Testosterone And Health – 5 Common Signs you Have Low T

Your testosterone and health are closely linked, there are a wide number of physical, social and mental benefits that you gain from having healthy/ higher testosterone levels. You can see more about the benefits that can be gained from healthy T levels in this Testosterone and health – The Benefits Of healthy T article. Sadly the majority of peoples (men in particular) testosterone levels now sit closer to slightly below what normal levels should be and in some cases seriously low. In fact male testosterone levels are lower now on average than they ever have been, you can check out this article for the most recent study looking in to this here

Having low Testosterone levels can bring a wide range of health issues, you can see more about these here: Testosterone and Health – The Impact Of Low T It is these low levels of testosterone that have inspired me to publish this article on testosterone and health and looking at some main signs that you have low T, at least if it is an issue you are aware of, you’re in a position to do something about it. So we’re going to cover off the most common symptoms/ signs that you have low T, so if you suffer from more one of the below or one quite seriously, you know to look at increasing your levels or at least to get your levels tested.

The SignsChecklist

  • Loss Of Muscle Mass
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Loss Of/ Low Sex Drive
  • Difficulty With Erections
  • Fatigue

While the above aren’t the only signs and symptoms of low testosterone, for me they are the five most common ones and usually overlooked as being “some other issue” or just a case of aging. Now your testosterone does naturally lower slightly as you age (approximately 1% per year after 30) and some above happens naturally due to increased age. You shouldn’t be experiencing severe or drastic changes and even if it is a case of the above occurring due to natural aging increasing your Testosterone levels will still have a positive impact!

Again if you want to see the wider health issues that can occur due to having low testosterone, check out this Testosterone and health article – The Impact Of Low T – We’re now going to explore each of the above in a bit more detail.

Loss Of Muscle Mass

Testosterone plays quite a big role in building muscle, if you have noticed that you seem to losing muscle mass or can’t gain, muscle mass despite eating and training accordingly, it may be down to having low T. I’ve actually published an article specifically looking at Testosterone And Muscle – It is worth having a look at to find out more about the relationship between and muscle mass.

Increased Body Fat

Men with low testosterone may find themselves gaining body fat or particularly struggling to lose body fat. In extreme cases Overweight Manthis can lead to the development of gynecomastia. This is commonly know moobs/ man boobs this is when there is extra fat enlarged breast tissue on a male. This is believed to occur due to a male having too much estrogen in comparison with testosterone.

Difficulty With Erections

Testosterone stimulates a man’s sex drive (you will see more below) and also helps both achieving & maintaining an erection. Testosterone isn’t solely responsible for erections but it does stimulate the receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide. This is a molecule that helps trigger the series of chemical reactions required for an erection to happen. So when testosterone levels are too low, it is quite possible that men will have issues achieving an erection prior to sex or having what we call “spontaneous erections” A good example of this is “morning glory” or waking up to find you have an erection, if this doesn’t happen very frequently, it could be an indicator you are suffering from low testosterone.

Loss Of/ Low Sex Drive

Testosterone plays a key role in your libido (sex drive). A decline in sex drive to an extent is expected as you age. However, someone with low T is more likely to experience a more severe drop in their desire to have sex and that is the same for both men and women!


Men with low Testosterone regularly report experiencing extreme fatigue and a decrease in energy levels. If you find yourself tired all the time despite getting plenty of sleep and rest; or struggling to find the motivation to do standard activities (play Man Exhausted In The Gymwith your kids, see friends, go to the gym etc.) It may be a result of low testosterone levels.

Final Thoughts & Other Articles To Check Out

I hope you have found this article on your testosterone and health useful and you now know some key signs to for in terms of having low testosterone. If you do unfortunately suffer from one or more of the above or already suspect you suffer from low T. I would advise to get your testosterone levels checked which can be done via a blood test. There is a company I use for this as going through the doctors to get these tests done can be both time-consuming and in some cases extremely frustrating.

The company I recommend is Medichecks, on top of testosterone and hormone levels testing, they offer a wide range of blood tests for pretty much anything you can think of. Everything they do is confidential, it’s a very quick and simple service with your results available online quickly. Check out my overview of their service here on this Home Testosterone Test – My Recommended Service article.

So throughout this article, we’ve very much focused on having low T and the symptoms/ signs of having low T. I didn’t want to leave this article on a completely negative note, so I just wanted to highlight that their are lots of benefits that you gain from having healthy testosterone levels , which you can check out here: Testosterone And Health – The Benefits Of Healthy T. If you have any queries in regard to this article, testosterone and health as a whole or anything related, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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6 thoughts on “Testosterone And Health – 5 Common Signs you Have Low T

  1. Very interesting article on a health angle I have not really thought much into in the past – quite shocking to see the side effects of testosterone and health. 

    I’m really surprised to find out that testosterone levels can be behind the cause of weight gain – how common is this in men?

    I bet a high percentage don’t even realise this is the cause of their obesity! 

    1. Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately low Testosterone is quite often the cause for weight gain. Mens testosterone levels start to drop around the age of 30 onwards and that is the point most men start gaining weight, so unfortunately quite common.

  2. Hi Nate Stone,

    I have just read the whole article thoroughly and understood this is very important tips and guideline for men’s testosterone and health issue. I believe and agree with you that many people are not aware of their low testosterone level and it’s affection in their body. I would not even know lower testosterone is also responsible for metabolism and fat problem issue if I did not read your article. I am going to read your other article for it’s solution.Thanks for your helpful tips.

    1. Hi Mzakapon,

      I’m glad you found this article useful, yep testosterone levels effect a number of areas in our health, so keeping them healthy is important!

  3. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a necessary information about Testosterone and health.I came to know about testosterone from your article. I think it will be of great benefit to my health.I like your information very much.I will share this information with my family and friends.This is very helpful information.Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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