Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally With Boron

There are multiple ways to increase testosterone naturally, your diet and ensuring you get the enough of the right vitamins and minerals is one of them and that is where boron comes in. So in this article we are going to look at what boron is, how is helps increase testosterone production and what some of the best sources of boron are.

What Is Boron

Boron is a naturally occurring mineral it can be found in both food and the environment. Boron has a number of uses in the Man Looking For Information On Computerbody including building strong bones, building muscles, improving thinking skills, muscle coordination and increasing testosterone levels. It can also be taken as a supplement/ medication for assisting with the above and treating osteoarthritis.

Why Boron Increases Testosterone Production

Making sure you get enough boron is one of the most effective ways to increase testosterone naturally, this is for three different reasons which we will look at in further details below.

Boron Blocks SHBG

Boron has been found to reduce levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in the blood. This is a good thing as the primary job of SHBG is to bind to sex hormones and suppress their effects. So the reduction of SHBG will mean a greater amount of unbound or what is known as free testosterone. This testosterone is available for your body to utilize for its many benefits. So in short, boron helps the body to maximize utilization of testosterone the body is already producing.

Boron Blocks Estrogen

Boron has been shown to block excess estrogen, in one study that was conducted where men were supplementing with 10 mg of boron per day, their estrogen levels showed a decrease of 39% on average.

Boron Increases Vitamin D Levels

Having sufficient Vitamin D levels is one of the main criteria for increased testosterone production. A major issue that most of is are deficient in vitamin D. Studies looking in to the effect of boron supplementation on vitamin D have shown an increase in vitamin D levels, the effects have shown to be particularly effective on those deficient in vitamin D with an increase as much as 24% when supplementing with 6mg of boron.

As you can see from the above, boron aids both testosterone production and (particularly for men) helps maintain a healthy balance between your testosterone and estrogen levels.

How Much Boron Do You NeedCalculator

It isn’t know exactly how much boron is required by the body for increased testosterone production or any other function, it is however widely accepted that 20mg should be the maximum intake for an adult. As you can see above most people saw health improvements with supplementation of 6mg – 10mg per day, so I’d advise to aim between 10mg – 20mg (with 20mg as absolute maximum) per day and if you have any existing conditions, consulting your doctor.

Sources of Boron

As we’ve mentioned above supplements are one way to ensure you get enough boron but there are a few different food sources as well, which we will look at below:


Provide approximately 0.5mg of boron to every 100g consumed.

Brazil Nuts

Provide approximately 1.72mg of boron to every 100g consumed. They are also a good source of selenium and healthy fats, which aid with increased testosterone production.


Provide approximately 4.51mg of boron to every 100g consumed.

Dried Apricots

Provide approximately 2.11mg of boron to every 100g consumed. rasins


Provide approximately 1.18mg of boron to every 100g consumed.

Other Fruit And Veg

There are multiple other fruits and vegetables that are also a good source of boron but in lesser amounts of what’s listed. These foods are also high in other vitamins and minerals that increase testosterone production. These include broccoli, avocado, red grapes, onions bananas and potatoes. As a matter of fact all the foods listed here as being high in boron contain other vitamins and minerals the increase testosterone production. You can find out more about these foods and how they increase testosterone production over and above their boron levels, on this foods that boost testosterone production.

Final Thoughts & Future Articles

I hope you have found this article on how boron increases Testosterone useful and why ensuring you get enough boron intake should be seen as one of the key ways to increase testosterone naturally. As you can see from the above, while there are a number of foods that increase boron, the volumes are still typically quite low. If we are aiming for 10mg per day, you likely are going to need to look at supplementation. So I will be publishing an article soon, reviewing boron supplements available, so keep an eye out for that. If you have any questions in regard to this article, have experience/ questions around boron or on ways to increase testosterone naturally, drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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