5 “Health” Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels

Can Eating Health Foods Really Testosterone Production?

Well If You Eat The Wrong Ones Sadly The Answer Is Yes, They Will Lead To Lowered T

Discover Five “Health” Foods That Lower T Here

A Couple May Shock You So Read To The End


Flax Seeds

Flaxseeds aren’t just viewed as a health food, many people perceive and promote them as being super food. This is due to them being high in fiber, omega 3 and anti-oxidants. 

The health benefits of flax seeds are legitimate; but they one of the foods that lower testosterone due to being extremely high in lignans.

Lignans are polyphenols, they mimic estrogenic activity & flax seeds have the highest concentration of them out of any foods.

If increased T is your aim, the last thing you want is to increase your estrogen, so I suggest giving flax a miss! 



As I’m sure you will have noticed, butter has been demonised over the past 20 – 30 years.

Doctors, health professionals, TV adverts have been telling you that butter raises your cholesterol & it needs to be lowered.

It was believed that as margarine is lower in cholesterol, swapping butter in exchange for margarine, can be a way to achieve lowering your cholesterol. 

It has since been proven that foods naturally high in cholesterol in no way raise your cholesterol levels.

It’s in fact caused by an increase in inflammation & margarine causes increased inflammation. 

This increase in inflammation is due to the very high levels of Omega 6, this inflammation not only causes an increase in cholesterol levels but also lower testosterone on two different levels. 

First off, the higher inflammation, the less effectively your body works, which includes the testes not being able to product as much testosterone. 

Cholesterol is also a building block of testosterone, so your body actually needs it to effective produce T.

So margarine increases inflammation in the body.

Then if you margarine in the place of butter, you’re also depriving the body of the cholesterol required, to produce testosterone. 



In recent years are perceived as a healthy addition to diets. While some nuts do have some healthy properties, most are extremely high in our old friend omega 6.

So they increase inflammation but others like peanuts are also very estrogenic. 

So with increased inflammation due to the Omega 6 & nuts like peanuts being very estrogenic.

I’d suggest avoiding most nuts if you’re bothered about your T health. 

If you want nut options that aren’t foods that lower testosterone, I’d advise to opt for either Brazil nuts or tiger nuts.

Both have nutritional properties that are great for increasing T & improving your wider health. 



So while on paper milk has a great nutritional profile for both testosterone production & your wider health.

The milk that the majority of people drink is problematic for wider health & testosterone production on two different levels. 

The first is, if you aren’t drinking organic milk, the cows have likely been fed a whole host of hormones.

This leads to the cows producing more estrogen, which ends up in the milk, making it high estrogenic!

The next issue is that most people these days drink skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

As far as the nutritional content is concerned, the majority is actually located in the fat. 

So by drinking milk without fat, you’re actually losing out on the majority of nutrition that aids with increased testosterone production and is actually good for your health as a whole. 

WholeGrain Breads

Whole Grain Bread

Wholegrain bread is another one you frequently see being advertised on TV, promoted as being healthy.

While it may be healthier than white bread, the health benefits end there!

Wholegrain breads are also a source of gluten, this can lead to increased levels of prolactin.

Prolactin can actually lead to reduced testosterone levels.

The majority of grains can also potentially “suck out” essential nutrients from the body.

This means that nutrients your body needs for testosterone production and plenty of other functions are actively being removed.

So a few different reasons, wholegrain breads are foods that lower testosterone production.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you have found this article useful and haven’t given anyone a heart attack.

I’m sure that a number of you reading this, will eat a number of these foods that lower testosterone. 

If you want an idea of alternatives, drop me a comment below and I’ll happily provide some.

If you have any questions in regard to this article as well, please feel free to drop me a comment. 

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