Foods That Boost Testosterone Production: My Testosterone Boosting Omelette

Want To See How I Put Together Multiple Foods That Boost Testosterone To Create My Testosterone Boosting Omelette?

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Welcome to this article on foods that boost testosterone production, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I personally eat, so what I thought I would do is put together some articles looking at the sort of meals that I have throughout the day, so you can get a better idea of how you can potentially eat for higher T as well.

So what I’m going to do is take you through what I have for breakfast most days which is my testosterone boosting omelette. I’ll be taking you through the key ingredients I typically use and provide a bit of info on on why they are foods that boost testosterone production. Now bare in mind, I’m no maestro in the kitchen, so I’ll just be listing the ingredients I use as supposed to giving you a step by step recipe. So with that caveat in place, let’ get started.

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Organic Food

Just before we get in to the list itself, I just wanted to make it clear that where possible you should opt for organic produce and ingredients. The pesticides used on non organic vegetables and the chemicals fed to non organic animals negative impact your testosterone production and potentially your wider health.


Well an omelette isn’t an omelette without the main ingredients of eggs; and what a main ingredient they are when it comes to testosterone boosting. Eggs are high in saturated fats & a great source of cholesterol, which are the “main building blocks” of testosterone. The yolk is also a pretty good source of testosterone increasing vitamins D, K2 & B12. If you’re looking to increase your testosterone for increased muscle mass and fat loss, eggs are also a great source of protein so great on that level as well, for those of you who frequent the gym!


I recommend using butter as supposed to a cooking oil. It is another great source of saturated fats, cholesterol and vitamin K2.

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White Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms inhibit the production of the aromatase enzyme. Aromatase coverts testosterone in to estrogen, so reducing levels will lead to an automatic increase i  T. White button mushrooms are also a good source of Vitmain D which as we’ve already mentions aids with increased testosterone production.


Yes it makes your wee smell and is often paired with eggs; but it also is very effective for testosterone boosting. This is due to its nutrient profile, asparagus is a good source of magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin B & D-aspartic acid all of which aid help increase T levels. It is often overlooked; but asparagus should be included in most lists of foods that boost testosterone production.

Scallions/ Spring OnionsSpring Onions

I find they help the dish taste a bit sweeter but the benefit doesn’t stop there, they also are a great source of vitamin K, and are high pretty in magnesium making them effective for testosterone boosting as well!


Spinach is another testosterone boosting “power house” and should be a featured on any list of foods that boost testosterone production. It is high in vitamin C, K & B6, it’s also high in testosterone boosting minerals Zinc & Magnesium. Finally it is a source of indole 3 carbiol, this is an anti cancer compound that removes estrogen from the body, so improves your testosterone to estrogen ratio as well!

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Cheddar/ Mozarella

Hard cheeses essentially have the same nutrition profile of butter, they are a great source of saturated fats, cholesterol and again Vitamin K, plus to me an omelette just isn’t omelette without cheese!


Salt while one one of your “every day” seasonings increases, first off it goes great with eggs and secondly and more importantly for this article helps it increase testosterone levels. There are a couple of different reasons as to why salt is effective at testosterone boosting and they are as follows.

Having a healthy amount of salt in your diet reduces cortisol production, cortisol is the stress hormone and this inhibits testosterone production. Secondly Iodine improves the health of your thryoid and your thyroids are responsible for for hormone production, using idodized salt increases your iodine intake.

One thing I do need to highlight with salt, I don’t suggest adding it to your food unless your diet is low in salt. Avoid adding salt if you use products with added salt or if you eat a lot of pre packaged foods as these these tend to be high in salt already and as we all know too much salt in your diet is not good for you!


While parsley may be one of the more boring seasonings out their, it still adds a bot of flavour to your omelette and is an effective testosterone booster. This is due to being a source of apigenin a flavone which leads to better conversion of cholesterol to free testosterone.

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I suggest opting for non salted, bacon. I personally prefer pork, as it’s a great source of multiple testosterone boosting minerals including selenium, thiamine, Zinc, Niacin and B12.

Turkey has high levels of Zinc, selenium, niacin and B12.  & l-tryptophan. l-tryptophan aids stress relief & helps you to sleep better, reduced stress and a better nights sleep will help with testosterone production as well.

Final Thoughts & Future Articles

I hope you found this article useful, I’ll be putting together similar articles in the future so keep an eye out for them.  If you want to know more foods that boost testosterone production, check out my article on:

Foods That Boost Testosterone Production – The Big List

If you want to follow a complete diet that is good for testosterone boosting, check out my recommended testosterone booster diet plans here

If you have any questions with regards to this article, want an idea of other testosterone boosting foods or just have questions about testosterone boosting as a while, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.


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16 thoughts on “Foods That Boost Testosterone Production: My Testosterone Boosting Omelette

  1. Nice post. I agree with you, but we aware of potential risk resulting from eating too much salt. It may boost production of testosteron, but if we’ll be consuming too much salt (World Health Organization recommends 5g per day) it may lead to e.g. Cardiovascular disease, Oedema or stomach cancer.

