7 Ways Testosterone And Health Of Your Love Life Are Linked


Are Your Testosterone And Health Of Your Love Life Really Connected?

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In short the answer is yes, having higher T levels and increasing them if you suffer from lower testosterone levels (see this article on the common signs of low T here) can help improve your love life in a number of ways.

With a couple of these you will see a direct link to your love life, the rest are ways that your testosterone and health are linked which as secondary benefits will improve your love life. As a quick caveat most of these benefits are most relevant if you are a male there are however a couple relevant to both men and women.

Women With Higher Estrogen Find You More Attractive Loving Couple

Studies have shown that men with higher testosterone levels on a subconscious level are more attractive to women. This attraction is increased when women have higher estrogen levels as well.

Glowing Skin

Men with higher levels of testosterone are said to have skin with a “healthy glow”. As you can imagine healthy glowing skin is equated to you being more attractive and especially to the opposite sex.

Increased Libido

Having higher testosterone leads to increased libido and sex drive. In my experience a boost of your enthusiasm in the bedroom always goes a long way to improving your love life!

Increased Confidence & Assertiveness

Having higher & healthier levels of testosterone has links to increased having increased confidence, assertiveness & reduced social anxiety. Having higher Testosterone will make it feel far easier for you to put yourself “out there” and meet people.

A Leaner Face & Stronger Jaw Line

Higher testosterone levels are believed to result in reduced facial fat tissue and increased facial bone density, this obviously results in you having a leaner face and for men leads to a “stronger”/ more prominent jaw line which many females find attractive.

Lowered Body Fat

Testosterone promotes muscle growth and is thought to suppress fat gain, so having higher levels means higher levels of Lean Muscular Torsomuscle, greater suppression of fat and when you have more muscle, the lower your body fat tends to be.

While body fat isn’t the “be all end all” when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, women are certainly shown to subconsciously be more attracted to men with a healthier body fat ratio than men with a higher one and to a certain extent the same can be said for men being attracted to women as well.

Increased Muscle mass

As touched above testosterone promotes muscle growth and also as we touched above, women are certainly shown to subconsciously more attracted to muscular men, I don’t necessarily mean men who look like Arnie; but there has been a reason that over the years many a woman has swooned over a man with a good six-pack and the latest Hollywood heartthrob who looks good with their shirt off.

Again with men being attracted to women, it isn’t to the same extent but I know that I’m attracted to women with a flat stomach and 4 a pack and I’m certainly not alone in that.

You can actually find out more about how testosterone and muscle mass are linked in this article here

Final Thoughts

I hope this has been an interesting read for you and it’s clear how having higher T levels can positively impact your love life. A lot of the benefits that come from increased testosterone as far as your love life is concerned are more relevant to men but this makes sense as testosterone is the primary male hormone.

That being said both men and women need to have healthy levels of Happy Coupletestosterone (You can get a better idea of what healthy T levels are in this Testosterone And Health article here) and you can probably see that a number of the things above are beneficial to both sexes in more areas than just ones love life.

If you have any questions in regard to this article or Testosterone And Health as a whole, I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you!

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10 thoughts on “7 Ways Testosterone And Health Of Your Love Life Are Linked”

  1. Satish says:

    Hi Nate,

    Informative post, thanks for sharing the same. Just had few questions: What kind of foods boost Testosterone ? My second question I have read that High testosterone levels can drastically increase a man’s risk of heart failure and stroke-causing blood clots? What do you have to say about this or provide some inputs on what is an ideal testosterone levels for men ?

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Satish,

      Thanks for your comment.

      There are lots of different types of foods that boost testosterone production, I’d suggest you check out this article here on 48 Foods That Boost Testosterone Production

      With regards to risk of heart failure etc. that occurs when levels are abnormally high and that is usually due to anabolic steroids & potentially testosterone replacement therapy.

      If you increasing your testosterone levels naturally the risk is actually decreased compared with when your testosterone levels are low, if you are responsibly being given testosterone replacement therapy and it s being adequately monitored, this shouldn’t be an issue either.

      In my experience, for men to operate at their optimum, men want to be aiming for 1000 – 1,200 ng/dl. That is the top of what is considered the health range for men.

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Nate! I love your articles. I think all men and boys, as well as girls and women, should read and learn these things. If a guy has been feeling in the dumps for quite some time, testosterone levels should be checked, just in case, it’s an issue. Thanks for posting!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Thanks, I always appreciate your feedback!

      Yep, sadly the impact of testosterone and healthy hormone production is often overlooked. These days, it is more bout pushing pills and medication that makes money!

  3. Yama says:

    This was a fun and interesting piece. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Yama,

      Thanks, good to hear you found it interesting!

      If you have any questions, just drop me a comment; and I’ll get back to you!

  4. AdamK1 says:

    Good post on the positive benefits of testosterone. Is there any material also on the negative effects of too much testosterone? Many times people can go overboard of supplementing after hearing stories about the many benefits of hormones but don’t realize that too much isn’t always a good thing. I’m one of those people who goes overboard so I learned to know the other side.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Adam,

      Thanks, yeah your testosterone and health are linked in multiple different ways, where as most people tend to just think of muscle mass of growing a beard lol. So good to hear that this is information is being well received!

      Sure in terms of having excess testosterone, the only scenario where an excess of testosterone that tends to happen is, if people are taking anabolic steroids or testosterone replacement therapy. Synthetically increasing testosterone production is where side effects can occur, this article on TRT Therapy side effects will cover all that for you.

  5. Raff says:

    Very informative article, Nate!
    There is information here that I had never thought of before, and I will admit to being one of the many people who immediately think of the massive men in the gym who are artificially increasing their testosterone levels at an unhealthy level whenever T is mentioned.

    It’s both interesting and good to see a healthy approach – as it is definitely an important hormone!

    Have a few questions: Are there things that someone could be inadvertently doing that may lower their testosterone levels? Is it due to genetics that some men have much lower testosterone levels? Please forgive my ignorance!


    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Raff,

      Yep testosterone and health are linked in a number of ways, especially when you naturally optimise levels/ have levels with a healthy range.

      Yeah there are a lot of things that lower T, which you and most people do without realising you’re negatively impacting T & your wider health.

      These articles will help you ID these here

      So yes genetics plays a part inn terms of testosterone production, the major thing though is diet and lifestyle. there are a number of toxic chemicals we are exposed to which lower T, so higher exposure to this means lower T, you then have things like your diet.

      I suggest diet is the easiest way to positively impact testosterone production. I suggest you check out this article Foods That Boost Testosterone Production

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