Best Of Testosterone Supplements 2020

So what Are The Best Of Testosterone Supplements For 2020?

You may think that it’s early to have decided which are the best of supplements for 2020.

I just wanted to make sure you guys know what the best testosterone supplements are available on the market at present. Then if anything new comes out in 2020 that is worth adding to the list, I’ll make sure I include it in the article. So there are four different supplements that have made my best of testosterone supplements 2020 list. All have made the list for different reasons & have advantages over each other & the many other brands on the market.

One thing to clarify is that a supplement is to bridge the gap & supplement what you aren’t getting in your diet. So the best supplement for me; may not necessarily be the best supplement for you or someone else. It does depend on your personal dietary intake. When you consider the ingredients, the concentration of ingredients & how effective these supplements have been for myself & other clients.

I believe these four brands to be the best testosterone supplements on the market. These supplements in no particular order are:

  • Military Muscle
  • Testogen
  • Crazy Bulk
  • Aggressive Strength

So let’s find out more about these brands & why they are included.

Military Muscle

Military muscle ingredients

Military muscle is the brand that I still personally used. The reason for this is, it contains a whopping 11 ingredients clinically proven to increase testosterone production. Which is far more than any other brands I’ve seen. Another thing that makes it stand apart is that all the ingredients come in concentrations high enough to impact testosterone production. Which is actually quite unusual when compared to a lot of brands.

Other brands may contain some same ingredients, but in concentrations too low to actually impact your testosterone production. Having all those ingredients in concentrations clinically proven to boost testosterone, is how Military muscle sets itself apart. If I had to list any criticisms of military muscle, they would be, for a single month supply they are at the top end for prices & for some people. It will almost have too many ingredients.

As you can see above the list of ingredients is pretty inclusive, so if you get a lot of these in great volumes in your diet, you may feel like you are paying necessarily for all those ingredients. I personally love the fact that it contains all the different ingredients & at very high concentrations, for me it is its largest strength; but I can see why some people may actually view it as a negative.

I mentioned that the single bottle is more expensive than some other brands, it is a premium product, so you pay a premium price. That being said, it’s only $10 more than the cheapest product on this list. They do also offer very good deals for multi-month orders, which includes free diet & training plans. They also offer free worldwide shipping for all order sizes, which helps make it greater value for money as well.

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Testogen contains 10 ingredients clinically proven to boost testosterone production. The concentration isn’t as high as it is in Military muscle; but it does contain bioperine piperine, which means that the different nutrients are more easily absorbed. Testogen is the cheapest of the products on this list, they offer especially good multi order deals & there are frequently additional discount codes on offer on their site.

Where Testogen set themselves apart from their competitors is they offer both supplements & drops. Drops are designed to be absorbed more quickly than standard supplements. The drops also contain some more unique ingredients, which increase testosterone, energy & physical performance as a whole.

You can take these in conjunction with their supplements for a more “complete” supplement solution. I feel that the concentration of the some ingredients would ideally be higher, that would be my main criticism of the testogen testosterone booster. Again they offer free worldwide shipping, you can check out their products for yourself, directly on their site below.

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Aggressive Strength

Aggressive Strength testosterone booster

This is a range of products from Mike Mahler (you may have heard of him). The range includes a testosterone booster & an effective one. The main thing that sets the Aggressive Strength testosterone booster apart is that it contains Bulbine natalensis, it’s a fairly new herb being lauded for its testosterone boosting abilities.

The main reason it’s being so lauded, is because in rat studies, it’s been shown to increase testosterone by up to 347% and lower estrogen by up to 35%. There have been plenty of examples, where human men have reported that it’s been very effective at increasing testosterone production as well.

On top of that, the aggressive strength testosterone booster contains three other ingredients clinically proven to boost testosterone production. They also offer a number of supplementary products, such as estrogen control, & have hormone balance bundles, to address wider hormone health.

If I had a criticism of the product, it’s that the concentration could be higher on the ingredients other than bulbine natalensis. It is also the most expensive product on this list. They do offer multi-order discounts & again discounts on their bundles. They also offer free worldwide shipping. You can check out Aggressive strength testosterone booster for yourself below.

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Crazy Bulk Testo-Max


This contains 10 testosterone boosting ingredients, again all research-backed & proven to boost testosterone production. Again a few of the ingredients would ideally be higher in concentration, but it does contain bioperine piperine for increased nutrient absorption.

There are also a number of complementary products that Crazy bulk provides, for further improved muscle gain, stripping fat & work out recovery. They are the second cheapest product on this list & again offer some very good discounts for multi-buys & product stacks. You can check out crazy bulk Testo-max & their wider product portfolio below.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have found my best of testosterone supplements 2020 useful & know which testosterone supplements you should be narrowing your choice down to. If you have any questions in regard to any of the products, just drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you. Please feel free to share with anyone you think may find it useful as well. You can also follow me on my social media sites, where I will also share if there are any additions to my best of testosterone supplements 2020 list.

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