Testosterone Booster Supplements Pros & Cons

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There are advantages to using them & there are certainly potential drawbacks as well find out the unfiltered truth here & decide if testosterone booster supplements are the right way for you to go.

Here are the top Testosterone booster pros and cons you need to know:

A Testosterone Booster Does Not Replace A Poor Diet

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You can view this as a positive or negative, that is up to you!

What you should know is that you can’t have a poor diet, take a testosterone booster & bam you will increase your testosterone production & levels.

A testosterone booster, is designed to supplement your healthy diet & lifestyle & should be the last thing you look at in terms of aiming to achieve a natural testosterone booster.

So on the negative, they aren’t magic pills, but the positive is you don’t necessarily need them for healthy testosterone production.

You can greatly increase testosterone production, with the right diet, exercise & lifestyle. You can then use a testosterone booster as an additional way to further boost T.

In case, you are wondering your diet is the easiest place to start optimizing testosterone production. You can check out 50 different foods you can include in your diet for optimal testosterone production, check it out!

50 Foods That Boost Testosterone Production

Positive: They Are Natural


Nearly all the testosterone booster supplements that are on the market are now made using natural ingredients.

They tend to be ingredients that you find to a certain extent in your diet or are plant/ herb based.

As a result what you ingest are things that you find in your every day diet & aren’t some strange man made compound that may can cause strange side effects.

Positive – They Are Safe

As mentioned above, the majority of testosterone booster supplements are made from naturally occurring herbs, nutrients & ingredients found in a natural diet.

With all the reputable brands, we know exactly what they are supplying us with & how much, which also minimizes any risk of overdosing on any nutrients, which is already minimal.

Whether testosterone booster supplements are safe is a question I’m frequently asked & I’m always telling people that the reputable brands are very safe.

I’ve done a few articles covering specific brands of testosterone booster supplements & whether they are safe, which you can check out below.

Testosterone Booster Supplements

Positive – Easily Accessible & Easy To Find Reviews

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All the reputable testosterone booster supplements you can find online, they are delivered globally & you can get them delivered quickly.

You can also find loads of reviews and find out peoples experiences with the testosterone booster supplements.

So it is easy for you to find out if the products are effective & others experiences with them.

Positive – They Are Cheap

While testosterone booster supplements can vary slightly in price range, in comparison to other options top optimize testosterone such as TRT, they are quite cheap.

Positive – Will Help Optimize Other Areas Of Health

Optimal Testosterone

Pretty much all testosterone booster supplements are comprised of ingredients that not only aid testosterone production but also other areas of health.

If you opt for a testosterone booster supplement that provides you with a lot of nutrients like Military Muscle, it can mean that you also don’t need to supplement other areas of health.

Having healthier testosterone production also aids wider health as a whole, so you will see other health benefits on that front.

Positive – You Can Use In Professional Sports

Now I’m not saying at all testosterone booster supplements can be used in al professional sports without question; but a number of brands are made with ingredients that aren’t banned.

Military muscle for example only contains ingredients approved by the Worl Anti Doping Agency. You will need to check each brand & the ingredients with your relevant bodies if you are a pro athlete.

There are however far more options that are allowed in professional sports in comparison with anabolic steroids, most of which are banned in most sports.

Even TRT can be banned or can mean a lot of red tape to get approval.

Negative – Don’t work As Quickly As TRT/ Steroids & In All Scenarios


While testosterone booster supplements can be an effective way to increase testosterone. You won’t see results as quickly or in reality as impactful as when you are on TRT or anabolic steroids.

Testosterone booster supplements are also more limited in the scenarios where they can be effective. If you suffer from primary hypogonadism for example TRT or steroids will be your only option.

Primary hypogonadism is where your testes simply don’t produce enough testosterone & in this scenario supplements don’t help.

Secondary hypogonadism is where there is a problem with the signaling to your testicles to create more testosterone & this can potentially be addressed with testosterone booster supplements.

So supplements do have a more limited user case as well as not working as quickly; but there are advantages like they are cheaper, easier to access & far less likely to lead to complications.

Negative – You Can Overdose

While the chance to overdose is low due to the ingredients being listed, if you do consume too much of any ingredient you could potentially overdose.

If you are sensible, the chance of this happening should be minimal, make sure you stick to the recommended dosage, be aware of anything else you may be supplementing.

I’d say that it’s just something that you need to be wary of, as supposed to a serious risk.

Negative – There Are A Lot Of Poor Products On The Market


I would say that this is actually the biggest issue when it comes to testosterone booster supplements.

There are tons of brands on the market, some are simply not that effective but sadly far more are pretty much completely useless and a scam.

There are only a handful of testosterone booster supplements which I can recommend as being effective. You can check out the four brands I believe to be best below.

Best Of Testosterone Supplements 2020

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a better idea of testosterone booster pros and cons and whether these supplements are right for you.

If you have any questions in regard to this article, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you. You can also follow me on my social media sites.

I share far more about testosterone booster supplements & what the best brands to consider are.

If I can leave with you with final my take away, they would be that testosterone booster supplements, are cheaper, easily accessible & safe in comparison with other options.

TRT & anabolic steroids will work quicker and in all scenarios, there will be potentially questions about price, side effects and legalities in certain scenarios.

I’d usually suggest you optimise your diet & lifestyle first, then look at testosterone booster supplements. If that makes no significant impact, I’d then look at TRT options,

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