    1. Hi Kamil,

      I agree on the salt side of things, that is why I warned people against it, if they don’t cook with fresh ingredients. If you do cook with fresh ingredients like I do, you’ll be fine and even potentially be low in salt.

  2. Hey man, nice article. I noticed you did not include broccoli, that’s not good to boos your test? The salt part was very interesting. Personally, I rarely eat salt since a weight lifter I know recommended I use hot sauce instead of salt, not to boost my test but for more gains. I’ll have to consult with him about this.

    1. Hey Ronald,

      Yep you’re right broccoli is an effective testosterone booster – It is a feature in my big list of foods that boost testosterone production

      If you want to avoid salt that is fine, in that case I would consider supplementing your diet with iodine if you don’t eat much fish, as it will help keep your thyroid healthy, which will lead to increased testosterone production.

  3. There are some really good suggestions here, including a few I didn’t know about such as parsley, scallions, and asparagus. My T is at the low end of normal, so I need to concentrate more on introducing these things in my diet. Will continue to read this site.

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’m glad you’ve found this useful. Yeah a lot of vegetables and seasonings are useful as far as testosterone production is concerned. It looks like you eat a lot of meat so you should get the right amounts of vitamin B & saturated fats. What you possibly need is a bit more of the veg I recommend to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need for healthy T production. You can check out my other recommended veg in this article on Foods That Boost Testosterone Production

  4. Informative article, as a woman I never paid attention to effects food has on testosterone so I found that interesting. I do think my cholesterol just went up after reading this though.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I’m glad you found it interesting. It will increase your healthy HDL cholesterol and lower the LDL cholesterol so you’ll be all good on that front as well! 🙂

  5. Thanks for this great article. Most mornings I eat 4 whole eggs with an ounce or 2 of cheese. It’s good to know that all of those fats will help boost my testosterone. I didn’t know that salt could help with testosterone but I will keep an eye on that because I think I usually have a little bit less salt in my daily intake.

    that’s really interesting what you said about white button mushrooms. I didn’t know they had a special feature where they inhibit the aromatase enzyme.

    this article made me think of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. I always thought that song was funny. If you are not familiar, he sings about how he eats a lot of eggs to get strong.

    1. Hi Edward, 

      I’m glad you liked this article, yeah the healthy saturated fats, cholesterol and vit D in the egg yolks will help your testosterone production soar. Yep inhibiting the aromatase enzyme is important as a lot of peoples T gets converted to estrogen if this isn’t controlled. 

      I do remember the old sound about dozens of eggs lol. It would appear that Disney occasionally get it right!

  6. I find this article very helpful, I’ve always depended on testosterone supplements for a while now and most are said to be natural but I do not feel they are, I love the fact that you brought a lot of actual food that boost testosterone without having to worry about side effect , if eaten with moderation this could be one of the realest article on boosting testosterone levels naturally. Thanks alot 

    1. Hey, 

      I’m glad you found the article useful. Yes I would recommend looking at your diet and lifestyle prior to supplements or anything else. Supplements are literally supposed to replace or top up what is missing in your diet, so I don’t usually recommend the testosterone boosting supplement brands on the market. I do however recommend supplementing with certain vitamins, minerals and proteins if you are lacking them in your diet. You can find out more about the testosterone boosting supplements I recommend here

  7. The reduction of testosterone has a very serious impact on man, not only in the physical dimension, but also on the emotional and psychological field as well. From your article and other articles I’ve read, I realize nutrition is extremely important in achieving an increase in testosterone production. But the problem many people have is that they are not being able to follow a strict diet program excluding any unhealthy food and preventing any wrong moves. Perhaps they didn’t see how important those foods can be, hence the reason for posts such as this (to provide a much needed insight. Thanks for taking time to write on this Nate 

    1. Hi Jordan, 

      You’re correct having lower testosterone levels negatively impacts your health both physically and mentally. Yeah your diet and lifestyle are the easiest places to start in terms of improving your T health and agreed people don’t always find it easy to stick to a strict diet. If people start making a few changes like this one, it will be a step in the right direction though and have quite a powerful impact on your T levels alone.

  8. Hello Nate. As I am on an almost vegan diet (can’t ditch honey yet because of coughing), I am eating salt everyday and spinach every so often.

    I try to eat as much organic food as possible because I have eaten enough chemicals to make a song out of it!

    I’m glad I stumbled into your article and I hope I see more in the future! Have a nice day.

    1. Hi George,

      I’ll be honest, being on a vegan diet will make it difficult to have healthy testosterone production. There are veg and fruit that you can include in your diet which will help keep your levels up, I suggest you start with veg, you can see the main ones I recommend in this Foods That Lower Testosterone: Why Avoid Vegetable Oils

      Organic foods are also very important as far as testosterone production is concerned, eating organic foods will help keep T levels up and your wider health.

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