Medicheck Blood Tests For Testosterone – Their Thyroid Tests

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So What Medicheck Blood Tests Are There For Thyroid Health?

How Do These Relate To Testosterone Health?

Both Of These Questions Will Be Answered

You’ll Also Find Out More About Medichecks UK & Why You Should Be Using Them For Your Blood Testing

About Medichecks UK

Medichecks UK, are a UK based (as the name would suggest) private blood & home health check testing company.

Their aim is to provide you with the insights that you require to manage your health.

I personally do a couple of blood tests per year and recommend the same to my clients.

This helps to understand where key elements of health lie, such as testosterone levels and the various areas of health that impact your T levels & other key health markers.

Medichecks UK supply over 600 different tests (mainly blood) and are consistently reviewing these and adding more to be made available to their customers.

The Medicheck blood tests are posted to you, for you to complete in your own time from the comfort of home.

Once you’ve returned your test to them, you are provided with easy to understand results, which are accompanied by comments from qualified clinicians.

They are thousands of medicheck blood tests ordered per year, a lot of which are for specific health markers that impact testosterone levels like thyroid health.

Medichecks UK also offer tests purely for your testosterone levels.

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There is the standard testosterone levels test and one for those on testosterone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids.

You Can Check Out Both Of The Testosterone Tests Here

Doctor Studying Blood

Medichecks UK also sell a number of complete wellness checks, these are overarching tests and they are designed to screen for things like diabetes, heart disease risk, your hormone status and more.

There are also a number of medicheck blood tests aimed specifically at sports men and women, people struggling to lose weight.

That is just a small taste of the different tests that Medichecks UK offer.

Whatever area of health you can think of, there’s a pretty good chance that Medichecks UK offer tests around this.

The short of it is, they offer a massive range of affordable, accurate and 100% confidential blood and health checks.

These tests supply you with the information, that empowers you to take charge of your health

You’re in excellent hands with Medichecks UK, my experiences with them have always been brilliant, as have my clients.

They have fantastic customer satisfaction ratings from independent sites such as Feefo.

You Can Check Out The Thyroid & All The Medicheck Blood Tests Here

The Medichecks UK Service

Medichecks Process

All Medicheck blood tests & testing kits will be delivered to your address with a prepaid first class envelope.

So you don’t need to worry about paying for your sample to be sent back to their laboratory.

The testing kit comes with clear & easy to follow instructions, detailing how to collect your blood sample & how long after collection the sample needs to be sent back.

If you aren’t confident with taking/ unable to take your blood sample, Medichecks UK that you can visit, where they will collect your sample for you.

They can even arrange for a nurse to visit you at home & assist you with taking a sample at home.

Medichecks may also request for some background information about your current health status & family medical history.

This is assist them interpret your results as accurately as possible.

Once the lab have processed your sample, the results are posted to your personal & secure dashboard in your account.

Your results are displayed and explained in such a way that you can see at a glance where levels sit.

The commentary from their clinicians is clear & they will advise if anything needs further attention & if needed what your next potential course of action should be.

So now that you’ve been provided with an overview of the Medichecks UK service.

Let’s take a look at the specific medicheck blood tests for thyroid health & how they link to your testosterone production.

You Can Check Out The Thyroid & All The Medicheck Blood Tests Here

The Importance Of Thyroid Health

Person touching thyroid

The thyroid is a vital hormone gland, it plays a key part in the growth development and metabolism of the body.

It aids in the regulation multiple body functions, through consistently releasing a steady volume of thyroid hormones into the bloodstream.

The thyroid gland produces the three following hormones:

  • Triiodothyronine/ T3
  • Tetraiodothyronine/ T4
  • Calcitonin

T3 and T4 are responsible for increasing the basal metabolic rate.

They make all cells in the body operate harder, so that the cells need more energy too.

Calcitonin is specifically involved the metabolism of calcium and bone mass.

An overactive thyroid/ hyperthyroidism is the term if your thyroid gland creates too many hormones.

