5 Chemicals That Lower Testosterone Found In Shower Gels

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Does Your Shower Gel Really Expose To Chemicals That Lower Testosterone?

Sadly The Answer Is Yes!

If You’re Looking To Increase Testosterone Levels

These Are The Chemicals You Need to Avoid!


So we are going to look at the chemicals found in shower gels that are endocrine disruptors and lower T so you know what avoid.

If you aren’t familiar with the term endocrine disruptors, I suggest you check out this article below.

Chemicals That Lower Testosterone Where Are They Found

We will also be looking at how you can find out whether the products you use contain these chemicals.

What versions of shower gel are likely to contain these chemicals.

The types of shower gel brands you can opt for that won’t contain chemicals that lower testosterone.

What Shower Gel Products Contain Chemicals That Lower Testosterone?

shower gel

The simple and short answer to this question is most commercially available shower gel brands.

Unless their products are advertised as organic, natural or free from parabens & sulphates/ toxic chemicals.

The chance is that shower gel brand contains chemicals that lower testosterone.

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You may have noticed a few terms above such as SLS and sulphate free.

If you’re not familiar with them, not to fear.

We will be covering these in further detail under the “chemicals to look out for” and “safe product options” sections.

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What Are The Chemicals Found In Shower Gels That Lower T


The main chemicals that lower testosterone are sulphates and parabens.

We shall cover below in greater detail what these chemicals are and how they lead to lowered testosterone production.

Sodium Lauryl/ Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES)

Sodium lauryl sulfate, which is sometimes referred to as SLS/ SLES is a surfactant, detergent & emulsifier.

It’s used as an ingredient in thousands of cosmetic products, industrial cleaners and nearly all shower gels & body washes.

SLS actually originates from coconuts so you’d think this is fine but the manufacturing process that results in it being dangerous.

The main issue for testosterone production is that SLS breaks down the moisture barrier of the skin.

This allows other dangerous chemicals like parabens (we will be covering these next) to penetrate the skin.

SLS is actually thought to increase skin permeability by approximately 100 times over.

The other key issue is that when SLS is combined with other chemicals it becomes a “nitrosamine”.

This is an extremely strong class of carcinogen which isn’t good news for the body it is being exposed to.

Research in to SLS has shown links to exposure and skin & eye irritation, organ toxicity, reproductive & developmental toxicity.

Then on top of that the reason we are here, which is it causing endocrine disruption/ lowered testosterone production.

Hopefully this has made it clear why Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is one of the chemicals that lowers testosterone.

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stop sign

So parabens are widely used as preservatives in thousands of skin care cosmetics products including shower gels/ body wash.

The key issue with parabens is that they behave like estrogen & are an endocrine disruptor, which can lead to reduced testosterone production.

In studies, it has been shown that parabens can have the same effect on the body as estrogen.

It can lead to reduced muscle mass, increased fat storage and lead to the development of man boobs/ male breast growth.

The EPA in the US has also linked methyl parabens to developmental, hormonal, metabolic and neurological disorders.

So parabens are not only chemicals that lower testosterone; but also potentially extremely dangerous for your wider health.

Again, hopefully it’s clear why you want to avoid rubbing these in to your body!


Pronounced as thal-ates, these are a chemical that disrupt your endocrine function.

A major issue is that you don’t see phthalates listed on the ingredients list.

Phthalates are different to parabens as they don’t imitate estrogen, what they actually do is have a negative effect on the male reproductive system.

This includes destruction of testicular cells, decreasing sperm count and causing thyroid irregularities.

Destruction of testicular cells and thyroid irregularities are what cause the real issue as far as testosterone production is concerned.

This is because your testes & thyroid is where testosterone & hormones are produced. 

As I’ve mentioned above, phthalates aren’t directly listed on ingredients in products.

The primary thing you need to look out for is synthetic fragrance. “Fragrance” or “pafum” is of the most ambiguously listed ingredients in existence.

The issue is from a legal standpoint that “fragrance” is considered “proprietary,” and as such companies don’t have to disclose the components.

Frustratingly, this is how chemicals that lower testosterone like phthalates can be sneaked in.

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Plastic Packaging & Microbeads

stop sign

The problem with plastic packaging is that it can leach harmful chemicals into the material it contains, the same goes for the plastic micro beads.

These can leach chemicals in to the rest of the shower gel and in to your pores.

One chemical which comes from plastic that you may have heard of is BPA (Bisphenol-A).

It has been getting a lot of coverage in the media at present & is a widely recognized endocrine-disrupting chemical and xenoestrogen.

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This has prompted many BPA free plastic products, still be wary of this, as there are other chemicals that lower testosterone found in plastics other than BPA!

