Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review

Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review: Is It An Effective Testosterone Supplement?

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Prime Male is one of the more popular testosterone boosters on the market. The question is, is it deserving of the popularity? My answer is kind of split, I’d say yes & no. Some ingredients are excellent when it comes to helping increase testosterone production, a couple of the other ingredients, I’d say not so much.

If I was to cut ahead to my final conclusion, I believe that Prime Male is an effective testosterone booster. Yes a couple of the ingredients I’d argue aren’t amazing as far as T production is concerned; but the majority of the ingredients are very effective & even the couple of the ingredients I’m not so “hot” on do have some impact T & wider health as a whole.

So in this Prime Male Testosterone Booster review, we are going to take a look at how to use Prime Male & how it works, the ingredients, whether there are any potential side effects from using Prime Male, where & how you can buy Prime Male & finally how much Prime Male costs.

How To Use Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Prime Male is a pill form supplement that you take four times a day with food. The manufacturer recommends that you take at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. I personally fast throughout the day, so tend to take it twice across two meals. I suggest you split across your meals in terms of whatever works best for you the impact on your overall T levels is going to be similar as long as you are taking the correct dosage of four pills per day.

Prime Male is a nutritional based supplement. It isn’t TRT or anabolic steroids, you aren’t synthetically increasing testosterone levels. As a nutritional supplement, Prime Male contains a blend of vitamins, minerals & herbs that help the body to naturally improve testosterone production.

So with Prime Male, you are essentially supplementing nutrients you likely don’t get enough of in your diet & in the case of some ingredients, you won’t get them in your diet at all. So Prime Male enables you to get enough in your diet, so you are positively impacting testosterone production.

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Benefits Of Optimized Testosterone

I imagine if you are already reading this Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review, you have a good idea of the benefits you gain from improving & optimizing testosterone production but just wanted to highlight them as healthy/ optimal T benefits your body and health in a multitude of ways & you may not be aware of all of them. Yes higher T means higher muscle mass & lower body fat, but the health benefits don’t just stop there, you benefit from far more as well, including the following:

  • More energy
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Faster reaction times
  • Higher libido
  • Reduced risk of erectile dysfunction

Prime Male Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Prime Male Ingredients

So as we’ve already mentioned in this Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review, it is an all natural product, free of any illegal substances or substances banned in sports. All the ingredients are vitamins, minerals & herbs that you can get in your diet. It’s more that the majority of people have some deficiency or don’t get any at all in their normal day to day diet & that is why the Prime Male testosterone booster can be effective as it helps you to plug those nutritional gaps so you can naturally optimise your testosterone production.

A testosterone booster is only as good as the ingredients it contains, the same goes for the Prime Male testosterone booster, so lets take a look at ingredients list & how they can positively impact testosterone production.

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D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate 1,600 mg

D-Aspartic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid, it is believed to help boost testosterone production due to increasing LH. Lutenizing hormone/ LH is one of the key hormones responsible for testosterone production, as it signals to the Leydig cells in the testes to produce greater amounts of testosterone.

There have been a few different studies looking at the impact of D-Aspartic Acid on testosterone production. For example on one study, participants were shown to experience a significant boost in testosterone after 12 days of supplementation D-Aspartic acid. On top of the significant boost in T while supplementing DAA, it was reported that even 3 days after they ended that the T levels remained elevated!

In another study, it was shown that a combination of supplementing D-Aspartic acid & vitamin D3, led to an increase in testosterone production for middle-aged men. Testosterone wasn’t the only area they saw improvements though. They experienced improved libido & feelings of improved vitality and energy levels.

In most studies where you see benefit the volume of D-Aspartic Acid being supplemented is at least 2g/ 2000mg. In the Prime Male Testosterone Booster the version of DAA is calcium chelate. Which is a highly soluble version of DAA in water. It’s believed that this allows it to be fully absorbed into your bloodstream, with reduced risk of an upset stomach, which some people experience with DAA supplementation.

