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Testofuel Review: Is It An Effective Testosterone Supplement?

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The Testofuel testosterone booster is one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market. If you are checking out this Testofuel review. You are probably wondering if it’s deserving of the popularity? Sadly the answer is no. We will go in to why in more detail throughout the article.

I’ll give you the highlights now though. While the ingredients are reasonable for testosterone production. In a few cases, the concentration of the ingredients are too low. Some ingredients are questionable for aiding testosterone production.

There aren’t that many ingredients that aid testosterone production compared to some other brands. Finally, Testofuel is actually quite expensive compared to other testosterone supplements, even when compared to some best testosterone supplements on the market.

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What We Will Cover In This Testofuel Review

Testofuel bottle

So in this Testofuel review we are going to look at why you may want to optimize testosterone production. How to use Testofuel, the ingredients in Testofuel, whether there are any potential side effects that come with taking Testofuel. Finally, we will look how much Testofuel costs. We will also look at where you can purchase & the locations you can purchase from.

Benefits Of Optimized Testosterone

As you are looking at this Testofuel review. I imagine you already have a good idea of the benefits you gain from optimizing & testosterone production. Still thought it would be worthwhile providing a high level overview. As there may be some benefits that you aren’t aware of.

  • More energy
  • Higher muscle mass
  • Lower body fat
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Faster reaction times
  • Higher libido
  • Reduced risk of erectile dysfunction
  • Stronger bones
  • Better mental clarity & focus

There are more benefits of optimized testosterone production than the ones listed above. Those are the key ones though. If you have any questions in terms of the benefits of optimized testosterone production. You can drop me a comment & I’ll get back to you.

How Much Testofuel Do You Take Daily

Testofuel bottle & pills

Testofuel is a pill form supplement. Testofuel recommends that you take four pills per day. They don’t specify that you need to take them at any specific time or with food. Most nutritional supplements tend to be better digested with food, so I’d recommend taking with one of your meals.

How The Testofuel Testosterone Booster Works

Testofuel is a nutritional based supplement. Testofuel is not anabolic steroids or testosterone replacement therapy. You aren’t synthetically increasing testosterone levels. As a nutritional supplement, Testofuel is made up of a blend of vitamins, minerals & herbs. The idea with nutritional supplements is that the ingredients help the body to naturally improve testosterone production. As supposed to synthetically increasing testosterone.

So with Testofuel being a nutritional supplement, the idea is, it provides you with nutrients which positively impact T, that you aren’t getting enough of in your diet. This would also include things you may not get in your diet at all. So Testofuel plugs that gap in your diet, enabling you to get enough of the nutrients that naturally aid testosterone production.

So that is how Testofuel works. As you can probably appreciate, any nutritional supplement is only as effective as the ingredients. So first you need a nutritional supplement that provides you with ingredients that aid testosterone production. Then you need a supplement that is likely providing you with a high enough concentration of these ingredients.

As I mentioned at the start of this Testofuel review. It doesn’t make the cut as one of my top rated testosterone supplements. Two of the main reasons for this are the ingredients. A couple of the ingredients included, have very little evidence that they increase testosterone.

Then with a few of the ingredients, the concentration is just very low & far lower than the top competitors. This makes it unlikely that Testofuel will be providing you with enough of these ingredients, to naturally boost testosterone production.

So now let’s take a look at what the ingredients in Testofuel actually are.

Prime Male Testosterone Booster Ingredients


Testofuel ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid 2,300 mg

D-Aspartic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is believed that it aids in increasing testosterone production due to increasing Lutenizing hormone. LH is one of the key hormones responsible for the production of testosterone production. This is because it’s responsible for signaling the Leydig cells in the testes to produce T.

There have been multiple studies looking in to the impact of D-Aspartic Acid on testosterone production. In one study, participants who supplemented DAA for 12 days experienced a significant boost in testosterone. On top of the significant boost in T while supplementing DAA. It was also reported that even 3 days after supplementation ended, testosterone levels remained elevated!

In another study, it was found that supplementing a combination of D-Aspartic acid & vitamin D3. Led to an increase in T production for middle-aged men. They didn’t just see improvements in testosterone levels though. The men also experienced improved energy & libido.

In the majority of studies where supplementing D-Aspartic Acid positively impacts testosterone production & physical health. The volume supplemented is at least 2000mg. So a positive of Testofuel is that it provides you with 2,300 mg of DAA. Which in studies has been shown to be high enough concentration, to positively impact testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3 5,000 IU


D3 is probably the most important vitamin when it comes to testosterone production. Sadly it’s also one of the vitamins that people are most likely to deficient in. This is due to the sun being your primary source of vitamin D. As we know most people are spending more & more time indoors. As a result people are synthesizing far less D3 & lots are deficient due to this.