If xenoestrogen isn’t something you are familiar with, it’s a hormone-mimicking chemical in humans and animals.

The name is a bit of a give away but the hormone that it mimics is estrogen.

As we know estrogen is the opposite of testosterone, so as we’re trying to increase our testosterone production.

The last thing we need is introducing synthetic versions of estrogen!

Then on top of this in regard to BPA, environmental scientists have noted the detrimental effect it has on our oceans & wildlife.

So it isn’t just your health that plastics negatively effect; but they also destroy the surrounding environment.

This is part the reason you may have heard how fish are now mostly plastic, due to ingesting so much of it.

This again puts the chemicals back in to your body!

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bottle of poison

While again this won’t be listed as an ingredient, these can be present in your shower gels and cosmetic products.

This can be due to the increase of natural products being used.

You need to be cautious of the types of plants used in the product and how they’re harvested.

What you want to see is that the botanical ingredients are organic/ grown without pesticides) or biodynamic-organic.

If they aren’t a chemical called organophosphate is likely to have been used as a pesticide on the plants.

This is another endocrine disruptor, so again can cause issues in regard to T production and your wider health.

As you can see from the above, the combination of SLS and parabens is a dangerous.

For your broader health and particularly your testosterone production & hormone balance.

These are the primary reasons why most commercial shower gels leads to lowered testosterone production.

If you need a reminder/ aren’t sure of the health risks associated with suffering from low testosterone.

I advise you have a quick read of my health and testosterone article.

There are other chemicals found in shower gels that are bad for your health in a number of different ways.

So I’d also suggest avoiding products with the following where possible:

  • Dioxane
  • Diethanolamine or DEA
  • Propylene glycol
  • Triclosan

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How To Know If Your Shower Gel Contains These Chemicals


The easiest rule of thumb to go as I mentioned above is looking to see if they advertise themselves as being paraben & SLS free.

They may also promote themselves as being free from toxic chemicals or organic.

This subject is getting more attention so companies are usually very happy to brag about the fact they don’t contain these chemicals.

I would still however suggest double checking, the back of your packet for the ingredients or if you are ordering online/ can’t see the ingredients.

More often than not you can find out what you need to know with your good old friend Google!

Alternative Product Options

man cave shower gel

As I’ve alluded to in this article a couple of times, the products you want to look at are ones that promote themselves as follows.

Being paraben & SLS free, organic or free of toxic chemicals.

The products I personally use most are two different brands, you find out more about these brands here in this article below.

Recommended Shower Gels For A Testosterone Booster

Final Thoughts & Future Articles

I hope you have found this article on chemicals that lower testosterone useful, as you know the focus has been shower gels.

As I’ve mentioned in this article and other articles focused on Chemicals That Lower Testosterone

SLS, parabens and other chemicals that lower testosterone are found in multiple products.

I will be publishing articles delving in to the products further, similar to how we have with shower gels in this article, so keep an eye out for them.

If you have any questions in regard to this article.

chemicals that lower testosterone or just on testosterone production as a whole, drop me a comment below.

Like always please share this article with family, friends or anyone you think may enjoy it.

You can check out my social media pages as well, where I cover more places chemicals that lower testosterone are found & how to avoid them!


18 thoughts on “5 Chemicals That Lower Testosterone Found In Shower Gels”

  1. Todd Matthews says:

    It’s crazy that simple household items like shower gel and even plastic can disrupt testosterone levels. This is something that I’m going to check often now that I’m getting into my late 20s and soon my own testosterone will start decreasing naturally. I don’t need to speed up the process! Thank you for this article and I believe I read another from your site ages ago; I want to say it was the first one you linked; chemicals that lower testosterone.

    You know your stuff within your niche and I look forward to continually checking back to your site with further updates!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Todd,

      Yes it is pretty worrying the number of things we are exposed to on a daily basis that contain chemicals that lower testosterone. Yes as you approach 30 your testosterone levels naturally lowering is something that you need to consider. Yes please do keep your eye out for my other articles.

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    Paraben and SLS free, got it!

    Wow all  these while I never knew shower gels can affect my testosterone level, I usually just pick the nice smelling ones but after reading this, I need to better read the chemical ingredients the next time I buy. Scary stuff knowing that you can risk reducing your testosterone level even through showering, and for me I sometimes bathe for half an hour to an hour in my bathtub. Lucky I found your article man, thanks for sharing!

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Yep unfortunately shower gels and most shower products contain chemicals that lower testosterone, these chemicals don’t just lower T ​though, they cause other health issues as well! Definitely try to find products free of these chemicals, on this Things That Lower Testosterone & Alternatives pt 1 article you can see some of the brands that don’t contain these chemicals. 

