7 Ways Testosterone And Health Of Your Love Life Are Linked

Are Your Testosterone And Health Of Your Love Life Really Connected?

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In short the answer is yes, having higher T levels and increasing them if you suffer from lower testosterone levels (see this article on the common signs of low T here) can help improve your love life in a number of ways. With a couple of these you will see a direct link to your love life, the rest are ways that your testosterone and health are linked which as secondary benefits will improve your love life. As a quick caveat most of these benefits are most relevant if you are a male there are however a couple relevant to both men and women.

Women With Higher Estrogen Find You More Attractive

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Studies have shown that men with higher testosterone levels on a subconscious level are more attractive to women. This attraction is increased when women have higher estrogen levels as well.

Glowing Skin

Men with higher levels of testosterone are said to have skin with a “healthy glow”. As you can imagine healthy glowing skin is equated to you being more attractive and especially to the opposite sex.

Increased Libido

Having higher testosterone leads to increased libido and sex drive. In my experience a boost of your enthusiasm in the bedroom always goes a long way to improving your love life!

Increased Confidence & Assertiveness

Having higher & healthier levels of testosterone has links to increased having increased confidence, assertiveness & reduced social anxiety. Having higher Testosterone will make it feel far easier for you to put yourself “out there” and meet people.

A Leaner Face & Stronger Jaw Line

Higher testosterone levels are believed to result in reduced facial fat tissue and increased facial bone density, this obviously results in you having a leaner face and for men leads to a “stronger”/ more prominent jaw line which many females find attractive.

Lowered Body Fat

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Testosterone promotes muscle growth and is thought to suppress fat gain, so having higher levels means higher levels of muscle, greater suppression of fat and when you have more muscle, the lower your body fat tends to be.

While body fat isn’t the “be all end all” when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, women are certainly shown to subconsciously be more attracted to men with a healthier body fat ratio than men with a higher one and to a certain extent the same can be said for men being attracted to women as well.

Increased Muscle mass

As touched above testosterone promotes muscle growth and also as we touched above, women are certainly shown to subconsciously more attracted to muscular men, I don’t necessarily mean men who look like Arnie; but there has been a reason that over the years many a woman has swooned over a man with a good six-pack and the latest Hollywood heartthrob who looks good with their shirt off.

Again with men being attracted to women, it isn’t to the same extent but I know that I’m attracted to women with a flat stomach and 4 a pack and I’m certainly not alone in that.

You can actually find out more about how testosterone and muscle mass are linked in this article here

Final Thoughts

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I hope this has been an interesting read for you and it’s clear how having higher T levels can positively impact your love life. A lot of the benefits that come from increased testosterone as far as your love life is concerned are more relevant to men but this makes sense as testosterone is the primary male hormone.

That being said both men and women need to have healthy levels of testosterone (You can get a better idea of what healthy T levels are in this Testosterone And Health article here) and you can probably see that a number of the things above are beneficial to both sexes in more areas than just ones love life.

If you have any questions in regard to this article or Testosterone And Health as a whole, I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you!

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