If your thyroid is under active and the gland doesn’t make produce enough hormones, it is known as hypothyroidism.

Both hyperthyroidism & hypothyroidism can lead to a great number of symptoms.

In men hyperthyroidism can harm the health of your heart, muscles, semen quality, and more if not treated effectively.

Whereas hypothyroidism can negatively impact the health of skin, nails, muscles, body weight and more.

So Hopefully as a whole, you can see why thyroid health & not having an under active or overactive thyroid is important.

You Can Check Out The Thyroid & All The Medicheck Blood Tests Here

Thyroid And Testosterone

Thyroid Test

Your thyroid hormones production & your testosterone levels are closely linked.

In fact Thyroid hormone deficiency affects all tissues of the body, this includes several endocrine changes.

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These alter growth hormone, corticotrophin, glucocorticoids, and gonadal function.

With testosterone production taking place in the gonads, this can obviously be impacted.

The thyroid hormones affect two types of cells in the testes and too much or too little thyroid hormone negatively impacts testosterone production.

For example, having too much or too little thyroid hormone can interfere with the healthy function of Leydig cells, which help produce and secrete testosterone, so lowering T.

I don’t want to get you too bogged down with the science as it’s very in depth!

If you are looking for more in depth information, I’d suggest checking out Thyroid Pharmacist site:

The main thing to note that if your thyroid is under active or overactive, that your testosterone production & health as a whole is negatively impacted!

The Medicheck Blood Tests For Thyroid Health

blood sample

Medichecks UK offers over 10 different tests for thyroid health, at a range of prices starting from £29.

We’re going to look in to the test that I would recommend for most in a bit more detail below.

It is more of a “generic” thyroid health checks, which looks at all the key areas of your thyroid health.

If there is a specific area of your thyroid you want to look at I would suggest one of the more specific tests.

You can check the list out & all the thyroid tests offered below.

You Can Check Out The Thyroid & All The Medicheck Blood Tests Here

Thyroid Check Plus Test (5 tests 2 day turnaround) £59

medichecks thyroid test plus

This is the best selling of the Medicheck blood tests for thyroid health.

It includes 5 different tests to assess your Thyroid health, you will be provided your results 2 days after Medichecks UK receive your sample.

What This Test Will Tell You

  • If you have an under active or overactive thyroid
  • How well your body is converting T4 into the more active T3
  • If autoimmune disease could be causing you thyroid issues
  • Your levels of free thyroid hormones & thyroid antibodies

You Can Check Out The Thyroid & All The Medicheck Blood Tests Here

Test Overview

It offers an in depth investigation into the levels of your main thyroid hormones (TSH, Free T4 & Free T3).

It will also measure your thyroglobulin antibodies and thyroid peroxidase antibodies levels.

By tracking the amount of your thyroid hormone that is “free” to carrier proteins in the blood.

Medichecks UK are able to gain and give you an overview of how much thyroid hormone is available to your cells.

This test also looks for specific thyroid antibodies, the presence of the antibodies can indicate that your thyroid is under attack from your immune system.

This test will give you clear overview of your overall thyroid health and will indicate if there are any thyroid issues that need looking at.

Hopefully all will be well with your thyroid; but if there are thyroid problems, your testosterone production & other areas of health will suffer.

So it’s important to know and be able to address.

Other Medicheck Blood Tests Related To Testosterone Production

As we went over earlier, Medichecks UK offer a vast range of blood tests.

A number of these tests have a direct tie to your testosterone production as well.

For example there are a number of vitamins & minerals that aid & help boost testosterone production.

For most of these there are suitable medicheck blood tests available.

I have done an overview of some of these tests and why keeping track of these areas is important for both testosterone production & your wider health. You can check these out below:

Medicheck Blood Tests For Vitamins That Impact Testosterone

I’ll be providing overviews of more of these tests as time goes on as well.

As mentioned earlier, Medichecks UK provide home testosterone tests, which monitor your testosterone levels as a whole.

I’ve published an article reviewing this service from Medichecks UK, which you can check out below.

