9 Key Types Of Things That Lower Testosterone Production

There Are A Multitude Of Things That Lower Testosterone 

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So there are multiple things that lower testosterone levels & can lead to a drop in testosterone production. We are going to look at what the different things are, this is simply going to be a list so at a high level you know what you need to avoid, there will be/ are already articles that refer to alternatives & solutions that will address these things that lower testosterone so you can make sure you have healthy levels moving forward.

Why Worry About Things That Lower Testosterone

There are multiple health reasons why you need to worry about your T levels being lowered or your body being estrogen dominant, these include things like a lack/ loss of muscle mass, reduced fat loss/ fat retention, increased likelihood of diabetes & increased likelihood of suffering a stroke to name a few.

I advise to check out my article on Testosterone And Muscle Building & these Testosterone And Health articles to get a clearer picture of how having low T impacts your health!

The List Of Things That Lower Testosterone

So now we’re going to be starting the list itself, remember we will be looking at why they lower testosterone in greater detail in future articles and what you can do in terms of alternative products and methods to counter reductions in future articles. So let’s get crack on with the list!

What You Drink

  • Alcohol Intake
  • Drinking Tap Water


Your Diet
Junk Food

  • A diet high in non organic food
  • High mint intake
  • A diet high in genetically modified food (Soy etc.)
  • A diet high in sugar/carbs
  • A diet high in processed foods
  • A diet high in unsaturated fats
  • A diet low in saturated & monounsaturated fats
  • A diet high in nuts
  • A diet high vegetarian sources of protein
  • A very low calorie diet

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Vitamin & Minerals Deficit

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

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The Physical & Stress

  • Lack Of Sleep
  • Continuous Cardio
  • Working Out to failure
  • Working out for longer than 60 minutes at once
  • Putting the body under stress
  • Feeling stressed

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Chemical Exposure

  • Use of non-stick cooking products
  • Heavy use of chemical cleaning products
  • Heavy use of chemical pesticides & weed killers
  • Inhaling chemical air fresheners

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Oral Care Products

  • Most commercially available toothpastes
  • Most commercially available mouthwashes
  • Most commercially teeth whiteners

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Medication You Take

As you can see the list of things that lower testosterone are separated in to some distinct groups, where I’ve created articles that already cover these subjects in more detail, I’ll provide references to these so you can check them out for your further information.

I’ll be updating this article as time goes by so you can have links to articles that cover these subjects in greater details as I create them, so keep an eye out for this and these articles.

Plastics Exposure

Exposure to plastics exposes you to chemicals that lower testosterone production, this effect is increased when we ingest & absorb these chemicals. So things like the following are particularly bad for lowering testosterone:

Bowls/ Tupperware
Cooking Utensils

I explain this in greater detail & advise a number of alternatives you can use which won’t lower your testosterone. You can check out this article here: Things That Lower Testosterone – Alternatives To Plastics That Won’t Lower T

Shower/ Skin Care Products & Cosmetics

Most commercially available shower products & cosmetics contain chemicals that lead to reduced testosterone problems & other health issues. This includes such as the below:

  • Shower Gel 
  • Shampoo
  • Facewash
  • Moisturiser
  • Facial Scrubs
  • Lip Balms
  • Hair Products
  • Mascara/ Manscara
  • Foundation
  • Eye Liner/ Guy Liner

I explain why they lower testosterone in greater detail & advise a number of alternatives you can use which won’t reduce your testosterone production. Check out this article here: Things That Lower Testosterone – Alternative Products That Won’t Pt 1

What You Drink & Your Diet

What you ingest has a major impact on our testosterone production & is potentially the largest contributor under our control when it comes to our T levels. I’ve done numerous articles covering this subject, I advise you take a look at these two articles: Foods That Lower Testosterone – Alternatives Pt 1  Foods That Lower Testosterone – Alternatives Pt 2   Things That Lower Testosterone – Alternative Products That Won’t Pt 1

It will help not only tell you what to avoid in terms of diet & what you drink; but you will also give ideas for similar alternative foods that won’t have a negative impact on testosterone production!

Vitamins & Minerals

The vitamins & minerals listed all greatly help to increase testosterone production & a deficiency in any of them can lead to steep decline in levels, check out these Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally – Get The Right Nutrients Articles – they cover the different types of vitamins and minerals needed for T production, why they increase testosterone, how much you need and the best sources.

Vitamins in someones hand

The physical & Stress

Exhausting your body and putting it under stress is one of the major causes of reduced testosterone production, this is due to cortisol release which restricts testosterone production. I will be covering this subject in far greater detail, so keep an eye out for various articles on this subject.

Chemical Exposure

There are chemicals found in several products we’re exposed to on a daily basis, these chemicals are something called endocrine disruptors. This means they disrupt hormone balance which includes lowered testosterone production. Check out this Chemicals That Lower Testosterone – Where Are They Found Article, to get a feel for where these chemicals are found and what to avoid.

Oral Care Products

Much like other shower products, most of these contain chemicals that lower testosterone production & a lot of them are mint flavored which again lowers T.

Toothpaste & toothbrush


Finally, there are a number of medications which lead to lowered testosterone production, I will be creating articles in future covering the main culprits, so keep an eye out for those!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you have found this list of things that lower testosterone useful! Please check out the articles that are already live which cover these topics in greater detail and advise alternative products that won’t lower testosterone.

If you have any questions in regard to any of the listed things that lower testosterone, testosterone as a whole or want to share anything you feel I’ve missed, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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