TRT Therapy Side Effects

TRT therapy (Testosterone replacement therapy) is a highly effective way to increase T production; but like all medical procedures it does come with potential side effects, so in this article we’re going to look at what the potential trt therapy side effects are, so you can make an educated decision if it is the right way for you to go.

Why Look To Increase Testosterone At All Magnifying Glass

There are several health benefits to be gained from having healthy testosterone levels, most people leap straight to increased muscle mass. Increased muscle mass is one of the main benefits of increased testosterone, you can find out more about this here: testosterone and muscle building

There are also multiple other health benefits to be gained from higher T levels including, lowered body fat, reduced risk of stroke, improved sexual function, increased energy, confidence & motivation to name a few. Check out this Testosterone And Health – How Low T Effects Males article for an extensive list of the issues you get having from low testosterone levels, to give you an idea of why you will want to increase your T and make sure levels are healthy in the first place.

Do You Need Testosterone Replacment Therapy

While a lot of men (and a high number of women) suffer from low testosterone, for most people this is something that can likely be changed by lifestyle change, things like changing your diet, increasing the amount of sleep you get & changing some of your daily routines can be enough to ensure your testosterone levels return healthy & slightly high levels.

TRT therapy is without question an extremely efficient way to increase testosterone levels but for me it should be your last scenario & consider lifestyle change first. If you’re very worried that your testosterone levels are low I’d strongly recommend consulting your doctor or to get a test done to establish your testosterone levels.

Getting a testosterone test organised through your doctor can be quite a time consuming process and involve jumping through a number of hoops. I advise checking out this Home Testosterone Test – My recommended UK Service article to find out more about how testosterone testing services normally work and to see what my recommended service in the UK is.

How Many People Experience side Effects

The number of people who experience immediate side effects are actually fairly low, it should be noted that you are more likely to suffer from side effects the older you are.

TRT Therapy Side Effects

So now we’ve looked at why you may want to look at increasing your testosterone levels, whether you personally should doctor showing patient a computer screenconsider TRT therapy, & the likelihood of you experiencing side effects if you do consider replacement therapy. So now lets go in the actual TRT therapy side effects, the most common ones are as follows:

  • Growth of “breast” tissue
  • Lowered Sperm Count/ Infertility
  • Oily skin & acne
  • Increased risk of blood clots
  • Testicle Shrinkage
  • Increased risk of stroke & heart attack
  • It’s expensive

As you can see there are a few different side effects, most of them aren’t that pleasant. I have included the fact that is expensive. While the cost isn’t strictly a “side effect” it is one of the draw backs of TRT therapy, especially when compared to the cost of life style changes you can make.

So now we are going to look at each of the potential side effects in a bit more details.

Growth of breast Tissue

This is usually referred to as moobs/ man boobs or by the medical team gynecomastia. This growth of breast tissue is usually down to an excess of estrogen, the reason this sometimes occurs as one of the TRT therapy side effects is the therapy can lead to an excess of testosterone in the body and this excess can potentially be converted to estrogen causing breast enlargement.

depressed manLowered Sperm Count/ Infertility & Testicle Shrinkage

Increasing testosterone exogenously (not naturally) can potentially stunt the production of the hormones that are responsible for sperm production, hence why sperm count can be lowered/ infertility be caused, the stunting of these hormones production can also lead to testicular atrophy/ testicle shrinkage. If you are still planning to start a family or have further children, this is something that needs to be considered before starting TRT.

Oily Skin & Acne

This occurs because when serum levels of testosterone are increased, an increase in the secretion of sebum can also occur, this can lead to the development of acne. Acne as a result of TRT therapy is fairly rare & is more associated with steroid use.

Increased risk of blood clots

Studies have shown that there is fairly high risk (up to 63%) of suffering from blood clots in the first six months of TRT therapy. The risk does seem to decline after that but it is definitely something you should consider before doing TRT therapy and a doctor be consulted in regard to your risk prior to moving ahead with therapy, you can find out more about the study & get more in depth figures & findings here: TRT Therapy Side Effects

Increased Risk Of Stroke & Heart Attack

TRT can lead to developing something called polycythemia, this occurs in over 20% of men. Polycythemia can lead to an increased incidence of vascular events, including stroke & heart attacks.

The Cost 

While this isn’t an actual side effect it is potentially one of the bigger draw backs of TRT therapy, especially if you compare with the costs’ lifestyle changes.

The costs’ will vary dependent on the type of treatment you opt for. To give you an idea in the UK, most initial consultations cost you in the range of £300 – £400, a follow up consultation is usually a similar costs’, blood tests from the doctors will cost in the region of £150 and then the actual treatments themselves can cost anywhere between £60 & £90 per month on average.