Medichecks Home Testosterone Tests

Again they also provide a test for TRT checks, these are designed for those on testosterone replacement therapy or steroids.

They monitor for elevated levels of testosterone, which will be higher than a standard testosterone test will.

It is designed to keep track of your critical health markers, which can potentially suffer when on TRT/ steroids.

You can find out more about this in an article I published below:

Medicheck Blood Tests For TRT & Anabolic Steroids

25% Off Summer Sale 

Flash sale notice, from today till the third of August 2020. Medichcks are offering 25% off of all of their products, this includes their thyroid tests & all of their testing offers.

No discount code is needed, you just need to go to their site and place your order before the 03/08/20.

You Can Check Out The Medichecks Site & Place Your Order Here

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this article useful and now have an understanding of why your thyroid health is important, how Medichecks UK operate as a whole & what they offer in terms of Thyroid tests.

If you want to see the wide range of tests offered by Medichecks UK, you can check out the entire range that they offer below.

All The Medicheck Blood Tests Offered

You can check out their various Medicheck blood tests for thyroid health below as well:

Medicheck Blood Tests For Thyroid Health

If you have any questions in regard to this article, what Medichecks UK offer & how the Medicheck blood tests work, just drop me a comment.

If you aren’t sure whether you require blood tests as a whole, just drop me a comment as well; and I’ll get back to you.

Please feel free to share this article with friends and family and anyone you think may find it useful.

You can follow me on my social sites, for more tips on all things related to testosterone production & to hear about new Medicheck blood tests & offers on their tests.

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41 thoughts on “Medicheck Blood Tests For Testosterone – Their Thyroid Tests”

  1. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you so much for your review on Medicheck UK. Sometimes life just happens and it is so hard for us to make the trip down the the doctor’s office and our health is important. It is great that this is not just for the testosterone check for for thyroid as well. It’s very affordable and quick. I have to tell my brother about this. 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Nuttanee,

      Thanks good to know that you found my medichecks review useful!

      Yeah sometimes life gets in the way & to be honest a lot of the medicheck blood tests aren’t that easy to get through your doctors, especially if you live in a country with a national health service, as they just don’t want to take on the cost of these tests, which is sad really.

      Yeah so it’s for thyroid health, which impacts your hormone production as whole & therefor impacts testosterone production. Yeah please do tell your brother about Medichecks UK, if he has any questions just send him my way!

  2. edward says:

     I really enjoyed this article because it’s full of helpful informations. I understood the importance of having blood tests on a regular basis. I personally think the medicheck company is really doing an amazing work in the health sector.  After reading this article I definetely will make contact with them to patronize in their amazing service and products. The prices 

    A very well written review

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Edward, 

      Glad you found my Medichecks review useful! 

      Yeah  blood tests enable us to take control of our own health & identify potential issues before they become a major problem; and also gives us access to tests that are extremely difficult to get hold of through our personal doctors. 

      Yeah check out the different medicheck blood tests for testosterone & other areas of health, any questions let me know.

  3. Carolyn says:

    What a unique way of dealing with healthcare. For someone from Canada, it is not common for us to be able to have blood work done at our own request. That would put healthcare into our own hands in a small way. If we were puzzling about something, would you be able to get it checked out or would you need a doctor’s order in order to get the blood work done?

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      So medichecks UK as I’m sure you can guess from the name are a UK based business. We have a national health care system that is simmilar to yours. The problem with it is that it’s very mcun reactive to us becoming ill; as supposed to proactively managing our health.

      So yes what the medicheck blood tests and simmilar services offer is a way for us to take control & a proactive approach to our health. They operate completely separately to our NHS & you can order & complete blood tests without your doctors getting involved whatsoever.

      I believe that there are similar services in Canada as well, if you would like me to recommend some.

