Testosterone And Health: Your Mindset & Moods

Your testosterone and health are linked in multiple ways; but the main things that I imagine spring to mind are muscle growth and possibly fat loss. What you may not be aware is that your testosterone levels affect your psychological, physical and mental health. Having low T levels can negatively impact all of these, in this article we’re going to focus on how low testosterone levels can affect your mindset & mood.

DepressionDepressed Man

When it comes to mindset/ mood depression is probably the most obvious place to start. Men with low T have been found to have an increased likelihood of having or developing depression and men diagnosed as suffering from depression are more likely to have low testosterone levels.

There was a study published in 2004, investigating whether low testosterone was a risk factor for depression. This study was led by Dr. Molly M. Shores, they followed 278 men over the age of 45 for a period of four years. Dr. Shores and her research team found that the men who suffered from low testosterone levels, were four times more likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression, in comparison with the men who had normal or higher T levels.


Testosterone & motivation are intrinsically linked. In fact if you were to look at most lists of the symptoms of low T, you will usually see reduced motivation somewhere towards the top, so you know is a common symptom of low testosterone. Men who have increased their levels usually report that they feel more motivation. It’s not clear why increasing your testosterone levels increases motivation. It’s thought that due to testosterone raising traits like focus and aggression, that motivation is a by product of an increase of traits like this.

Confidence/ Assertiveness

Increased confidence is one of the things that tends to come with higher testosterone levels, this is something men when they’ve increased their levels naturally or synthetically usually report.

There was a test conducted with 243 males, where they gave one group a dose of synthetic testosterone and the other confident malegroup a placebo. They then asked these groups to complete simple maths questions set up in such a way to illicit a gut reaction, there was no time limit to answer the questions.

What they found was that the men on the synthetic testosterone performed significantly than those on the placebo, they also found that the men on testosterone answered incorrect far more swiftly than those on placebos, this is believed to be due to the men on testosterone having greater confidence in their gut reactions.

Obviously synthetic testosterone is slightly different to naturally increasing levels and the results are somewhat open to interpretation but it sounds like a credible explanation and backup that increased T leads to increased confidence.

Another reason it is thought that increased testosterone may increase confidence, is that it increases your muscle, reduces your body fat, boosts energy and sexual performance and a culmination of these benefits makes people and men in particular more confident.

Concentration & Memory

As we age it’s common knowledge that our mental faculties like concentration and memory begin to “fade” somewhat. What has been noticed is that this “fade” begins to happen around the same time that testosterone levels begin to naturally drop. Lack of concentration and poorer memory is also a common side affect of men with low testosterone regardless of age. When people who suffer from low T, get an increase in testosterone production they often report improvements in their focus, memory and concentration. Man focusing


Final Thoughts & Articles To Check Out

I hope you have found this article on testosterone and health useful; and now have more of an understanding of how T levels can affect both your moods and mental health. As I stated at the beginning of this article, your testosterone and health are linked in a number of different ways, you can see the wider ways T & health are linked in these Testosterone And Health Articles

Hopefully this article has encouraged you to investigate if you potentially have low T & to increase T levels. I’ve put together an article on my Recommended Home Testosterone Test and how that service works as a whole. I also advise you check out these articles on the multiple Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

If you have any questions in regard to this article, testosterone and health or just testosterone as a whole. Just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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12 thoughts on “Testosterone And Health: Your Mindset & Moods

  1. Hi! I really didn’t know about these links between testosterone and health. And some of them are pretty surprising. I would have not thought it could affect motivation. I’ll continue researching but you have indeed awakened my curiosity. I’ll also read your post concerning increasing testosterone naturally. Thank you for this post.

  2. I had no idea how important testosterone is! This was a very informative article and it really made me think about it. I always felt that testosterone was something that men just had and that we all laugh about when we are seeing two men wrestling with each other. But I wasn’t aware at all that low testosterone could cause depression just blew my mind!

  3. Wow, that’s a wonderful article. After reading previous articles from your website, I love to visit your site always. This article is very informative and encouraging. 

    Now, I can figure out the importance of the right testosterone level. I have also checked your article on home testosterone test. Do you also provide online services for international clients? I would love to get your guidance.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I am following you on social media.


    1. Hi Akshay, 

      I’m glad you find my tips on how to increase testosterone useful! 

      Yes there are organisations I can recommend that provide testosterone tests in other countries, where do you live?

  4. I am 68 years old and had no idea that testosterone was linked to you moods, memory, motivation, confidence, etc.  This worth checking out.  The studies you quoted, are essentially saying that either natural or synthetic are basically the same if I read correctly.  

    I have to admit I have a low level of concentration, always have and it may be linked to low-T.  I can’t be sure but I think on my next annual physical, I’ll talk to the doctor about that specifically. 

    So, reading this has given me food for thought.  Again, at 68 I still have plenty of life left and maybe have my testosterone checked out would be a smart thing to do.  Thank you for this!

    1. Hey Tim, 

      Once you pass the age of 30 your testosterone levels do start to decrease naturally, although this is now even further enhanced by exposure to chemicals & a bad diet etc. Yeah speak to your doctor about potentially having low T, it is something that is often overlooked!

  5. You know, I wasn’t aware that concentration and memory are affected by low testosterone. I knew things like depression, motivation, and assertiveness are affected, but I would’ve thought the last factor was a different cause. But, the numbers are in if men are reporting decreases in concentration around the same time testosterone naturally starts to decrease. Even more interesting is the rebound they receive after an increase in testosterone.

    1. Hi Todd,

      Yeah it is quite shocking in just how many areas testosterone and health are connected. Yeah the studies conducted in to these areas really are interesting, if men in particular find that their concentration ad memory is noticeably slipping, I’d advise men get their T levels looked at!

  6. I would never have imagined that testosterone had such links to other things like depression, motivation, and memory/concentration. Those three kind surprised me but as I read your article it made perfect sense. When I think of testosterone I immediately think of huge guys in the gym lol.

    I am very interested in those studies you mentioned. I am glad you mentioned them. Learned something new today and I appreciate you sharing.

    1. Hey Nate,

      Yeah I know it’s quite shocking the many different areas testosterone and health are linked. Yeah most people do think of muscle mass when they think of how testosterone effects the body and health but its effects are far wider reaching, which is why it’s so important you need to maintain healthy levels. I’m glad you found this interesting.

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