only be temporary. If you’re looking for ways to quickly spike testosterone for a short period of time, check out these tips on fast ways to increase testosterone naturally

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