  3. Lok Which says:

    As one gets old, ones testosterone reduces naturally and there are lot of unnatural things that reduces it but we don’t put them into consideration. Thanks for sharing this  and I will be looking forward to your next post, this educative post is really helpful, I’ve been enlightened.I will strongly share this for others to get educated.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Lok, 

      That is correct testosterone levels do start to drop naturally after around the age of 30, like you say the real issue is the chemicals that lower testosterone found in shower gels and other personal care items. Check out this Things That Lower Testosterone & Alternatives pt 1 article to see brands that don’t contain these chemicals.

  4. lunensu says:

    very interesting article Nate. I certainly had no idea of such chemicals and their effects on my health. Love this article its very informative, accurate and factual. Thank you so much. However, the text color was a bit hard on the eyes because its a bit bright and the background is bright too. I think you get my point. Just wondering does the frequency of using shower gels with parabens and SLS matter? I mean would it be okay to use them even once a week? 

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Inuensu,

      Thanks for your feedback on the font and background, I’ll take a look at them. Yeah these chemicals that lower testosterone also cause a number of health issues. I would advise keeping your use of these shower gels to a minimum. Check out this Things That Lower Testosterone & Alternatives pt 1 article to see brands that don’t contain these chemicals and are safe/ safer to use.

  5. julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for sharing with us this great article on chemicals that lower testosterone in shower gel.Many people including me don’t care about the chemicals which can be in the products we use everyday that’s why most of the time we suffer some diseases without knowing the cause.

    It is very important to check the product before using it so that our body doesn’t suffer due to our ignorance.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Julienne,

      To be honest most people don’t realise/ expect their shower products to be made from chemicals that damage that damage their health! It is something that needs to be considered, these chemicals that lower testosterone cause a number of other health issues, so it is pretty important!

  6. Mark Baker says:

    This was a huge eye opener for me. I had no idea that shower gels contained chemicals that lower testosterone.

    Like many of the other guys who have left comments, it makes no sense to lower my testosterone prematurely so it great to know that there are alternative products available. 

    I definitely know what to use instead and also how to read product labels  after having read your post. Thanks for the educational and useful post.


    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’m glad you found this useful!

      Yes it is worrying that all of these chemicals are in your standard shower gel brands and they lower testosterone on top of causing a number of other health issues. You can find out more about the health issues these that these chemicals cause and other places they are found here Chemicals that lower testosterone – Where Are They Found?

      yes you want to avoid your testosterone lowering as much as possible as low T can lead to a number of health issues which you can find out about here: Testosterone And Health – How Low T Effects Male Health

  7. Bruno Oliveira says:


    Oinhadvno idea that shower products could lower my testosterone levels!

    Thank you for such an interesting review of different chemicals that can lead to testosterone blocking.

    The only thing I would like to know is what are the symptoms and long term effects of testosterone inhibition?

    Are there side effects we can acknowledge that alarm us for the dangers of testosterone inhibition?

    Thanks again for the great article,

    Hope to read from you soon

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi Bruno,

      I’m glad you found the article useful!

      Yes there are side effects and signs to look out for when you are suffering from low testosterone, you can find out more about this here: Testosterone And Health – How Low T Effects Male Health

  8. Kels says:

    wow! this is amazing. i did not know that certain shampoo lower testosterone. this is something that is informing, and give readers new life decisions to make when it comes to things like this. and not only that, it provide info of whats in certain shampoos and what to look for. My husband be taking all type of stuff to try to get bigger and stronger and come to find out shampoo might b better than him taking all theses thing that out there. i enjoyed reading this article. i am going to spread the word and i hope others do too.

    1. Nate Stone says:

      Hi kels,

      yes something as simple as shampoo and other shower products your husband uses may be stopping him reaching his fitness goals/ hindering his progress due to lowering testosterone production. Suggest he checks out this article tom see alternative brands that don’t contain these chemicals: Things That Lower Testosterone & Alternatives pt 1 

  9. freddie says:

    Hey Nate 

    I did not know  this I am glad I read your article Chemicals That Lower Testosterone In Shower Gel

    I will  take a closer look at the shower gel I use and watch for these  chemicals 

    Dioxane Diethanolamine or DE  Propylene glycol Triclosan that are bad .and lowers testosterone

     levels .


    1. Nate Stone says:

      HI Freddie,

      I’m glad you found it useful, I suggest you check out this article: Things That Lower Testosterone & Alternatives pt 1 I recommend some alternative brands that don’t contain these chemicals.

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