Why I Recommend The LetsGetChecked Home Testosterone Test

If you are looking to complete a home testosterone test. I suggest you order through LetsGetchecked. LetsGetChecked is a health testing and diagnostic company. Founded in 2014. They provide customers with access to regulated laboratory testing. This is all from the privacy & comfort of your own home.

Letsgetchecked offers a wide range of home testing kits. Including tests for Coronavirus (for individuals & employers). Sexual health/ STD tests, fertility tests, male hormone health, female hormone health & general wellness health tests.

This includes things like cardiovascular health, digestive health, colon cancer, diabetes etc. The range of tests on offer is very impressive. The system is very easy to use and to track down the test that you want. This includes the reason you are likely here. Which is the LetsGetChecked home testosterone test.

You Can Check Out The Wide Range Of Tests LetsGetChecked Offer Here

They have been lauded by a multitude of highly respected media outlets. This includes outlets such as Bloomberg, The Guardian and Cosmopolitan (plus many more). For delivering a convenient & confidential solution. Enabling you to quickly receive medical testing & testing results.

LetsGetChecked have a reputation for scientific integrity. All of their tests are based on sound scientific evidence. This is an excellent way for you. To proactively manage your health & specifically your testosterone levels. 

LetsGetChecked Home Testosterone Test

The Different Home Testosterone Tests Offered From LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked actually offer a range home testosterone tests & male hormone tests. You have four different tests that you can pick from. All provide you with data on your total testosterone levels. The more in-depth male hormone tests. Provide you with data that compliments testosterone levels such as SHBG, oestradiol & prolactin. We are going to look at each test in greater detail below.

You Can Check Out All The Home Testosterone Tests & Male Hormone Tests From LetsGetChecked Here 

The LetsGetChecked Home Testosterone Test

This is the entry level home testosterone test from LetsGetChecked. It provides you with your total serum/ blood testosterone levels. So this is ideal if you suspect you may have low testosterone. Great if you want to regularly check your T levels as well!

The LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Test

So in this home testosterone test. You get your serum testosterone levels but some other relevant biomarkers as well. With this test you will get results for:

  • Total testosterone
  • Sex hormone binding globulin
  • Free androgen index

If you aren’t familiar with sex hormone-binding globulin/ SHBG. It is a protein produced by the liver that binds to sex hormones including testosterone production. This is an important biomarker. As the higher your SHBG levels, the more of your testosterone is bound. When your testosterone is bound, your body can’t utilize it.

If you aren’t familiar with a free androgen index. It’s used to measure if you have abnormal levels of androgens. Androgens are male sex hormones, that both men & women produce. This includes testosterone. If you do have abnormal levels of androgens. It directly impacts testosterone production. This is why it’s an important biomarker for you to be aware of as well!

The LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Plus

  • Total testosterone
  • Sex hormone binding globulin
  • Oestradiol
  • Free androgen index

Oestradiol is a female steroid hormone. It is the strongest of the three naturally produced oestrogens. Now you may be wondering why you want to measure this. Despite rumors to the contrary. Oestradiol is also important for male health. If you have too little, you will have health issues. If your Oestradiol is too high, you also have health issues. With of them being, suffering from the symptoms of excessive estrogen. So your Oestradiol levels are something you want be aware of.

The LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Advanced

  • Total testosterone
  • Sex hormone binding globulin
  • Oestradiol
  • Prolactin
  • Free androgen index

If you aren’t familiar with Prolactin it is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland. For women it’s responsible for milk production/ lactation after child birth. It has other functions in the body. When you have excessive levels. You have a problem.

As a man it can lead to the development of man boobs. It can inhibit testosterone production & also lead to lower libido. When you have too little Prolactin. You can suffer from multiple other health issues. This includes both sexual  & psychological health issues. So again Prolactin is a biomarker that you ideally want to be keeping track of.

