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In this article we’re going to look at my recommended UK home testosterone test provider, now “spoiler alert” the organisation that I recommend and use myself are a company called Medichecks. As a part of this article we’re going to look at why you may want to get your T levels checked, who Medichecks are, their testing service and what they offer above and beyond testosterone levels testing.

Why Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked

To be honest, it is near impossible to naturally attain testosterone levels that are too high so it is unlikely that anyone has been advised to test their levels for that. So the two main reason you are going to want to get your T levels tested are if you suspect you have low levels or if you’re been trying to increase levels and want to test your progress.

If anyone is suggesting that your T levels are too high and to buy a test for this, I’d be very cautious and advise you see your doctor first and discuss any symptoms.





You may want to look at getting a home testosterone test, as going through the NHS, getting to the point where they believe low testosterone may potentially be the issue and they look at testosterone testing means “jumping through quite a number of hoops”. So a service like this is certainly quicker in terms being able to get a test done and also the turn around times in terms of getting results.

What Are The Signs I May Have Low T Levels

There are several signs that you may have low testosterone levels including:

  • Loss/ failing to gain muscle mass
  • Retaining/ failing to lose body fat
  • Lack Of Motivation
  • Lack Of Energy
  • Sexual Performance Issues

All of the above could be signs that you have low T, I suggest you check out this Testosterone And Health – 5 Common Signs Of Low T article for more in depth details on the signs that you have low.

About Medichecks

The Medichecks mission is as follows “Our mission is to make state-of-the-art laboratory blood testing available to everyone. We’ve harnessed the expertise of the UK’s top pathology laboratories with the latest consumer technology to make 21st Century blood testing a simple, easy-to-use process available for everybody.”

Medichecks have created over 900 blood, saliva, urine and stool laboratory tests which are available directly to me and you. With this they provide visual and easy to digest results which come with added commentary from qualified doctors. So your results are easy to understand and any additional information is coming from a highly qualified source.

They have been selling blood tests over 15 years & sell thousands of tests per year, with testosterone levels being one of the most popular.

They also offer tests from individual markers like vitamin D, to total wellness profiles, which is checking for things like heart disease risk, diabetes hormone status and far more. It’s’s safe to say that you are in good hands with them and they have an excellent customer satisfaction rating from independent sites like Feefo.

The Testing Service

All test kits come with a prepaid first class envelope to post your sample to their laboratory. They will give you specific instructions on how to take your samples and how long after taking your sample you need to post them. Then once they have received your results from the lab, they get posted on a secure personal dashboard at mymedichecks.com. As mentioned above; you can see at a glance whether your results are within the normal range or not. Their doctors will provide notes/ comments on any abnormal results and will advise what your next course of action needs to be.Test Tube Samples

The service is in depth and they like to make sure you are comfortable using the service and that they get and provide you as accurate results as possible.





So they like to make sure that you’re able to login to your account you’ve purchased your test and to inform them when you’ve sent your sample so they know to expect it and expedite if necessary and they also request info about your current health & family medical history so they can interpret your results as accurately as possible. All results are totally confidential and you are ale to print copies, should you need to take them to your doctor or a specialist.

If you aren’t confident taking blood or aren’t able to for whatever reason, they have partner clinics you can attend for your samples to be taken; or can even arrange for nurses to come to your home and assist take the sample, they like to make sure they have every angle covered. They also have a pretty quick turn around for all tests (2 days for testosterone Testing)


Their price for Testosterone Testing For £29 is at the slighty lower end of the market and most organisations on average charge from £29 – £39 per test.
I also have a 10% discount code which is usable on all tests which are paid for at full price. My discount code is: TESTTIPS10 just add it at the checkout.

My Rating & Independent Ratings

I personally give them an overall rating of 4.5/ 5 stars, there aren’t really any areas of weakness for me in their offering, if I have to be a bit picky I’d say they almost offer two may tests, which if you don’t know what you’re looking for could be overwhelming.