  4. Afonso Zhu says:

    I’ve seen similar tests advertised on Facebook in the past but didn’t even click the ad thinking it was probably not reliable as these things were traditionally always done with visits to hospitals. Having read your article and now assured that it’s a professional service with real doctors and knowing how important it is, I will be ordering one right now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Afonso,

      Yeah I’ve seen a lot of simmilar adverts, I wouldn’t like to say whether those companies are legitimate or not; but I know for a fact that medichecks UK are. I’ve been using them myself for a while now, as have a fair few clients, the experiences have always been good!

      Yeah what the hospitals offer in terms of tests isn’t any different & in my experience getting a medicheck blood test for things like thyroid health, is far easier than going through your regular doctor/ GP.

      OK excellent, well if you have any questions about the tests or potential action to take after the tests, let me know!

  5. Anastazja says:

    I have thyroid issues that are easily treated with an inexpensive medication, but the levels seem to vary a great deal about every 3 months.  The kits you describe would be helpful because the need to make two appointments – one for the physician and one for the blood test every 3 months.  Unfortunately, the kits your describe are available in England.  Do you know if there is a counterpart of subsidiary in the US.  Thanks for the information.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Anastazja,

      Sorry to hear about your thyroid issues!

      To be honest if yo are already getting your throid tests & medication through your insurance, you will be better off utilizing that service. 

      In the UK it is slightly different, we have the NHS so healthcare is free; but as a result tests doctors are unwilling to do unless they already know you have a condition. 

      Sadly UK healthcare is now very reactive as supposed to to trying to help and identify problems proactively. That is why services like medichecks are growing in popularity in the UK.

  6. Steve says:

    I find it really so incredible that our blood can tell us so many things about our health and wellness. Medicheck sounds like an awesome company to try out! If anyone knows something about thyroid issues, it’s me. I had thyroid cancer a little over 10 years ago and actually had to have it completely removed. Blood tests are a part of my life now because of that. It is amazing how such a small gland can impact so much of your body function. Thanks for the post…I might have to check this out more in-depth!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yeah it is impressive, just how much we can learn about our health from our blood work! Yeah medichecks UK are a very good company, I’ve been using them for a while as hjave quite a few of my clients & the experiences have alwas been good.

      Sorry to hear about your thyroid problems! It is amazing the impact that such a small gland can have on wider health, that is part the reason I use the medicheck blood tests & suggest others to do the same, to help proactively manage areas of health like this!

  7. Juliet says:

    I really enjoyed this article because it’s full of helpful informations. I understood the importance of having blood tests on a regular basis and how your blood health is tied to your total well-being. I personally think the medicheck company is really doing a great  work in the health sector which is highly commendable. 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Juliet,

      Thanks, good to know that you found this useful!

      The way I see it is if you want to proactively manage areas of your health such as your testosterone levels & vitamin levels etc. the medichecks blood test & similarity services are ideal.

      Sadly most healthcare is purely reactionary & trying to fix a problem once it exists, as supposed to preventing in the first place; but taking this approach enables you to take control of your health & proactively manage it instead.

      Yeah medichecks UK certainly are doing a very good job & are making some waves in the market as a result!

  8. Travis says:

    I have a lot of clients that could use this service. I work with elderly people who struggle to get around, and going to the doctor on a regular basis is sometimes just not realistic. Is this available outside of the UK at this moment? Is there a similar service in the United States? I appreciate the review, I will share this to anybody could use it!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Travis, 

      Yeah the medicheck blood tests is a really good service, sadly it is only available in the UK. However there are a number of companies similar to Medichecks UK in North America. 

      A lot are regional, if you let me know which state you’re in, I can recommend a decent company.

  9. Michel says:

    They say that men and women should all have their thyroids checked regularly from the age of 45. So many things start to go haywire with the hormones at around this time, and it is always good to keep a check on the Thyroid. 

    I have heard thyroid problems can also cause one to put on a lot of weight for no reason, or even to lose weight in some instances. I am not sure how true this is or if this relates to both men and women?

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Michel, 

      Yes you’re correct, thyroid health is something that needs to be monitored more closely after middle age. The problem is with most health services/ doctors that they aren’t interested until there’s an issue. 

      Using a service like the medicheck blood tests allows you to proactively monitor and manage your thyroid health. 