In an ideal world I think that Prime Male would provide you with at least 2000mg as supposed to 1600mg, although the calcium chelate should make it more easily absorbed, just not convinced that DAA content is impactful as it could be just by having another 400mg+, but that’s just a small critique of the DAA supplied in this product, as a whole I think it’s an excellent addition.

BioPerine 10 mg


BioPerine doesn’t actually have a direct impact on testosterone production, but it’s still a useful ingredient. Bioperine helps the body absorb nutrients, so should help to ensure that the other ingredients in the Prime Male Testosterone booster are effectively used by the body.

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Boron 5 mg

Boron is one of the most effective minerals when it comes to increasing testosterone production & one that you are extremely likely to be deficient in. In studies, supplementation has been shown to increase testosterone production by as much as 28%!

To aid testosterone production, you ideally want to be consuming in the region of 6 – 10mg of Boron daily & it is close to impossible to get that volume, with a sensible diet, so supplementing Boron is pretty much a necessity.

Boron aids testosterone production in three key ways:

Boron reduces levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in your blood

The lower your SHBG levels, the less testosterone that is bound, meaning that you have higher levels of free testosterone. This is the testosterone that your body can actually utilise, so the more free testosterone you have, the better it is.

Boron Increases Vitamin D Levels

Hopefully you already know that having high levels D3 greatly benefits testosterone production. D3 is actually a pre sex hormone & is required for the formation of sex hormones including testosterone. Studies have shown that boron supplementation increases vitamin D levels.

Boron Lowers Inflammation

Supplementation with boron has been shown to lead to lower levels of inflammation & as a result, your aromatisation levels are lower. For those of you who don’t know, aromatization is the process where testosterone is converted to estrogen, so lower inflammation means lower aromatization, which means lower estrogen levels.

One study found that supplementing with 10 mg of boron daily, led to men’s estrogen levels decreasing by an average of 39%. Just to clarify your body does need estrogen, its excessive estrogen that’s the issue & excessive estrogen is caused b inflammation. Not only does the lower inflammation mean lower estrogen, it also tends to mean that you will have higher testosterone as well.

To get 10mg of boron in your diet, you would need to eat about 9 avocados per day! Needless to say that wouldn’t be advised, so it’s advantageous that Prime Male provides you with 6mg. Again a slight issue for me is that I would prefer that it provided you with a slightly higher amount, just to guarantee you are getting at least 6mg & ideally you would get 10mg daily.

Magnesium 100 mg

Magnesium rich foods

You may not be aware of this, but the majority of the testosterone in your body, can’t actually be used. This is due to it being bound to compounds called SHBG/ sex hormone binding globulin. Now magnesium benefits testosterone production in a few key ways, but lowering SHBG is one of them. When you have lower SHBG levels, you have more “free” testosterone, which means more T that your body can utilise.

On top that magnesium is a great for helping you to de-stress & lowering the stress hormone cortisol. This is very important as when cortisol is spiked, all hormone production is inhibited, including testosterone production. Magnesium can also make it easier to get to sleep & as we know you ideally need at least 7+ hours sleep per night for healthy testosterone production.

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Korean Red Ginseng 120 mg

There are multiple types of ginseng, which are linked to a multitude of different health benefits, ranging from and improved brain function to reduced inflammation. Korean red ginseng, has been linked to helping to address erectile dysfunction, libido & sexual satisfaction.

While erectile health & libido are linked to testosterone production, there is no evidence that Korean Red Ginseng positively impacts testosterone production, so I personally would rather see a different ingredient included that is shown to aid natural testosterone production; but perhaps that is a personal preference.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract 300 mgMucuna Pruriens

Research in to Mucuna Pruriens has shown the seeds can help to improve male fertility; but what is more interesting is that further research has revealed that men with varying levels of fertility saw an increase in testosterone production with Mucuna Pruriens extract supplementation.

