Testosterone And Health: Your Mindset & Moods

Your testosterone and health are linked in a number of ways including impacting your mindset & moods. When thinking of how your testosterone levels impact your health, I imagine spring to mind is muscle growth and possibly fat loss.

What you may not be aware of is that your testosterone levels affect your psychological, physical and mental health. Having low T levels can negatively impact all of these. In this article, we’re going to focus on how low testosterone levels can affect your mindset & mood.


Depressed Man

When it comes to mindset/ mood, depression is probably the most obvious place to start. Men with low T have been found to have an increased likelihood of having or developing depression. Men diagnosed as suffering from depression are more likely to have low testosterone levels.

There was a study published in 2004, investigating whether low testosterone was a risk factor for depression. This study was led by Dr. Molly M. Shores, they followed 278 men over the age of 45 for a period of four years. Dr. Shores and her research team found that the men who suffered from low testosterone levels were four times more likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression.

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Testosterone & motivation are intrinsically linked. In fact, if you were to look at most lists of the symptoms of low T, you will usually see reduced motivation somewhere towards the top. Men who optimize testosterone levels usually report that they feel more motivation. It’s not clear why optimizing testosterone levels increases motivation. It’s thought that due to testosterone raising traits like focus and aggression, that an increase in motivation is a by-product.

Confidence/ Assertiveness

confident male

Increased confidence is one of the things that tends to come with optimised testosterone levels. This is something men report whether they optimize testosterone levels naturally or synthetically. There was a test conducted with 243 males, where they gave one group a dose of synthetic testosterone and the other group a placebo. They then asked these groups to complete simple maths questions set up in such a way to elicit a gut reaction.

What they found was that the men on the synthetic testosterone responded far more swiftly than those on the placebo. Another reason it is believed optimized testosterone may increase confidence, is the improvements it brings to body composition. It increases your muscle, reduces your body fat, boosts energy and sexual performance and a culmination of these benefits makes people and men, in particular, more confident.

Concentration & Memory

Man focusing

As we age it’s common knowledge that our mental faculties like concentration and memory begin to “fade” somewhat. What has been noticed is that this “fade” begins to happen around the same time that testosterone levels begin to naturally drop.

Lack of concentration and poorer memory is also a common side effect of men with low testosterone regardless of age. When people who suffer from low T, boost testosterone production, they often report improvements in their focus, memory and concentration.

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Final Thoughts & Articles To Check Out

I hope you have found this article useful and have a greater understanding of how testosterone levels are important for mental health. Your testosterone and health are linked in a number of different ways. You can see more of the ways that having low T can negatively impact healthy by checking out the below articles.

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If you have any of the above issues, I hope you will be encouraged to investigate further. If you think that you may be suffering from low T, I’d suggest the first step is getting your levels tested. You can check out the home testosterone testing services I recommend below.

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