There are some foods which provide you with D3 but even then, without decent sun exposure. The chance is you need to supplement not to be deficient. When it comes to Vitamin D3 & testosterone. In one study it showed that supplementing D3 can increase T production by as much as 20%! So D3 is an excellent addition to Testofuel & 5,000 IU is a decent concentration.

Magnesium (As Magnesium Asparte) 200mg

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but most testosterone in your body, can’t be utilized. This is due to it being “bound”. A compound called SHBG/ sex hormone binding globulin binds to testosterone. This means the body can’t utilize it. This is where magnesium comes in.

One function magnesium performs is lowering SHBG. As a result, you have more “free” testosterone. Meaning more T the body can utilise. Magnesium is also helps lower cortisol in the body. This is important, as when cortisol is spiked, all hormone production is inhibited. This includes testosterone, in fact suffering from consistently high cortisol is one of the major reasons people can suffer from low T.

Finally, magnesium can make it easier to get to sleep. This is very helpful for testosterone production. As ideally, you need a minimum of 7+ hours of sleep per night. Any less than this & your testosterone production can suffer.

Vitamin B6 5 mg (A Pyridoxine HCI)


Your body can’t just produce testosterone from nothing. Your body first needs to create Androgens. Vitamin B6 promotes the bodies Androgen production. With increased androgen production, there are increased signals for your testes to produce testosterone.

Vitamin B6 is also important for estrogen metabolization. When you are deficient in B6, your body can struggle to metabolize it. B6 also lowers prolactin. When you have excessively high prolactin or estrogen, it can lead to lowered testosterone production.

The final bonus that comes with having plenty of vitamin B6 is it helps the body to absorb zinc & magnesium. Both are key for healthy testosterone production. They are both key ingredients the Testofuel testosterone booster for that reason. In terms of required volumes for B6, most studies suggest you need at least 1.5 mg daily.

The body can actually tolerate somewhere between 150 – 300 mg (possibly a bit higher). So 5mg you are provided in the Testofuel testosterone booster is possibly a bit on the low side. Especially if you were to compare to a standalone B6 supplement.

Vitamin K2 18 mcg

K2 is thought to help increase testosterone production in two key ways. The first is the synergistic relationship that K2 has with vitamin D3. By supplying the body with enough vitamin K2. It enables the body to utilise Vitamin D3 stores more effectively. As we have covered, D3 is vital for healthy testosterone production. So the more the body can utilise the higher testosterone production is likely to be.

The second is K2 provides you with Menaquinone-4/ MK4. MK4 is a compound that is believed to enhance the amount of testosterone produced in the testes. Sadly there have only been rat studies o date. Thought these have shown a lot of promise in terms of MK4 enhancing the testes production. So human studies are still needed to 100% clarify but looks promising on the MK4 front & that increasing testosterone production as well!

A bit of a criticism of the Testofuel testosterone booster in terms of how much K2 it provides. 18 mcg is quite a bit lower than what a lot of testosterone booster supplements provide you with. Especially if you are comparing Testofuel to some top brands on the market.

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Zinc 10 Mg (As Zinc Monomethionine and Aspartae)


Zinc deficiency is something that is becoming more & more common. Especially if you have a Western diet. Your testosterone levels will suffer if you have low Zinc levels or Zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency is such a major issue in regard to testosterone production. Some studies have shown that supplementing with Zinc, can as much as double testosterone production, when someone is deficient!

The human body isn’t capable of storing Zinc. You need to ensure that you are getting enough daily. To positively impact testosterone production, you need to make sure you are getting at least 10mg per day. This is what Testofuel provides you with.

I would however emphasize that 10 mg is the bare minimum the body needs. The average male can actually utilize anything up to 225mg. So you certainly don’t need to worry about exceeding 10mg per day. I would actually recommend that you aim for intake to be a fair bit higher than 10mg per day.

Asian Red Panax Ginseng 100Mg

Asian Red Panax Ginseng, sometimes referred to as Korean Ginseng. It has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. One of the main applications has been for reducing levels of stress & stress hormone cortisol. As mentioned earlier, when cortisol is spiked testosterone production is inhibited. So Ginseng by lowering cortisol, can help increase testosterone production.

On top of this a study found that short-term use of Ginseng can increase testosterone and the potent derivative DHT. It’s also been shown to increase the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Both of these help to stimulate testosterone release.