Final Thoughts On The Different LetsGetChecked Home Testosterone Tests

LetsGetChecked Testosterone & male hormone tests

Needless to say, the more in-depth tests are ideal & provide you with most actionable data. If you are operating on a smaller budget all the tests provide you with useful information. Most importantly you will learn how healthy your testosterone levels are and if you need to focus on increasing T.

If you have previously tested your testosterone or your hormones. These tests are also very easy for you to keep track of any progress you have made or changes in terms of biomarkers. As this a test you do at home, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a lab that is open. Which isn’t that easy at present. Given the current situation with Covid-19.

Locations You Can Get LetsGetChecked Home Testosterone Tests

Lets get checked operate across multiple global locations. If you are based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and most of Europe. Customers can purchase in local currency & gets their tests delivered to their home. You can check out the entire list of locations LetsGetChecked deliver to on their site here

You Can Check Out All The Home Testosterone Tests LetsGetChecked Offer Here

How To Submit Your LetsGetCHecked Home Testosterone Test Sample & Receive Your Results

LetsGetChecked App

Ordering Your Home Testosterone Test & Setting Up Your Account

The process of submitting a blood sample, urine sample or swab to LetsGetChecked is simple, fast, and convenient. Once you have selected the test you want. Your test kit will be sent out to you in discreet & anonymous packaging. Then you need to register your kit. You do this by clicking on the “Activate Test” tab at the top of the LetsGetChecked website. You then log in to your personal LetsGetChecked account.

Once you have logged in to your account. You supply a mobile number where LetsGetChekced can reach you. This is so they can inform you when your results are ready. Then you will be sent a 6-digit verification code to your mobile number. Just enter that code into the box that appears on your personal account page.

You then need to add the two codes found on the inside of your testing box. So make sure you keep hold of your box! Once this is done. You are asked a couple of health questions. Once those are answered, the registration is complete. Most tests offered by LetsGetChecked require a small blood sample. This is the case with their home testosterone tests/ male hormone tests. Blood samples should be collected in the morning and prior to eating.

Collecting Your Home Testosterone Test Sample

Everything that you need to collect this sample is included in your testing kit. There is a video on the company website that outlines how to collect your sample. This is along with a list of sample FAQs, regarding sample collection. LetsGetChecked recommend you don’t collect your sample after a Wednesday. As it may not reach the lab before the weekend. You definitely don’t want to send in your sample on Friday or over the weekend.

When you have collected your sample. You place it into the biohazard bag provided. You return the bag to the box that the kit came in. Fill out the inner lid sticker of the box with your information. Place the box in the pre-paid shipping envelope that is provided. Then you just need to send back on the same day you collect the sample. If you are using express shipping. You will need to arrange a pick-up location for the collection of your samples. Alternatively, you can drop them off at a drop-off point.

Accessing Your Home Testosterone Test Results

Your results should be viewable from your personal account within 2-5 business days of the lab receiving your sample. You will be emailed notifying you when the results are ready. If you receive an abnormal result from your tests. A registered nurse may contact you to discuss the results and advise on potential next steps. If possible, the nurse will provide you with a prescription for treatment and answer any questions you might have.

With regards to testosterone production, this is unlikely. If your results do show that you have very low testosterone. You can look at ways to naturally optimize levels or potentially look at a TRT clinic. If you want some advice, feel free to drop me an email & I can point you in the right direction.

You Can Check Out All The Home Testosterone Tests LetsGetChecked Offer Here

Final Thoughts On The LetsGetCHecked Home  Testosterone TestsLetsGetChecked Male Hormone Test

I’m sure you can see why the LetsGetChecked home testosterone tests are an ideal option for checking your testosterone levels. Your male hormone levels & multiple different areas of health. Their tests are easy to use, they are very discreet, your sample is reviewed by medical professionals & all your results are confidential & secure.

If you have any questions in regards to the LetsGetChecked service or their home testosterone tests. Just drop me a comment & I’ll get back to you. You can also follow me on my social media sites. Where I will share info & any special discounts on offer.

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