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Why You Need Low Alcohol Intake For Optimized Testosterone

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Leon Sylvester explains what to expect when you stop consuming alcohol. Continue Reading When you lower your alcohol intake or stop drinking alcohol altogether, another benefit you will find is that your testosterone levels will see a significant boost! Alcohol is high in sugar & extremely inflammatory so it directly lowers testosterone production. A number […]

6 Reasons You Should Care About Gut Health

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You may not give your gut much thought beyond how much your stomach might be rumbling or whether your waistline looks a little bloated over your skinny jeans. But your gut is much more than a depository for your last meal—it’s home to microbes and bacteria that play a crucial role in everything from absorbing […]

4 Ways To Lower Estrogen Naturally

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Do You Actually Want To Lower Estrogen Naturally? In short the answer is no, your estrogen levels aren’t actually the problem. You need estrogen/ estradiol for helping to modulate your sexual health & protect cardiovascular health. What you do want lower, is your inflammation & exposure to xenoestrogens/ chemical estrogen. These are the causes of […]

6 Testosterone Boosters That Aid Corona Virus Prevention

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Can Testosterone Boosters Really Help With Corona Virus Prevention? They Certainly Can! Discover 6 Of The Most Effective Testosterone Boosters That Will Also Boost Your Immune System You may not be aware of this; but one of the main benefits of having higher testosterone production, is that your immune system improves. So this as a […]

10 Key Reasons To Look At T Levels International Men’s Day 2019

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Why Am I Advising you To Focus On Your Testosterone Levels On International Men’s Day 2019? As International Men’s Day 2019 is upon us, I wanted to focus on raising awareness of issues that men face.  In particular, a health issue, that is facing men face across the globe. I couldn’t think of a better […]

5 Shocking Foods That Lower Testosterone


Check Out These 5 Foods That Lower Testosterone Numbers 4 & 5 Will Likely Be a Major Shock, As Most People Eat Them Daily Read On, To Find Out What They Are & Why You Need To Avoid Them, For A Natural Testosterone Booster! Mints Jar/ Packet Cooking Sauces Margarine Table Sauces & / dressings […]

My Top 2 Vitamin B3 Testosterone Boosting Supplements


Getting Enough Vitamin B3 Is Effective For Testosterone Boosting Learn Why & Check Out The Vitamin B3 Brands That That I Recommend Here There are a multitude of  B vitamins, with most being a testosterone booster to some extent.  There are however four key versions of vitamin B when it comes to testosterone production.  These […]

Do Most Testosterone Boosting Supplements Work?


Do The Majority Of Testosterone Boosting Supplements Really Live Up To The Claims? Find Out If These Supplements Are Truly Worth The Large Price Tags They Command! Discover Why I Only Recommend One Or Two Testosterone Boosting Supplement Brands Learn How In Some Cases Cheaper Supplement Options Can Be Just As Effective For Testosterone Boosting […]

Are Testosterone And Muscle Mass Linked?


So How Are Testosterone And Muscle Mass Building Linked? Read on To Discover The Truth, It May Well Shock You!  Are testosterone and muscle building truly linked? People take anabolic steroids on the basis that they are and as result, they flood the body with testosterone. This enables the body, to build muscle at a […]

About Nate Stone & Testosterone Tips


Hi & welcome to Testosterone Tips, if you’re looking to increase your testosterone or lower your estrogen levels you’re in the right place! There are many reasons to looks to lower your estrogen or increase Testosterone levels. I first became interested as I was looking for a way to gain greater muscle mass and increasing […]

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