As I’ve mentioned dependent on the type of treatments you opt for, where you live (country & part of country)and the doctor or clinic you engage, the cost will vary but hopefully you get a feel for the sort of costs’ involved.

Further Reading Resource

I wanted to direct you to an article where you can do further reading & gain more in depth medical understanding of the side effects, check out this article on trt therapy side effects

Final Thoughts & A Recommended TRT Service

I hope you have found this article on trt therapy side effects useful. As I’ve mentioned above for me I’d look at it as the final approach after making lifestyle changes and that isn’t working. If you do feel like you seriously suffer from low T, I’d advise to get a test done.

Take a look at this Home Testosterone Test – My recommended UK Service – If it turns out you do have low T and you’ve decided that TRT is the way to go, make sure you with a reputable organisation, in the UK I can recommend Optimale they offer both tests and TRT.  You can use my discount code of  WAR10 for a 10% discount on all orders!

If you have any questions in regard to this article, TRT therapy side effects or this topic as a whole, drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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20 thoughts on “TRT Therapy Side Effects

  1. Health in general is such a bit issue and reading information about such topics is important, especially when done so effectively.
    Obviously well researched.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Ron,

      Thanks, I’m glad you found this useful!

      Don’t get me wrong, suffering from low testosterone is worse than the potential TRT therapy side effects; but the potential negatives do need to be considered.

      You can get a better idea of the side effects of low T here, testosterone and health

  2. I like the research you mention and link to in this post, Nate. Backing up health claims with independent studies is the gold standard for a good blog post, IMHO.

    Will you be doing a follow-up post on natural ways to increase testosterone levels?

  3. Shoot, I never thought about TRT before having children. That could cause some serious problems. I will definitely have to refer my friends here for them to check this out.

    I have been dealing with acne for a while actually, so it’s good to know that it’s not a problem associated with TRT usually.

  4. Testosterone Replacement Therapy does sound like quite a drastic measure when considering the side effects that you have mentioned. Do you know how the treatment works? Is is just a matter of going in to get a shot from the doctor or do you need to take pills over a period of time?

    1. Hi Fiona, 

      I do think it is an extreme as your initial solution, in some cases it is required but I would always recommend trying to increase testosterone levels naturally first. You can take the treatment in a number of ways, this incudes shots, pills and gels. The different types of treatments do have slightly different risks attached and some more than health risks than others. I would recommend checking out this foods that boost testosterone production article first, as your diet is a good place to start to increase testosterone levels.



  5. Hi there,

    You say that most men and a high number of woman suffer from low testosterone. How does a person know this to be the case? What are the signs to look out for that you are suffering in this way. 

    I definitely agree with you that lifestyle changes should be tackled first and foremost. Great advise there 😉

  6. Wow. That’s some serious side effects! I agree with you that it should only be a last effort instead of going to this right away. I am glad that you covered this in your article. I am sure there are a lot of people that have considered going with this treatment.

    1. Hi Jessica, 

      I’m glad you found this article useful, yes the number of men going for TRT therapy has greatly increased.I’m not saying it’s the wrong thing to do but there are times where a less extreme and cheaper approach like lifestyle changes can fix the issue, which is the case if you have slightly low testosterone levels.

  7. thank you for this great post on TRT Therapy side effects.

    It is so great to know about health concerns before trying something new, some of these sound a bit scary, but it seems that it is rare. It is great that you have taken the time to share your knowledge with us all. 

    1. Hi Chris, 

      I’m glad you found this article useful. 

      Yes suffering from TRT therapy side effects is moderately unlikely, in a lot of cases TRT therapy isn’t required, so I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s worth trying methods other than surgery, like lifestyle change first.

  8. Your words were spoken with we readers in mind and that’s one thing I like about this article. Furthermore I want to state that you are very correct; TRT treatment is very vital even for some women who are low on it. 

    Reading your article made me realise just how important it is.

    As per the money, don’t they say health is wealth?

    Great post and cheers!

    Sharon Jey

    1. Hi,

      I’m glad you found this article useful, yes your testosterone levels does effect a lot of areas of your health, this testosterone and health article will help you understand further why having healthy testosterone levels is so important.

      While I agree health is wealth, it is possible to achieve healthy testosterone levels without forking for therapy, this Alternatives To Testosterone Replacement Therapy article will help you work out other cheaper methods to achive increased T


  9. This is a very important topic and I think it that it was very good of you to write an article about it. Raising awareness of this is vital.

    1. Kira,

      Thanks I’m glad you found it interesting, if you have any men in your family or your close to considering testosterone replacement therapy, please do get them to check out this site as TRT therapy side effects are really quite serious.

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