Do Most Testosterone Boosting Supplements Work?

Do The Majority Of Testosterone Boosting Supplements Really Live Up To The Claims?

Find Out If These Supplements Are Truly Worth The Large Price Tags They Command!

Discover Why I Only Recommend One Or Two Testosterone Boosting Supplement Brands

Learn How In Some Cases Cheaper Supplement Options Can Be Just As Effective For Testosterone Boosting

There are many testosterone boosting supplements available on the market, a lot of them have cool sounding names like “Testo Hero” and similar.

They come in extreme colours, have outrageous packaging and have the results claims to match.

Many of them promise to deliver “steroid like results”, to be like “legal steroids” or “blow up testosterone levels” and with them your muscle mass gains and fat loss; but do they really deliver what they promise?


Do These Products Deliver?

The reality is that very few of them will deliver what is promised.

In my experience the majority of these brands deliver a slight increase in testosterone production & hefty price tag.

In fact over many years (10 plus) of trying different products and brands.

I’ve come across a handful of testosterone boosting supplements that can realistically deliver a significant testosterone booster.

So for the best part in my experience, most of these supplements just don’t deliver significant increases.

You’ll see many people echoing my thoughts online.

As I’ve mentioned there are a couple of testosterone boosting brands that are effective. The one I personally use you can check out below.

Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Review

military muscle main bottle

If I Can Only Recommend A Couple Of Testosterone Boosting Brands, What Else Do I Recommend?

Well prior to supplementation, I’d always recommend assessing your diet first.

You should be optimising your diet & then be looking at supplementation. Supplements are supposed to “plug gaps” in your nutrition, not replace it.

As I mentioned in the titles of this article, if you know you just need to supplement specific areas of your nutrition.

Purchasing individual supplements is far more cost effective & just as impactful. 

You can check out the areas of your nutrition you may need to supplements & the brands I’ve used/ recommend for these supplements below.

Check out Some of The Testosterone Boosting Supplements I Actually Recommend Here!


Why Aren’t Most Testosterone Boosting Supplements Effective?

Most testosterone boosting supplements are a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts believed or shown to increase testosterone production.

The issue with this is three fold!

The Ingredients Used

A number of the ingredients commonly used in the majority of brands aren’t definitively proven to have any lasting effects on T levels.

Ingredient Concentration

The ingredients that are included in most testosterone boosting supplement brands, usually aren’t in a high enough concentrations.

There are clinically proven volumes for positively impacting testosterone & sadly the concentration most of these brands is usually well below this. 

Proprietary Blend

A lot of testosterone boosting supplement brands are made with “proprietary blends” in short the ingredients are totally or partially secret.

As supplements are supposed to help bridge the gaps in your diet, not knowing what ingredients a supplement includes is pointless!

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Are They Cost Effective

I’ve highlighted the issues with most testosterone boosting supplements. So despite this do they represent value for money?

Sadly the majority of testosterone boosting supplements are very expensive.

In most scenarios it works out a fair bit cheaper to purchase the most effective vitamins and minerals individually.

The only brand testosterone boosting supplement brand where I’ve definitively saved money is Military Muscle

Military Muscle has more testosterone boosting ingredients than any other brand I’ve seen; & also has them in high enough concentration.

I’ve actually saved money with Military Muscle, as it works out cheaper than purchasing all of the different supplements I would individually.

Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Review

military muscle ingredients

Conclusion & My Suggestion For Alternatives

Hopefully based on the above, you can see why I recommend that you avoid the majority of testosterone boosting supplements brands.

Remember that before considering supplements, I suggest addressing your diet & looking at lifestyle changes to boost testosterone.

There are way too many lifestyle changes things to cover in this article; but  this refers to diet, exercise, limiting toxic chemical exposure, getting suitable rest etc.

You can find out far more about all this in these articles below.

Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone

Again once you’ve optimised your diet and you know what areas need supplementation.

You can invest in the specific vitamins, minerals etc. shown to increase testosterone production.

I won’t be going in to detail as to why they help increase T; but to give you an idea of the areas you may to look at, check out this below:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • B Vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Boron
  • Ashwagandha
  • Omega 3
  • Ginger
  • Fenugreek
  • Creatine
  • Selenium
  • DIM
  • Pine PollenSupplements

You Can Check Out Some of The Testosterone Boosting Supplements I Recommend Above In Greater Detail Here!

Future Articles

I hope you have found this article on testosterone boosting supplements and whether they work useful.

Keep an eye out for my future articles where I’ll be covering all of the above recommended individual vitamins and minerals in greater detail.

I’ve put together a couple of articles already, which you can see here in

The ways to increase testosterone naturally section of the article

I’ll also be putting articles together about the best places to purchase the above.

I’ll also be looking at the handful of testosterone boosting supplement brands that are actually effective.

If you have any questions with regards to this article, testosterone boosting supplements or even have experience with some.

Just drop me a comment below and I’ll come back to you!

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