They counter this by making the site extremely easy to navigate when you do know what you want; and you can call in and speak to their very helpful staff that can recommend what tests you should consider based on what information you want to find out/ issues you’re potentially having. Other than that though, for me the pricing and the level of service they provide is at the absolute top end of this market!

Their Feefo Rating

You can also see their Feefo rating all over their site, Feefo is an independent global review company used by many organisations.




The feefo ratings for Medichecks is 4.7/5 and that is based on over 1800 verified customer reviews. Hopefully between my rating/ experience with Medichecks and how other people are rating them, it’s clear that they offer a highly professional and effective service.

You can find out more about Medichecks for yourself on their Home Page

If you want to find out more about their testosterone testing or want to go ahead and order a test you can do so from here: Medichecks Home Testosterone Test I also have a 10% discount code which is usable on all tests which are paid for at full price. My discount code is: TESTTIPS10 just add it at the checkout.

Final Thoughts & Future Posts

I hope you have found this overview of Medichecks as my recommend UK provider of home testosterone tests useful. I appreciate Medichecks are only UK based and I have visitors from other parts of the world (namely the US). So I will be providing articles advising of home testosterone test services I can recommend for other territories, so keep an eye out for them. If you have questions in regard to this article or Medichecks, I suggest you check out the Medichecks Site or drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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10 thoughts on “Home Testosterone Test – My Recommended UK Service

  1. This was a very informative article I did not know you could have your level of testosterone checked. thank you very much. I have seen you give the prices of the test in pounds which is because obviously, you must be based in the UK. I currently live in Spain, do you know if it is possible to have this type of test here as well? Could you give me any direction on how to go about it? thank you very much

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m glad you found it useful, you need to make sure you have healthy testosterone levels for a number of reasons which you can find out more about here: Testosterone And Health – The Benefits Of Healthy T Levels – You will be able to get testosterone testing in Spain; unfortunately I can’t recommend a company in Spain but I suggest doing a search in Google and seeing which ones have the best customer ratings.  

  2. This is an eye opener; thanks for sharing this wonderful testosterone tips.but i have few questions which i would appreciate a wonderful response from you.1. how do i improve my testoterone and also what are the major preventions i need to observe in order to take good care of my testoterone.I awaits your positive response. Thanks so much

  3. Thank you for this nice article. I don’t know that there can be imbalance in the level of testosterone in man. I do experience poor sexual performance most times, though I haven’t complained to my doctor because it is not often. 

    I don’t know if this might be due to low level of testosterone. I am not based in the UK but I am glad to hear that you are going to write an article for people outside UK. I am looking forward for the article. 

    Thank you so much. 

  4. This is very interesting. I’ve always associated testosterone levels to men, since I thought it was probably very low for women. I’ve read that a woman’s testosterone levels naturally change throughout her life, her menstrual cycle, and even at different times of the day. Testosterone can affect fertility, sex drive, red blood cell production, muscle mass and fat distribution. The home testosterone test can definitely come in handy. Thanks!

    1. Hi Raquel, 

      Yes while it is predominantly a male hormone, having too little testosterone is a health risk for men and women alike! So knowing that your T levels aren’t too low is important.

  5. Dear Nate,

    Thanks a lot for the insightful & informative article and I got great insights from your article.

    I am unaware that we can test our Testosterone and your post is an eye-opener. Every single time I read an article of yours I learn so much new information! Signs for low testosterone levels you shared is very helpful. Medichecks service sounds great and reliable. Indeed, their pricing is cheap and your 10% discounts is just like icing on the cake make it much cheaper.

    Your article certainly made me to think more on the subject and I will be waiting for your recommendations on home testosterone test services for other territories.

    Valuable information, you have really given a lot of value in this article.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul, 

      Good to hear that you’ve found the article useful and my others useful!

      Yes you certainly can get your T levels checked, if you do feel like you’re potentially suffering from low T, it’s definitely something I’d recommend considering, Medichecks are a great UK based company that offer testosterone tests and tons of other blood tests as well

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