4 Ways To Lower Estrogen Naturally

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Do You Actually Want To Lower Estrogen Naturally? In short the answer is no, your estrogen levels aren’t actually the problem. You need estrogen/ estradiol for helping to modulate your sexual health & protect cardiovascular health. What you do want lower, is your inflammation & exposure to xenoestrogens/ chemical estrogen. These are the causes of […]

Is Fat Loss The Best All Natural Testosterone Booster?


If you were to ask most people what they think is the best all natural testosterone booster, I’d wager that very few would say fat loss. In reality fat loss is the best thing you can do long term for a natural testosterone booster if you’re body fat is above the 10% – 15% mark. […]

6 Testosterone Boosters That Aid Corona Virus Prevention

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Can Testosterone Boosters Really Help With Corona Virus Prevention? They Certainly Can! Discover 6 Of The Most Effective Testosterone Boosters That Will Also Boost Your Immune System You may not be aware of this; but one of the main benefits of having higher testosterone production, is that your immune system improves. So this as a […]

Testosterone Boosting With David From AndrogenHacker

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Testosterone Boosting Methods With David Becker So I frequently chat with my peers about the work they do with their clients and different testosterone boosting methods that they are testing out at the moment. Someone I speak with more frequently than anyone else is my good friend David Becker. He runs a site very similar to […]

Buy Nourished Personalised Vitamins: First Box £15


Buy Nourished Personalised Vitamins For £15 By using my special code Ttips15 You will get your first box of Nourished for £15, which is more than 50% off! If you aren’t familiar with Nourished, you’re probably thinking to yourself, what is Nourished and what exactly do we mean by personalised vitamins. That is what we […]

Why Vitamin D Is Vital To Increase Testosterone Naturally


Can One Vitamin Really Be That Important When It Comes To Healthy Testosterone Production? Well The Short Answer Is Yes & Vitamin D Is That Vitamin! Discover Why It Is So Important & How You Can Get Enough Daily What Is Vitamin D Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is often referred to as […]

Medicheck Blood Tests For Testosterone – Their Thyroid Tests


So What Medicheck Blood Tests Are There For Thyroid Health? How Do These Relate To Testosterone Health? Both Of These Questions Will Be Answered You’ll Also Find Out More About Medichecks UK & Why You Should Be Using Them For Your Blood Testing About Medichecks UK Medichecks UK, are a UK based (as the name […]

5 “Health” Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels


Can Eating Health Foods Really Testosterone Production? Well If You Eat The Wrong Ones Sadly The Answer Is Yes, They Will Lead To Lowered T Discover Five “Health” Foods That Lower T Here A Couple May Shock You So Read To The End Flaxseed Flaxseeds aren’t just viewed as a health food, many people perceive […]

Nourished Review – Their Personalised Vitamins Stack


Nourished Review: Their Personalised Vitamins Stack Website: Cost Per Box: £39.99 Volume: 28 Days Supply Special Offers: First month for £15 with Discount  Code: Ttips15 Availability: UK (Plans to expand further) You Can Purchase Here So What Is Nourished? So Nourished is the world’s first truly customisable and personalised 3D printed vitamin/ nutritional product.  […]

10 Things That Lower Testosterone You Use Daily

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Can There Really Be Ten Things That Lower Testosterone I Use On A Daily Basis? Sadly The Answer Is Likely Yes There Are & Probably Even More Than 10 These Are Likely The 10 Most Common Though! Numbers 9 & 10 Will Be Pretty Shocking! Non Stick Frying Pan I hear you thinking to yourself […]

Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Review


Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Review Website: Rating: 97/100 Do I Recommend Purchasing: 100% Yes Military Muscle Introduction Military Muscle is a high in quality, strength, legal and safe testosterone booster & natural testosterone supplement. It has been developed to deliver improved body composition and mental health for those with even the most intensive exercise […]

10 Key Reasons To Look At T Levels International Men’s Day 2019

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Why Am I Advising you To Focus On Your Testosterone Levels On International Men’s Day 2019? As International Men’s Day 2019 is upon us, I wanted to focus on raising awareness of issues that men face.  In particular, a health issue, that is facing men face across the globe. I couldn’t think of a better […]

15 High Protein Foods That Boost Testosterone Production

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Foods That Boost Testosterone Production Are Great For Gaining Muscle Mass. As Are Foods That Are A Source Of High Protein! So When You Get Foods That Deliver Both, You’re On To A Winner! So Check Out My List And Add Them To Your Diet Today for Greater Muscle  Steak 25G Per 100G Steak is […]

3 Ways To Increase Testosterone From Bed

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That’s Right There Are Three Way To Increase Testosterone Naturally, From One Of Our Favourite Places, Our Beds! The Simplicity Of These Methods Will Shock You! Read On To Find Out What They Are…………. Getting 8 Hours Of Quality Sleep This is something that I’ve mentioned a few times on this site. It truly is […]

Faraday’s Review Of Their EMF Blocking Underwear


Are You Considering Purchasing EMF Blocking Underwear? Read On To Learn Why I Recommend The Faraday’s (Rebranded As It’s The Fonz) Brand! How There Underwear Can Deliver A Natural Testosterone Booster & Improved Male Health!       Faraday’s EMF Blocking Underwear Do I Recommend Purchasing: Yes Overall Rating: 97/100 What Is EMF? EMF […]


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