Ways to increase testosterone naturally – Get Enough Vitamin B

Is Getting Enough Vitamin B – One Of The Best Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally?

So today we are going to look at the main types of vitamin B required for testosterone production, how they help increase your T production, the amount you need daily, and what the best food sources of these vitamins are.

About Vitamin B

B vitamins are vital when it comes to your testosterone and wider health, sadly down to things like reduced quality of soil and poor diets, many of us are often extremely deficient in a number of B Vitamins. Your body isn’t able to store excess vitamin B, so it does mean you need to get enough daily. We’re now going to look at the different types of vitamin B I suggest you need for a natural testosterone booster.

Vitamin B3/ Niacin

Niacin is a stimulator of growth hormone, it is vital for muscle gain and fat loss. On top of that it is a major factor when it Chicken Breastcomes to increasing HDL cholesterol while helping to lower or LDL cholesterol and HDL Cholesterol is one of the key building blocks for testosterone production.

When you consider that having greater muscle mass and lowered body fat helps boost testosterone production and HDL cholesterol is one of major building of T, it is easy to see why I recommend getting enough Vitamin B3/ Niacin as one of the best ways to increase testosterone naturally.

Food Sources:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Mushrooms
  • Tuna
  • Avocado

How Much B3 Do You Need?

As discussed above, all vitamins need to be taken daily, the recommended daily amount required for men is 16 mg for women is 14 mg per day. You should be able to get enough in your diet, when it comes to testosterone production, I would however recommend having a stock of B3 supplements in case your diet is off one day, this is because one “off day” can have a pretty drastic impact on your testosterone production.

Vitamin B6/ Pyridoxine

Vitamin B6 is involved in multiple critical functions in the body, this includes testosterone production, energy production, blood flow and memory. A deficiency in B6 doesn’t just mean lowered T production but can lead serious health issues such as kidney stones, lung cancer and nerve damage, so serious stuff!

As far as getting sufficient B6 one of the more effective ways to increase testosterone naturally, Vitamin B6 boosts testosterone on a couple of different fronts. Having sufficient levels of vitamin B6 leads to increased testosterone production by promoting androgens, a deficiency in B6 can be detrimental to your testosterone to estrogen balance as the body is unable to properly metabolize estrogen.

Vitamin B6 also lowers the hormone prolactin and high prolactin levels are known to Salmonlower testosterone levels, high prolactin levels are also known to cause “man boobs/ moobs” so has deficiency in B6 has a clear visible physical effect on the body as well.

Food Sources:

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Turkey

How Much B6 Do You Need?

Vitamin B6 again can’t be stored so you need to get enough daily, & it’s believed that adults need an intake of at least 1.3mg daily with your required intake increasing slightly once you’ve passed the age of approximately 50. There are actually more studies being released that suggest that deficiency albeit a slight one is becoming more common place when it comes to vitamin B6.

As vitamin B6 isn’t as readily available in your diet as some vitamins, I recommend supplementing to ensure you get enough to optimise your healthy testosterone production and that goes double, if you have moobs!

Vitamin B12/ Cobalamin

The amount of Vitamin B12 that you need daily and unlike other B vitamins it can be stored in the liver. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 can have pretty dire ramifications though, this includes issues with the testicular function (which is what effects testosterone production), lethargy, megaloblastic anaemia and cognitive decline. With some of these, while the damage has already been done, the symptoms may not be apparent till 5 -6 years down the line.

It was once commonly believed that only vegetarian/ vegans were deficient (as it is found in animal products only), however a recent study that included a mixture of 3,000 men and women showed that 39% of the participant were in the “low normal” range for B12, so having low levels isn’t just unique to non meat eaters.

Food Sources:

  • Animal Kidney & liverScallops
  • Beef
  • Sardines
  • Tuna
  • Scallops
  • Lamb
  • Shrimps
  • Cod

Organ meat and fish low in mercury are realistically your ideal food sources of Vitamin B12, as both tend to be in short supply in a Western diet, I would recommend supplementation.

How Much B12 Do You Need?

It’s widely recommended that adults need approximately 2.4 micro grams/ mcg per day. As your body is able to store B12 if you can take in excess but this is without causing any damage as it will just pass in urine. Due to the reasons mentioned about B12 deficiency becoming more common, I recommend that people supplement to ensure they are getting enough.

When it comes to B12 supplements, there are actually two different types Cyanocobalamin & Methyclobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is chemically formed and most commonly added to supplements, the issue is that the body doesn’t absorb it very well, whereas Methylcobalamin is the most bio available form of b12, meaning it is well absorbed by the body. If you are going to opt for B12 supplements, make sure they are Methylcobalamin.

Final Thoughts & Future Articles

I hope you have found this article useful and can see how getting enough Vitamin B3, 6 & 12 is important and one of the Supplementseffective ways to increase testosterone naturally. Unlike many other vitamins and minerals that help increase T production, B vitamins aren’t always that easy to excess via your diet.

So I’ll be putting together an article looking at the B supplements I use and other top ones on the market, so keep an eye out for that. If you have any questions in regard to this article, ways to increase testosterone naturally or anything in regard to testosterone, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you. You may also be interested in my other Recommended Testosterone Booster Supplements Articles

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