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Medichecks January Sale: 25% Off Of All Medichecks UK Tests

Medichecks Discount Offer

Medichecks January sale is now in full swing. Medichecks UK are currently offering 25% off all of their tests. This offer is running until Sunday the 10.01.21. If you are looking to make improvements to your health & fitness this year, these tests are ideal for you to gain an understanding of your key health markers. You can then test again later in the year, to track your progress.

Medichecks offer hundreds of tests, my personal favourites are as follows:

You Can Check These Out By Searching On The Site & Access The Offers For All Their Tests Here

The Advanced Well Blood Tests From Medichecks UK

If you know you want to improve your health as a whole but aren’t sure what specific areas may need your attention. These are the tests that I would recommend as best for you. You can can check out my brief overview of the both the men & womens version below

Medichecks UK Advanced Well Man Blood Test

This is one of the most effective & best value for tests that Medichecks UK offer. So wanted to talk about this one in a bit more detail. Its a bit like your “MOT for male health”. This test gives you actionable data on 47 different biomarkers. This includes key areas of male health like testosterone levels & other male hormones, cholesterol levels, levels of keys vitamins & minerals, whether you are likely pre-diabetic or diabetic,  your liver health & far more.

You Can Check This Test Out At The Offer Price Here

Medichecks UK Advanced Well Woman Blood Test

Like the Advanced well man blood test, this is one of the best tests that Medichecks UK offer. Again it’s like a “MOT for female health”. This tests & gives you actionable data on 50 different key biomarkers. Like the male version it provides you with data on vitamin & mineral levels, liver health, cholesterol levels, whether you are possibly diabetic or pre diabetic, female hormone health & more.

You Can Check This Test Out At The Offer Price Here

Final Thoughts & Future Medichecks Discounts

As mentioned there are more tests currently on offer from Medichecks UK than the ones I have just listed above. You can check out all of the different tests currently on offer below.

The Current Medichecks UK Offers

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