The increase in testosterone is likely seen due to reducing prolactin levels. Prolactin negatively impacts testosterone production, negatively impacts libido and the ability to produce an erection. Mucuna Pruriens is also thought to be anti inflammatory, so probably aids healthy testosterone production on that front as well! You can check out some studies related Mucuna Pruriens and the health benefits below:

Study 1

Study 2

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Luteolin 60 mg

This is found in the leaves of a family of mint plants, luteolin has been shown to help block the production of estrogen. I’m personally not a fan of this ingredient as I don’t believe you should be looking to actually block estrogen. Yes you want to reduce excess estrogen but you don’t want to block it altogether, as your body does need estrogen, it plays a vital role for heart protection amongst other things.

As mentioned what you want to do is make sure you don’t suffer from excessive estrogen. The main way you do this is by lowering your aromatisation activity. Aromatisation is high, when you have high inflammation in the body, the most effective ways to lower inflammation & aromatisation is to get to a healthy body fat & things such as getting 7+ hours sleep, having an anti inflammatory diet & reducing stress. So yes you do want to have low estrogen, you just don’t want to block it altogether, as you can potentially cause other health issues as a result. So again, not massively keen on Luteolin as an ingredient.

Vitamin B6 7.5 mg

chicken breast

Your body doesn’t just produce testosterone out of thin air. Initially, your body needs to create Androgens & Vitamin B6 promotes the bodies Androgen production, which then leads to increased signals for your testes to ramp up testosterone production.

When you have a vitamin B6 deficiency, your body can struggle to metabolize estrogen, so you have worse testosterone to estrogen ratio & B6 also lowers prolactin & as we know excessively high prolactin can lead to lowered testosterone production as well.

An additional bonus is that vitamin B6 also helps the body to absorb zinc & magnesium, which are both key for healthy testosterone production & key ingredients the in Prime Male testosterone booster. B6 is an unusual one in terms of how much your body needs, most studies seem to suggest you need at least 1.5 mg per day.

In reality though, most people can tolerate at least 150 – 300 mg (possibly a bit higher) I personally feel that 7.5 mg is a bit on the low side, especially if you were to compare to a standalone B6 supplement. Like I say 1.5 mg is suspected to be the minimum required, so 7.5 mg certainly doesn’t raise any “red flags” either.

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Nettle Root 160 mg

Like Magnesium, nettle root helps to lower SHBG allowing for higher levels of free & usable testosterone. Nettle root also contains beta-sitosterol, which is also believed to help elevate testosterone levels. Then on top of that nettles are also shown to help lower excessive estrogen levels. So an excellent addition to the Prime Male Testosterone booster.

Vitamin D3 5,000 IU


D3 is vital for testosterone production & sadly one of the vitamins that lots of people don’t get enough or are deficient in. The reason why is pretty simple, your primary source of vitamin D is sunlight exposure & as we know most people spend lots of time indoors & the amount of time the average person spends in doors seems to be increasing.

There are some foods which are a good source of D3 but unless you are getting decent sun exposure or work out in the sun, chance is you need to supplement, in fact some studies have shown that Vitamin D3 supplementation can increase T production by as much as 20%! So D3 is an excellent addition to the Primary Male Testosterone Booster.

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Vitamin K2 45 mcg

Vitamin K2 is believed to help boost testosterone production on two levels, the first one we are going to take a look at is the synergistic relationship that K2 has with vitamin D3. Supplying the body with enough vitamin K2 allows it to fully utilise the Vitamin D3 stores in the body most effectively. As you know from the above, D3 is vital for testosterone production, so K2 enabling it to be used more effectively makes it an effective testosterone booster.

The second levels K2 is believed to aid testosterone production is it provides you with Menaquinone-4/ MK4. This is a compound that is thought to enhance testosterone production in the testes. Unfortunately to date there haven’t been any human studies in to the impact of MK4 on T production.

