Things That Lower Testosterone You May Be Doing Daily Pt 2

In the first article in this series, I posed the question that what if I told you that your daily routine, includes several things that lower testosterone production?

I surmised that you would probably be surprised; and I imagine after reading the first part article series quite a few of the things listed did shock you. If that was the case (and even if wasn’t) get ready for some more of the things that lower testosterone you may be doing daily and again they may catch you off guard.

Same as in the last articles I’ll be explaining why these things lower T and where possible what your alternatives are. If you haven’t seen part one you can check it out here:

Things That Lower Testosterone You May Be Doing Daily Pt 1

Chewing Mint Gum/ Eating Mints

Are you in the habit of eating mints/ chewing gum to freshen breath? You’re not alone, it’s a pretty common thing for people Chewing Gumin the West. Sadly though I have some bad news for you and them. Mint is extremely estrogenic & as we are hopefully aware, if increased testosterone production is your aim, having higher estrogen levels is pretty much the opposite of this!

So consistently eating/ chewing mint flavored foods will greatly increase your estrogen, this is to the detriment of your testosterone to estrogen ratio.

Mints and gum are often very high in sugar as well, this refined sugar leads to spikes in insulin release and insulin spikes lead to the suppression of testosterone production.

So hopefully it’s fairly clear to see why mints/ mint gum are one of the things that lower testosterone. If you want an alternative means of freshening your breath, I advise to add lemon slices or lemon juice to water.

The lemon will kill bacteria in your mouth, freshening breath and lemons have the added advantage of being high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps reduce cortisol production; and cortisol is another hormone that suppresses testosterone production so helps further increase T production.

Your Shower Routine

I’d like to think you shower daily, there are two to three key things that lower testosterone that are possibly part of your daily routine. For all three of the below most brands available on the market contain chemicals that mimic estrogen and disrupt hormone production.

This disruption of hormone production leads to lowered testosterone production and even greater estrogen production. A number of the chemicals found in these products are also toxic and can cause other health issues, you can find out more about the chemicals found in these products in the links below.

As an alternative I suggest opting for organic products or ones that are free of toxic chemicals, the main ones that you need to look out for are SLS, parabens and sulfates. In the below articles you can see more about options and brands that fit the profile of being free from these chemicals that lower testosterone and are toxic.

Chemicals That Lower Testosterone In Shower Gel

Chemicals That Lower Testosterone In Shampoo

Chemicals That Lower Testosterone In Facial Scrubs/ Facial Washes

Drinking Too Little waterGlass Of Water

This is something most people are possibly guilty of, it’s one the major things that lower testosterone production and probably the easiest to fix.

Studies have demonstrated that up to two-thirds of us don’t drink enough water and whern our body is dehydrated it doesn’t perform properly and this leads to slowed down testosterone production.

Cooking With Vegetable & Seed Oils

Research has suggested that most vegetable & seed oils due to the very high levels of Omega 6 lead to inflammation. This inflammation stops your body from operating properly and one of the things that suffers is your testosterone production.

As an alternative I suggest coconut oil, avocado oil or olive oil. Coconut oil increases healthy cholesterol levels, it has high amounts of saturated fats and is an anti-inflammatory, all of these help increase testosterone production and don’t lead to inflammation.

Avocado & Olive oils are high in monounsaturated fats, low in omega 6 & increase healthy HDL cholesterol which helps increase testosterone production. So both these and coconut oil are great alternatives (coconut oil is my personal favorite), you can find out more about how vegetable oils are one of the things that lower testosterone and the benefits of swapping to one of the above in this article on:

Foods That Lower Testosterone & Alternatives


I hope you have found this article, on things that lower testosterone that you may be doing daily helpful. This is part two, if you want to check out part one, check it out here.

Things that lower testosterone that you may be doing daily Pt 1

I imagine some of these may have taken you by surprise, if you have any questions in regard to this article or things that lower testosterone as a whole, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you. I’ll also be publishing parts 3 & four of this series shortly, so keep an eye out for that.

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