      Yes thyroid problems can impact your weight; but it impacts all hormone production including things like testosterone.

  10. Steve G says:

    I was truly surprised to find out from your article that Thyroid levels relate to Testosterone.   I’ve been tested for low T – but never for my thyroid level.  I wonder if that has been a part of my issues?   It is now obvious, now that I read your post.   Another big plus is that I can be tested at home.   I wonder how does someone draw their own blood?   I am use to having a vial of blood drawn.   Have they found a way to test with a drop?   I don’t mind having a tech or nurse coming to my home – have had this done in the past for insurance.  In any case, having your blood tested once a year really sounds like a great idea.  Thanks for opening my eyes to something I have never thought of before.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Steve, 

      Yes your thyroid health actually impacts the production of all hormones, including testosterone. Having thyroid issues can potentially lead to a drop in testosterone production, so it is possible that it could be the cause of low T or at least a contributing factor. 

      Yeah you don’t need a lot of blood, you just prick one or two fingers for a few drops & that is enough for them to test. 

      No problem at all, Meichecks UK really are a very good company, any question about them or the medicheck blood tests service as a whole, let me know.

  11. Marthagirl says:

    Hi there I really enjoyed reading your article.i like medicheck company because their aim is to provide you with the insights that you require to manage your health.I personally do a couple of blood tests per year and recommend the same to my family.they are really doing an amazing job in the health sector .

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Martha, 

      Thanks and yes I agree the medicheck blood tests service & similar ones enable you to proactively manage your own health, which is a big deal these days as most health services have become very reactionary and dealing with problems once they exist, as supposed to preventing health issues before they occur. 

  12. Alexy says:

    This is really helpful considering its function to help you manage your health,also it is good for sport men and women and to those struggling with their weight, most importantly, Medicheck blood test can run many test and offer a massive range of affordable, accurate and 100% confidential blood and health check.. this will save us the stress of going to the hospital always for test.. Thanks for sharing

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Alexy, 

      Yes the medicheck blood tests are all about being able to proactively manage your health. Your hormone health is very important like you say it impacts things like weight and your hormone production as a whole. Medichecks UK do offer a wide range of tests as well, this is especially beneficial if you live in a country where doctors aren’t that willing to order blood tests.

    2. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Alexy,

      Yeah the main point of medicheck blood tests are that they empower you to proactively manage your own health, thyroid health is important for sports people but every body, as it does help with weight management; but thyroid health is extremely important for the health of your hormone production as a whole.

  13. Medicheck for Testosterone blood is a great piece of tool to the public for the self help in keeping in touch, by knowing what is going on in your body, especially with your thyroid; with this kit, you get the opportunity to help manage health.
    I had thyroid issue many hears ago, maybe if this was available then, they wouldn’t have to operated on my throat . The UK and other reign of the world that carry this useful tool should be happy to help manage their health. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Elizabeth,

      Yeah the whole idea of the medicheck blood tests service is that it empowers you to proactively manage your health.

      Your thyroid is important as it helps regulate the production of all hormones including testosterone production, as I’m sure you know based on your own experiences.

      Sorry to hear about your issues, yeah the service that medichecks UK offer is of particular use in places like the UK where doctors don’t want to take action until there’s actually an issue, as supposed to proactively trying deal with health prior to it becoming an issue.

  14. Joseph Stasaitis says:

    Not familiar with Medichecks at all prior to this. Six hundred (600) different tests is quite a bit. It is always good to check on your testosterone levels. In addition to testing for certain illnesses, knowing your hormone status is invaluable information. It’s good to know they have a history of being accurate as well as affortable. Confidentiality is also a big plus as well. I also like the fact that they provide pre-paid postage for which to return your tests. I agree that Tyroid health is very important. You have provided a lot  of excellent information here in regard to this type of testing. This is a very convenient way to get your tests done. Thanks for providing this informatiion to us.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Joseph, 

      OK, Medichecks UK have been in the market a few years now; bit I guess there aren’t that many massive blood testing companies for them to be household names. 