There have however been rat studies which have shown a lot of promise in terms of MK4 enhancing testes production & this is where the hypothesis it can boost testosterone comes from. So K2 is certainly an effective vitamin for helping to increase testosterone production & if the MK4 impact is what it’s believed to be, it’s potentially a “super nutrient” in terms of helping to naturally optimise testosterone production.

Zinc 30 mcg

sources of Zinc

Zinc deficiency is becoming extremely common & even more so if you have a Western diet. If you have low Zinc levels or Zinc deficiency, your body just doesn’t produce much testosterone. In fact If your zinc levels are low, your body won’t produce testosterone. In fact Zinc deficiency is such a major issue as far as T is concerned, that some studies have shown that supplementing Zinc can as much as double testosterone production, when someone is Zinc deficient!

Your body can’t store Zinc, so you need to make sure that you are getting enough daily. To effectively impact testosterone production you would want a minimum of at least 10mg per day but the average male can effectively utilise anything up to 225mg so you don’t need to worry about getting far more than 10mg per day & in fact I would recommend that you aim for your intake to be far higher than 10mg per day.

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Side Effects

Your risk of side effects are pretty low with Prime Male Testosterone Booster, as this is a nutritional supplement all the ingredients are things you can get in your everyday diet. I would suggest you check double-check the ingredients before taking & making sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients.

You also run the slight risk of “overdosing” of nutrients, again this is unlikely but I suggest you keep track of what you are consuming in your diet & just be conscious if your supplementation is going to push your intake of nutrients in to the “overdose territory” once again, the chances of this happening are extremely low!

I’ve not encountered anyone know having such issues but I have seen the occasional complaint online which pretty much fits in line with anything else you may supplement & not “get on with” a couple of people have reported experiencing mild versions of the following.

  • Headaches
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty sleeping

Once again highly unlikely that you experience any of the above, but if you do start to 2 -3 days consecutively, I’d suggest you stop taking immediately & consult your doctor!

Where Can You Buy & How Much Does It Cost?

You can purchase the Prime Male Testosterone booster, from pretty much every location across the globe & get it delivered to you, you can purchase on in range of currencies. All of their products are availabe to be purchased on the Prime Male Website.

A one-month supply of Prime Male costs $69/ £37 (you can purchase in multiple currencies). You can also get two-month supply, the cost per bottle is the same, but you get free UK & US shipping. When you start to see real cost savings is when you opt for the four-month supply. The four-month supply cuts down the cost to about $51/ 27 per bottle & you get free worldwide shipping.

Obviously in terms of price, the four-month supply is your best option, as you get the best price per bottle as well as free worldwide shipping. If you opt for a 1 month or 2 month supply & live outside of the US or UK (free shipping to US & UK with 2 months order) you can arrange for shipping to pretty much every global location. So you can get hold of the Prime Male Testosterone Booster, pretty much anywhere in the world.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have found my Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review useful & has helped you decide if this is the right supplement for you. As you can hopefully tell from my review, I rate it pretty highly. 90% of the ingredients are highly effective when it comes to aiding testosterone production & many in high enough concentration.

The ingredients being in a high enough concentration is a pretty major thing, as most testosterone supplements have tons of ingredients but so little of it, it would have no impact on your natural testosterone production what so ever. The other major thing like as far as ingredients are concerned is their complete transparency! Sadly lots of testosterone supplements have “proprietary blends” making it impossible for you to know what is in it & how much, so you could be spending your money on anything!

If you have any questions in regards to my Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review, feel free to leave me a comment below & I’ll get back to you. You can also follow me on my social media pages for more tips on all things testosterone production. So my closing thoughts are the Prime Male Testosterone Booster, is definitely one of the best testosterone supplements on the market & is the real deal. I’ll be adding it to My Best Of Testosterone Supplements 2020 List. Once again you can check out & buy Prime Male below.

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