Fenugreek (Seed) 100mg

Ground fenugreek

If you aren’t familiar with Fenugreek it’s a herb & one often found in Indian cooking. In studies, it has been shown to boost testosterone in men. It’s also been shown to significantly increase strength & lower body fat. Research suggests this is due to Fenugreek reducing levels of aromatase enzymes. This is the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

There have been a few studies in to the impact of Fenugreek. One of the most in depth studies tested 30 college men over a two month period. Participants were divided in to two groups. Both groups performed resistance training four times per week. One of the groups was supplementing 500 mg of fenugreek per day.

The group who were supplementing with fenugreek, saw both total & free testosterone increase. They also saw greater increases in strength and fat loss. Whereas the group that only weight trained saw a slight decrease in T levels. In addition to Fenugreek being able to boost testosterone. Studies suggest that fenugreek can lead to the following benefits as well.

  • Improved sexual performance
  • Increased libido
  • Increased energy levels

Fenugreek Studies

You can check out the below studies which highlight some benefits you can see from supplementing with Fenugreek.

Study 1

Study 2

Study 3

Most studies suggest that 500mg is the amount you ideally need to supplement to boost testosterone production. To see other health benefits as well. So in some ways, it’s good that the Testofuel testosterone booster contains Fenugreek.

However, the concentration is likely too low to significantly impact T. Meaning you would need to have considerably more in your diet or more likely to get the extra 400mg, you would need to supplement further.

So the concentration Fenugreek or lack of in Testofuel is a point of criticism for me. Again the top testosterone booster brands that provide you with Fenugreek provide you far more. Another reason, Testofuel doesn’t make it in to my list of top testosterone supplements.

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Oyster Extract 100mg

If I was to ask you to name an aphrodisiac, the first that spring to mind would probably be oysters. This is more than just an old wives tale though. Oysters are very Zinc rich. Which as we know can help elevate testosterone quite considerably if you are deficient.

Oyster extract in rodent studies has been shown to improve reproductive function. In terms of testosterone production, it doesn’t appear to offer any additional benefits than Zinc. In my opinion oyster extract is just another way to increase Zinc levels. It feels to me that Testofuel are being a little cheeky here, implying there is an additional ingredient that boosts testosterone production. In reality, it’s just another form of Zinc.

Are There Side Effects With The Testofuel Testosterone Booster?

In terms of side effects, Testofuel presents minimal risk. Especially if you compare to anabolic steroids or TRT. The biggest risk something like Testofuel poses. Is if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Also, a slight risk you could “overdose” on any of the ingredients. However, the volumes from Testofuel aren’t high enough for you to overdose from Testofuel alone. So just be cautious if you are taking other supplements & be aware, what they contain.

Where Can You Buy Testofuel


Testofuel ship worldwide from both the UK & US. You can purchase from & get it delivered to most global locations. Unfortunately, they are a bit limited in terms of the currencies they accept. They do accept all the major currencies though. So you can purchase in British pounds, Euros, Canadian, Australian & US dollars.

How Much Does The Testofuel Testosterone Booster Cost?

  • A single bottle/ 1 months supply costs $65 plus local shipping costs.
  • Two months supply costs $130 with free shipping to the US & the UK
  • Three months supply, you get another months supply free (4 bottles total), free worldwide delivery & two free nutrition & workout guides

You Can Check Out Testofuel & Order Here

Obviously, you pay the equivalent price in whatever your preferred currency is. Now it is a bit cheaper than some leading testosterone supplements. Still, if you compare to a leading brand like Military Muscle Testofuel doesn’t really stand up in terms of the number of ingredients that increase testosterone. It doesn’t compete in terms of the concentration of ingredients either.

So while Testofuel is a bit cheaper than some competitors. I don’t think it represents any greater value than the top testosterone supplements. In fact, I’d argue that most of the top brands I recommend provide better value money than Testofuel. Which is why the Testofuel testosterone booster doesn’t quite make the list.

You Can Check Out My Best Of Testosterone Supplements 2020 List Here

Final Thoughts On Testofuel

Testofuel bottle & pills

As you can hopefully tell from this Testofuel review, I believe Testofuel to be a decent product. It certainly isn’t a scam product. Like many supposed testosterone boosters on the market are. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend it either. I feel there are better supplements on the market. Again you can check out the testosterone supplements that I do recommend above.

Hopefully, you have found my Testofuel review useful. Please share with anyone you think may find it interesting. Any questions, feel free to drop me a comment. You can also follow me on my social media sites. I go over more testosterone supplements & methods to naturally optimize testosterone levels.

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