      Yeah there is a massive range of Medicheck blood tests, the accuracy & confidentiality is very important, I’m also a big fan of them having doctors comment on your tests results, which can be very insightful! 

      Yes your thyroid health is very important from a testosterone production perspective; but also hormone production & health as a whole!

  15. wilson kume says:

    Hello there! This is an amazing review you’ve got here, it’s highly informative. This is actually my first time of learning about the importance of thyroid gland to the body and how it can be detrimental if the gland doesn’t produce enough hormones.

    Thanks for sharing this, I’ve learnt a lot that will help me in future.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Wilson, 

      Thanks, glad you found it useful! 

      Yeah your thyroid health is very important for both testosterone production & hormone production as a whole! 

      That is part the reason i rate the medicheck blood tests offering so highly, lots of tests just look at whether you have an under active thyroid; where as an over active thyroid can be just as dangerous as are things like checking for auto immune disease!

  16. YMaestro007 says:

    Medicheck test kits are quite efficient. I’ve used a few before to take a Sugar and vitamin test and the results were quick and accurate. Testosterone are important hormones in men and I also agree that testing for them is quite necessary to ensure they are at the right levels. I’ll look more into thyroid tests and figure out how to take one as well. 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Bud, 

      Yeah the service offered from medichecks UK is a very good one in my experience. If you’ve taken medicheck blood tests before you should have no issues with the thyroid one, as it should be exactly the same, any questions though, feel free to reach out! 

  17. Philebur says:

    Hello there this is a nice one. It was really helpful. From your review I think Medicheks UK are really good at what they do and their tests are trustworthy and reliable. It is interesting to know that they offer home services and this is the best services any health servive can actually offer.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Philebur, 

      Glad you found this helpful! 

      Yes the medicheck blood tests are very accurate and the best part is you can complete them at home, post them & have your results available in a few days.

      If you have any questions as to what tests may be best for you, let me know!

  18. evans says:

    What an intriguing article, Its imperative we do current checks on our health to determine how healthy we are cos our health so be everyone’s most priority, so I reall y recommend that the medichesck could help. And I must say that you’re correct, thyroid health is something that needs to be monitored more closely after middle age. The problem is with most health services/ doctors that they aren’t interested until there’s an issue and using a service like the medicheck blood tests all is needed to keep us in track on what next to do.

    thanks for sharing such an amazing article…

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey Evans, 

      Thanks, good you found it interesting!

      Yes your thyroid health is important as a whole; but becomes even more important once you hit middle age. 

      Sadly you’re correct & most health services aren’t all that interested till an issue exists and proactively managing health isn’t a priority, that is why I’m such a big fan of the different medicheck blood tests, they enable you to track & proactively monitor your health!

  19. Sheddy Ovb says:


    There is a saying that Health is wealth. Basically I never had such concise knowledge about medichecks uk  and the variety of tests they could offer, so I thought of making some research about them to see how reliable and cool they are for thyroid  test. Anyways I can say from this review that medichecks are one of the best and I think I will just have to bookmark this tab for some recommendation. Thanks a lot for sharing this. 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hey  Bud, 

      Good health certainly is wealth! 

      Glad I could provide you the info that you were looking for in regards to Medichecks UK & the different medicheck blood tests on offer. 

      Yeah their tests are very accurate & the service is very good, I highly recommend them!

  20. Cogito says:

    Hi Nate! I am a paramedic so I support all types of education/articles that increase health awareness and encourage people to check on their health regularly (like for example blodd tests you describe). I woul only want to emphasise that each time your results are out of order you should consult a phisitian and NOT treat yourself using Google as your doctor. Thanks!

    1. Nate Stone says:


      Yeah the medicheck blood tests service is a really good one. It is important that people become more aware of their health & become more proactive when it comes to management. 

      Agree you should always consult a doctor as supposed to treating yourself via Google. That being said when it comes to things like managing testosterone, most doctors are pretty clueless, so I’d say a combination of speaking with doctors & other experts where you can access them.

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